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Hard drive problems are something you usually hear from your friends and acquaintances, or read online, but sometimes, they actually happen to you. Best database software If you lose the data on your drives remember that there are programs out there that could help you out.

Zero Assumption Recovery is one of these apps. Database gui The software has three main features: it recovers images, data for Windows, Linux and RAID schemes.

Image recovery allows you to get back lost digital images and videos from all types of mediums, like memory cards and USB thumb drives, but not limited to them.

The second mode, “Data Recovery for Windows and Linux” can be used to recover data from FAT, NTFS Windows systems and ext 2/3/4 or XFS Linux systems.

Data recovery technician Data can be recovered from hard drives, disk image files, healthy RAID and various partitions. Database engine tuning advisor Computer scanning is done quickly and the resulting list is easy to interpret.

Experienced users can access “Advanced configuration” to customize the way the app works. Data recovery rates For example, you can set a few details regarding the logging of each activity, choose the way the software processes the information on your disks and the filesystem analysis mode. Database developer salary Furthermore, you can configure a few details regarding each mode supported by the app.

All in all, Zero Assumption Recovery is a useful tool when you have hard drive problems. Database backup and recovery The interface is simple and practical, so first-time users shouldn’t have problems finding out what the software can do.

It is a well-known fact that Control Panel’s abilities are rather limited as far as uninstalling programs is concerned and that it does happen to be overwhelmed by stubborn applications that will simply not disappear from your computer.

In such a scenario, a specialized tool is needed so that you clean your PC of all traces persistent apps might leave behind. Yale b database One such utility is DoYourData Uninstaller Free.

Sporting a clutter-free user interface, the program is quite easy to explore even for users who lack deep technical expertise. Sybase database Seeing all your applications and plug-ins listed in the main window, with their icon, name, size, and version added so that you are fully informed about their nature, things seem clear-cut from the very beginning.

Note that Windows Store apps are grouped separately from the rest of the programs, which will obviously help you have a better overlook of the programs you may want to remove from your PC.

Once you have settled on one or more applications you no longer find a use for, you can select them by checking their name and then clicking the “Uninstall” button. Database design If you have meanwhile changed the status of your PC and have added or removed apps, you may want to click the “Refresh” button so that you see an updated list of the pieces of software that need your attention.

In case you have accidentally selected a name on the list you don’t actually want to get rid of, fret not, since the program will ask for permission before proceeding with the uninstall.

After you confirmed your position, the program will perform a basic removal but will then offer to clean up leftovers, which it automatically inspects. Database 3 normal forms Clicking the “Deep Clean” button will complete the action and will ensure your computer is decluttered, and no empty folders and registry entries hinder its performance.

On an ending note, DoYourData Uninstaller Free is an easy-to-use program that helps you get rid of programs that, due to some unpleasant circumstances, may require special attention. Database for dummies It is capable of removing any traces these pieces of software may leave on your PC so that you can be sure no useless files occupy the disk.

iMazing is a software solution designed to give you a bit more control over your iPhone or iPod, letting you access these particular gadgets just like an external storage device.

With iTunes mandatory in order to allow iMazing work without a flaw, the application thus provides you a pretty user friendly environment to transfer files to and from your iPhone or iPod.

Just like it usually happens with these Apple devices, it’s enough to successfully connect them to your computer and once a connection is established, you should be able to access their content.

iMazing has a multi-panel interface through which it displays the content of the device, be it camera roll, media, photos, notes, contacts, voice memos or apps.

Of course, drag and drop is supported by default, so it’s enough to drag a certain file into another folder on your computer to copy the data in no time.

In just a few words, the program provides five major features, as it follows: copy to PC, copy folder to device, copy files to device, create folder and delete from device.

Beside the enhanced transfer feature, iMazing also allows you to export all messages, memos and virtually all kind of data stored on the iPhone. A database is a collection of Plus, you can access iOS file system and browse the protected folder with ease.

Simply put, iMazing is one handy piece of software for every iPhone or iPod owner out there. Library database And since it turns these highly-popular devices into external USB storage devices, it creates a new use for gadgets that sold millions of units all over the world.

