WordPress website maintenance, database backups, and ongoing support

After working so hard to build your website to grow your business, we want to make sure that it continues to work well and is safe from hackers.

To keep your site safe and working well you have to do regular website file and database backups. Data recovery kickass After having a good back-up, you need to update your site to the latest versions of WordPress, your theme, and your plugins.

A database can best be described as Unfortunately, we find that few people are diligent enough to keep their sites protected.

We have always offered maintenance services, and we still do, but now we have created a Premium level maintenance package and the option to use New Tricks to host your website on our hosting account. Os x database We find big differences in site performance based on which company is hosting the site. Database field No longer can you afford the low-cost performance and safety you get with cheap hosting.

Because of this, we now require our clients get hosting with one of our preferred companies or we can host your site on our premium account and maintain it more easily. Data recovery diy Check out our hosting and maintenance options below and choose the best for your situation.

Premium Monthly Maintenance and Hosting Package: Each month you will be eligible for an hour of work on your website. Database transaction You can use this time for us to add functionality or input blog posts to your site or to chat about what’s next.

In general, we charge our VIP clients $100 per hour for any work done within weekly business hours ( 9-5), whereas our non-maintenance billing rate is $150 per hour. Data recovery mac hard drive After hours VIP emergency work is $150 per hour, Non-maintenance is $175 per hour. H2 database tutorial Technical Support

Our monthly maintenance customers get VIP client status. Database interview questions If you have an issue with the features or functionality on your current website that we can fix in 30 minutes or less, we will offer to fix five of these support tickets a month, at no charge.

For problems that take longer than 30 minutes to troubleshoot and, or resolve, we will let you know what we think before proceeding and if you want us to continue working on it, we will bill you at our VIP hourly rate for the additional time involved Refund Policy & Subscription Cancellation

To cancel your recurring subscription or request a refund please contact accounting@newtricks.com or call (770) 714-8618 and request to cancel.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for the full subscription fee in the month in which you cancel, i.e., if you cancel your subscription in August, you are responsible for August fees. R studio data recovery free download Your subscription for that month remains active and fully functional until the end of that month. Data recovery bad hard drive After the end of the month, your account will cease to work and you will not be charged again. Database field definition It is not necessary to wait until the last day of the month to cancel your subscription.