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• China June 25, 2010 – PRLog — In 2009, Chinese domestic IT giant Lenovo launched the ” Lenovo data recovery and file recovery services”, formally announced enter into the file recovery market, after only six months, in facing the competitive menace of this IT giant, some small and medium file recovery companies suffer the unbearable burden, out of file recovery market, the remain file recovery companies are in difficult developing, actively explore a way survive in the file recovery industry.

In today’s file recovery market, business no longer stop at the original “stay-in” service, has changed to the formal and professional direction. Database ranking Facing to Lenovo’s intervention, those weak file recovery companies are urgent for discarding old file recovery software, using HDD repair tool with leading file recovery technology, making itself in an invincible position in the war of file recovery industry.

Data recovery youtube It is understood that prices of professional HDD repair tool available in the market are higher than 2000 US dollars; this is a financial problem and also some financial collection risks for small and medium data recovery companies to update the file recovery and HDD repair tool.

How could those file recovery companies efficiently update file recovery and HDD repair tool, quickly recover the invest cost in the condition of insufficient funds, Facing with this market embarrassing, SalvationDATA, which is the leading enterprises committed to the R&D of file recovery and HDD repair tool, released the powerful file recovery and HDD repair tool File Extractor for those file recovery companies in March 2010. 911 database As the Essential edition of DATE COMPASS, File Extractor succeed to file recovery technology system of DC, enable the small and middle file recovery companies improve technology of file recovery equipment quickly, a few thousand dollars of the cost price can help those file recovery companies file recovery and HDD repair tool and maintain its leading data recovery technology with file extractor.

Many file recovery engineers in practice may found a number of difficult hard disk failure, due to lack of file recovery experience and HDD repair tool, and they early conclude that file recovery is impassable. Data recovery download In fact, file recovery technology needs continue researching and accumulating, but also the need professional file recovery technology team and HDD repair tool support. Data recovery after factory reset File Extractor is not only a easy learning file recovery and HDD repair tool, for small and medium file recovery companies of poor file recovery experience, SalvationDATA provides a series after sales services for file extractor, including file recovery telephone technical support, file recovery QQ technical support, file recovery forums, data recovery training and other various optional technical support services to enhance file recovery technology for those file recovery companies.

In addition, this new file recovery and HDD repair tool – File Extractor also has many leading techniques built-in, such as intelligent bad sector read/leap function, ShadowDisk technology, HEPSS, sector hide, disk imaging, specific data extraction, source drive write protection, automatic data copy, etc. Database schema design All these functions in file extractor are the crucial weapons for professional file recovery service providers to increase the file recovery success rate and work efficiency by 300%.

Privacy and confidentiality of data is particularly important for customer in the network era, select a file recovery and HDD repair tool provider of the technology leader in file recovery and professional file recovery services is the most important prerequisite to ensure customer data security. Database uml With ten years file recovery and HDD repair tool R&D experience, SalvationDATA has becomes a synonym of file recovery industry, it released dozens of HDD repair tool and file recovery equipment with independent Intellectual property, in the world nearly 6,000 professional organizations choose it as the trusted file recovery and HDD repair tool. Data recovery ntfs This year the company’s new file recovery and HDD repair tool – File Extractor make small and medium file recovery companies spending less cost, but get the world’s leading file recovery technology and brand support. Database error With strong R & D team, SalvationDATA File Extractor will set off a wave of revolution on file recovery and HDD repair tool.

SalvationDATA has been in data recovery fields for more than 10 years and has good experience and innovative data recovery solutions from logical data recovery to physical data recovery of both hard disk drives and flash drives