Detects malicious files on your computer and erases dangerous content, allowing you to run on-demand scans of important system areas or specific files

As suggested by its name, Malware Hunter is designed to search and eliminate potentially dangerous files and components on your computer, keeping it free from viruses and other types of threats.

Upon launch, you are greeted by a simple interface with clear, accessible options. Database node Malware Hunter does not monitor your computer in real time, but it does allow you to run quick, full or custom scans. Data recovery after format Therefore, you can use it to analyze certain locations or files you suspect are infected.

Depending on your option and the size of the target location, a scan can take more or less time. Database 2015 In full or quick mode, Malware Hunter targets computer areas that can betray the presence of malware, such as the startup section, the common apps or the system’s registry. Data recovery nyc Once the scan is complete, it displays a short overview where you can check out the number of resolved issues, scanned and infected files, as well as the scan duration. Database weekly Compressed files are supported.

To reduce the scanning time, it is possible for you to create so-called ‘trust and block’ lists. Data recovery utah As you might imagine, these lists will contain the location of the files you want Malware Hunter to exclude from scanning or automatically block.

Malware Hunter aims to provide an easy to use yet powerful tool as far as computer security is concerned. Data recovery deleted files It offers fast scanning speed and automatic updating of the virus database, so it can handle the newest threats at all times.

mIRC is a social platform that uses the Internet Relay Chat protocol. Database health check Its main purpose is to create a virtual connection between users all over the world, who can communicate via its chat capabilities. R studio data recovery software In addition, it also features a scripting language, which makes it extensible and highly customizable.

The installation process completes in a few seconds and only requires you to press a few ‘Next’ buttons. Data recovery iphone You can opt for the portable installation if you plan to carry the program on a removable device.

The interface is very friendly and intuitive, which makes the program accessible to all user categories. Ease use data recovery The steps you are required to complete in order to connect yourself are the following: enter a nickname, an alternative (in case your nickname is already taken), an optional name and e-mail, and select the server you prefer.

After you have successfully connected to a server (it may require several attempts), you can join a channel (either a predefined one from the Favorites window, or a new one), and start chatting with people. Free database software There’s no limit to the number of channels you can use.

If you are new to this environment, a glance at the help file is recommended. Raid 0 data recovery software For example, you can manually write commands in the server window to reveal details of a user, find out how many people are on a channel, set a status, change nickname, and many others.

In addition, mIRC features support for file transfers, the IPv6 protocol, message logging and proxy settings. Mail database You can customize sounds and notifications, as well as spoken messages.

All in all, mIRC is a secure and reliable way to communicate with people all around the world. Hdata recovery master The built-in scripting language allows you to automate mIRC operations.

Make sure that your private data will remain private by using this software application that prevents harmful applications from damaging your computer

Zemana AntiLogger is a software solution developed especially to prevent information theft, providing a powerful package of security tools designed to protect users.

Although a security app, this is not an antivirus, but it could collaborate with such a software solution to deliver the most advanced defense for one’s computer. In database It is able to detect keyloggers, screen, webcam and clipboard loggers without slowing down Windows and, more importantly, without affecting the activity of other security tools that might be installed on the system.

Zemana AntiLogger comprises several dedicated tools to protect the PC against a wide range of computer loggers, but also the advanced ‘System Defense Module’ for real time protection.

It sometimes gives some false alarms, but that’s only preventive, so the users are offered the possibility to set up rules for each application running on the system, which means the app no longer bothers them again after that.

The interface is pretty simple and although it is a security tool, all features are displayed in a pretty easy to understand method. Drupal 7 database query The Settings menu is a large one, allowing users to customize the security options, as well as the way the application receives updates. Data recovery usa However, users with little to no computer skills are advised to leave the settings to their default values, as the performance of the software is not affected..

Zemana AntiLogger is very light on computer resources and it is able to join forces with many security solutions. Data recovery business There is only a handful of suites it is not compatible with, but most of the renowned antivirus solutions can work side-by-side with this program without any issues.

To sum it all up, Zemana AntiLogger seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle for protecting one’s computer against malware threats. Database visualization Complemented by a powerful antivirus and firewall, it can make for all-around combination to keep a system secure.