Wynwood software company helps connect tech workplace community miami herald database recovery pending

Growing up, antonio mañueco always dreamed of representing himself as his own brand. Now that his wynwood-based software company, blubeta, is thriving, he’s helping connect other individuals with similar interests and professions.

Mañueco created his LLC for blubeta while finishing his masters in industrial engineering at university of miami. “soon after I started the LLC and finished my masters in 2012, I decided to take the plunge and go 100 percent into the business. The rest as they say, is history,” mañueco, 31, said.

Blubeta helps facilitate technology initiatives for businesses and enterprises, which may include application development, product development or consulting at the network and infrastructure level.Mañueco said the company’s main goal is to grow the technology ecosystem in south florida by hiring from within the community and creating everything in house.

With blubeta rapidly expanding, mañueco went on to create what is now known as the most active slack community in south florida, wynwood tech. Slack is an application designed to unify communication in the workplace. Many of these slack communities are open to the public.

“in 2015, we started one of these public ones in order to bring the tech ecosystem together and connect entrepreneurs, technologists, and creatives together. It’s grown to almost 1,400 members in all kinds of different channels,” mañueco said.Software company

Blubeta ( https://blubeta.Com) has also become a safe haven for aspiring engineers. The company offers active internship programs for high school and college students, as well as through ironhack, a local bootcamp.

“as an intern, I learned a whole new programming framework. Basically, new ways of dealing with websites and how you should store data on them and how you should manage the website itself,” said bryan padron, a senior at miami coral park senior high school. “I felt like I learned more in the past month than I have learned in the past couple of years.”

Padron, 18, met mañueco at emerge americas, a premier technology conference that connects individuals seeking to learn about creative technologies that solve business issues and much more.Mañueco said blubeta this year will be the company’s second participating in the conference. This time, their presence will mainly showcase their merged business entities with marketfit, a business development service. The new arm to blubeta focuses on blockchain education and blockchain implementation for small- and medium-size enterprises.

Blockchain is a distributed database spread across many computers with no central control that could transform governance, the economy, businesses and the functioning of organizations, according to donald clark of newsportal OEB insights.

“working with younger minds is honestly an enriching experience for me,” said joseph engelmajer, a blubeta software engineer.Said blubeta “for the company, it broadens where we’re looking for talent and helps cultivate the younger talent in miami.”

Blubeta’s work space is strategically built in a way that is different from any common office. Within the office, there is a coalition of companies such as a branding agency, public relations agency, marketing agency and more. By knocking down all the walls, the companies have created a different environment to work in.

“the open space allows communication to flow freely,” said mañueco. “we found that from our experience, being in an open environment and being able to ask questions, frees up how we develop software.”

Over the last seven years, blubeta has focused mainly on client work.Mañueco said now, it’s striving to become a product company that develops in-house products, such as blockchain technology, to sell to other enterprises.

“what really differentiates us is the brand that we’ve driven through the community,” mañueco said. “we found this niche in miami that really makes us successful.”