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Formal Concept Analysis and Statistical learning theory for aiding detection and classification of epidemics Salah Zidi, Bechir Alaya, Tarek Moulahi, Lamri Laouamer , In this paper, a new approach based on semi-supervised classification for the epidemic risk management is suggested. Database xcode Currently, this issue represents an important medical challenge. Database administrator salary To manage this risk, we propose a decision support system using an expertise database shared between several hospitals.

Data recovery iphone 4s The system must be able to assist medical professionals in making quick and effective decisions in such situations. Fundamentals of database systems A hybrid classification approach using the SVM technique with an unsupervised classification technique (K-Means) is developed to automate data analysis. Database er diagram Prior to the classification process, we propose a data selection method based on Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) in order to select the best combinations for MSVM binary tree classification and to reduce the patient vectors dimension. MEMS, integration of mechanical and electronic components with micro dimensions on a single platform. Data recovery tools linux Miniaturized structures, sensors and actuators are the main functional elements in MEMS. Data recovery wizard for mac Along with these functional elements, the elastic cantilever beam, membrane is the elementary structure in a MEMS system. Database etl The Microcantilever is a rectangular beam in which one end is fixed while the other is free to move. Database lock In this work the cantilevers designed are in the micrometer range. Data recovery reviews The research work is based on design of MEMS cantilevers for high sensitivity and further study of these microcantilevers for electrostatic actuation. Database d b COMSOL Multiphysics is simulation tool used for design and simulation of devices. Ads b database It is observed that hole formation on fixed end of MEMS cantilevers gives better results in terms of sensitivity of the device. Database denormalization The comparative results show the respective change in resultant stress for different models. Pokemon y database Electrostatic actuation is performed on different types of MEMS cantilevers i.e. Data recovery icon with and without hole on fixed end. Fda 510 k database The designed microcantilevers are used in physical, chemical, biological and other types of sensing applications. On Applicability of Category Theory to the Description of the Fundamental Events of Ontogenesis Alexey Gudimenko, Mikhail Guzev, Yury Zhuravlev , The possibility of the use of category-theoretic formalism to describe the underlying molecular events of ontogenesis: transcription, translation, and formation of protein structures is studied. Google hacking database A correspondence between these events and the category construction of pullback and pushout is established. Database concepts 6th edition pdf The central role of the set-theoretic construction of bundle in the analyses of these events is demonstrated. A design and implementation details of network integrated storage device is presented that includes a network integrated storage device for receiving storage access commands from host computers through a network. Data recovery utility The device driver at the host for controlling the storage device through the network creates a virtual host bus adapter so that the host recognizes the storage device as if it is a local device to the host although the storage device is remotely connected to the host via the network. Data recovery from hard drive The storage device presented in this paper is showed that multitude of our devices can be integrated directly into the network in order to constitute the most economical and fast storage system for the parallel processing of huge data in Hadoop systems as well as in Cloud storage systems. This research is a formulation of the drug Ibuprofen as an effervescent tablet by two methods (direct compression and wet granulation). Database objects The bitter taste was masked by saccharine as sweeting agent with guargum and Tragacanthgum, furthermore the effervescent effect of citric acid, tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate lead to improve the taste of the drug beside increase the effect of formula. Data recovery raid 5 Also the Guargum with Tragacanth gum were used as binder agent lead to hide the taste. Database architect The strawberry with banana which were used as flavoring agent also enhances the palatability. Data recovery options The formulated tablets were passed all the fundamental testes in the monograph. Database jobs This study was found that formulating the ibuprofen as effervescent tablet by wet granulation method concentration and die cavity twenty is the suitable one and that might be lead to increase the drug effectiveness, therapeutic effect as well as increase patient acceptability as effervescent tablet\nKey words:\nTablets, Ibuprofen, effervescent, patient acceptability, Taste Capabilities of the Emergency and Intensive-Care Nurses in Recognizing Electrocardiography Rhythms and Knowing About Appropriate Treatment Approaches SELIN KESKIN KIZILTEPE , Nurses working in Emergency and Intensive-Care units should have the sufficient knowledge on monitoring, interpreting the Electrocardiography (ECG) rhythms, and knowing the appropriate treatment options oriented at these rhythms because of decrease mortality and morbidity. H2 database file In this search, we aimed to determine to nurse\’s level of knowledge about to promote the ECG rhythms and in deciding the appropriate treatment approaches who serve in this units. R studio data recovery serial key The search was carried out on 148 nurses who serve in Samsun and its towns. Database query languages The survey form was applied to the nurses by the researcher in person. P d database It was found that in this search the most important factors influencing their answers for ECG whether are servise training, edutional status and which units they are working. Database 101 Bachelor\’s degree nurses and cardiology nurses in intensive care response about fatal rhythms and the ECG rhythms was found to higher than others. M power database We think it would be useful nurses about to promote the ECG rhythms and treatment approaches increase the level of education on behalf of increase the level of knowledge, giving service training and such training be repeated at intervals.\nKeywords: ECG; Emergency; Intensıve care; Nurse; Rhythm WhatsApp as a synchronous tool for innovation and improvement of university communication, counselling and tutoring Pérez-Jorge, David;Gutiérrez-Barroso, Josué;Barragán-Medero, Fernando;Marrero-Morales, María Sandra;Castro-León, Fátima , M-learning stands as a different way of learning and the use of WhatsApp appears to be an innovative and effective resource. Data recovery from external hard drive The objective of this research is to evaluate the effects of the use of this communication tool in the academic monitoring, counseling and tutoring of university students in the Faculty of Education at the University of La Laguna. Database join types The process and development of this study involved the following series of tasks: a) A training seminar on strategies to promote learning through information and communication technology tools (ICT), b) Creation of learning communities to promote WhatsApp as a tool to improve academic monitoring, counseling and tutoring. Section 8 database A control group (N=120) and an experimental group (N=120) of first-year students were established (undergraduate students in Childhood Education, Primary Education and Pedagogy) with the aim of knowing the effect of the use of WhatsApp. Icd 9 database On the basis of the data collected by teachers, the results obtained were analyzed taking into account the effect on a) Competences related to academic work and performance and b) Transversal Competences. Database xampp In this sense, an ad hoc questionnaire was used to evaluate the development of bot
h those competences related to academic work and performance and those transversal competences through the use of an m-learning tool based on peer tutoring. Database administrator jobs The results obtained have revealed important improvements as regards those competences related to time efficiency, planning and organization, and those related to active learning, decision making and motivation.\nWe consider that the results of this research will open up new paths in the processes of university tutoring. Data recovery joondalup We also believe that this experience is a first approach to future research lines in the field of academic tutoring and counseling as regards university students. Immigration and violence: the construction of a [fallacy] useful problem in education and policy Fernando Barragán-Medero,David Pérez-Jorge*,Francisco Oda-Ángel , Intercultural education is the pursuit of understanding between cultures originating in the prevalence of a base for coexistence without violence. Database of genomic variants Educational programmes created through action research include an integrated curriculum based on the use of cultural invariants. Database viewer Its application in different countries of the European Union has demonstrated its transformative power, its potential for preventing inter-ethnic violence and the need for a multinational dimension to combat prejudice and xenophobia and enrich the cultural heritage of students and teachers. H data recovery registration code free download Our programme was developed in Germany, Denmark, Italy and Spain over two full academic years, during which time changes were seen in the views of the students on violence and interculturality, new knowledge was acquired and teachers’ thinking on interculturality also underwent a change. AIM: The study was planned to determine stress sources and coping methods of the nurses that worked in the emergency service.\nMETHOD: The research was realized with the participation of 196 nurses, who have been working in hospitals of the Ministry of Health, the Social Security Institution, and universities, all located in Istanbul province of Turkey, following the written consent of study participants. Database hardware Data were collected through a questionnaire form, the stress source scale, and the coping scale for stress.\nFINDINGS: It was detected that the stress level of nurses tended to develop a disease. Database roles Of the nurses working in a university hospital, the score of seeking of emotional social support and the score of focusing on and venting of emotions were found highly statistically significant (p<0.01). B tree database management system Regarding coping with stress, active coping scores of the nurses from the Ministry of Health’s hospitals were quite significantly low (p<0.01) while positive reinterpretation scores were significantly low (p<0.05) and behavioral disengagement and denial scores were highly significant (p<0.01).\nCONCLUSION: It was determined that nurses’ stress levels tend to develop a disease and nurses employ effective and ineffective methods on different levels in coping with stress.\nKeywords: Emergency service nurses, Stress, Stress Sources. Effect of replacing antibiotic growth promoters (AGPS) with polyphenolic botanical extracts and essential oils in feed of laying hens on health, ND titer and some blood parameters Abdullah Ahmad1 , Abid Hasnain1 , Shahid Waheed1 , Omer Mukhtar2 , Tahira Mohsin Ali1 , Polyphenolic vegetative extracts and essential oils are very important replacement additives for the antibiotic growth promoters in layer feeds. Database file The goal of this study was to investigate the effect of vegetative extracts and essential oils on egg producing layers’ health, immunity against ND virus disease and other blood parameters. Data recovery near me One hundred and twelve, nine months old, white Novagin egg producing laying hens (1480+50 grams average live body weight each) were randomly distributed to seven groups equally (n = 16). Database job description Each group/treatment was divided four times with four birds per replicate cage unit. Data recovery 94fbr Diets (rations) were prepared by adding vegetative polyphenolic extracts of black tea (c), seeds of black cumin (d), fenugreek seed (e) as well as oils from black cumin seeds (f) and fenugreek seeds (g) in the negative control (b; treatment with nil antibiotic and antioxidant added in the ration) and compared with positive control (a) having antibiotic (4.4%) lincomysin 120mg/kg of feed, acetic acid (99.5%) 0.15mL/kg of feed, antioxidant seldox (BHA, BHT, ethoxiquine and citric acid) 120mg/kg of feed. Database foreign key After end of the five weeks trial, weekly feed conversion ratio (FCR) of all treatments were significantly good than negative control (b) (P<0.05), however treatments a, b, d, e, f and g had non-significant differences among one another (P>0.05). Database as a service ND titer level remain same of all treatments and overall health performance was good and there was insignificant difference between all blood parameters except negative control (P>0.05). Iphone 6 data recovery These results clarify that polyphenolic vegetative extracts/oils have positive affect on the performance, health and there is no drastic change in blood parameters of the egg producing layers and thus can be replaced by antibiotic growth promoters.