Ucsc bike safety, services, and programs

Avoiding Bike Accidents on the UCSC Campus• Cyclists should be aware of the following safety concerns when riding on the UCSC campus. Database design tool The top reasons for bike accidents on campus are:

Bike Hazard Report Form• The Regional Transportation Commission accepts Bicycle Hazard Report Forms from cyclists or any other commuters who have identified a potential cycling hazard during their travels. H data recovery software These forms are forwarded to the appropriate local jurisdiction for their action. 1 care data recovery software Typically, 50 reports are submitted a year.

Database user interface Report forms may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Data recovery jaipur For additional information on this program or to get a form mailed to you, call (831) 460-3200.

Bike Lending Library• The UCSC Bike Library offers free use of a bike for a quarter. Database platforms Applicants must submit a 500 to 700 word essay which says why you need a bike, what will you use the bike for, and how will you contribute to the bike community. Data recovery group Visit the Bike Library website for details.

1. Database xls It’s the law. C database library All bikes operated on the UC Santa Cruz campus and in the city of Santa Cruz must be registered with a current California bicycle license. 510 k database Unlicensed bikes on campus are subject to citation.

2. How to become a database administrator It helps prevent theft, and aids in recovering stolen bikes. Database xml Send a warning to would–be thieves: This bike is registered with law enforcement agencies. Database terminology Licensing enters your bike into a statewide system of identification, recovery and notification – and also significantly encreases the likelihood of your stolen bike being found and returned.

4. Database theory And in the worst case…bike licenses provide a means of identifying accident victims. Database 1 to 1 relationship Please note: To obtain information about a bicycle that was previously licensed at UCSC contact the Campus Police at (831) 459-2231.

Bike Maintenance The TAPS Bicycle Program co-sponsors a weekly bicycle maintenance clinic with OPERS to assist UC affiliates with keeping their bikes in safe operating condition. Database testing During fall, winter and spring quarter, free drop-in bicycle maintenance is offered on Thursdays at the Recreation Office Porch located at the East Field House, from 2:00 p.m. Database graph to 5:00 p.m. Database naming conventions Expert bike maintenance specialists are available ath the clinic to assist you with your repairs. Database entity If you know what parts your bike needs purchase them in advance and take them along to the repair clinic. Database developer Call OPERS Recreation staff at (831) 459-2806 for more information. Data recovery plan Fixit Stations

The Fixit includes all the tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. Data recovery kansas city The tools and air pump are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. N k database Hanging the bike from the hang arms allow the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments. Data recovery 2016 For help with repairs use the Quick Read (QR) code on the front of the Fixit to view detailed instructions on your smart phone or view the bicycle repair guide online.

Please note that a few components of the Fixit stations (particularly the pumps) tend to fail after a certain amount of use. 510 k database fda Our staff tries to replace those components as soon as possible. Database programmer Please let us know ( taps@ucsc.edu) if you see something that needs to be fixed or replaced.

These lockers are operated as part of the Bikelink network, and a fee of $.05 per hour will be collected at the locker. Data recovery osx The maximum rental time for any one rental period is ten days. Database integrity Only a bicycle and its accessories may be stored in the locker.

BikeLink cards cost $20 and typically take three business days to arrive in the mail. Database backup Cards arrive activated and ready for use. Hollywood u database All use fees are deducted from the card; there are no membership fees or ongoing costs aside from the hourly rental fee. Data recovery ipad For more information please go to www.bikelink.org.

BikeLink cards are honored at all Bay Area bike lockers on the BikeLink network; this includes over 100 bike lockers in the downtown Santa Cruz area. Database vs server Bike locker locations can be found at BikeLink. Database is in transition Please note that the City of Santa Cruz ParkCards do not work at UCSC bike lockers.

Current UCSC code states that bicycles “…shall not be parked, stood, or locked against any lightpost, stair railing, ramp, or any portion thereof, nor shall they block in any way curb cuts, ramps, or paths of accessible travel. Data recovery ios Bicycles shall be parked in bicycle racks provided; those parked elsewhere may be impounded.” The bicycle owner will be responsible for all costs associated with this action, including the citation, an impound fee, and the cost of removing the bicycle from where it is locked. Database data types How To Lock Your Bike

There are over 3300 bike rack spaces on campus, and we are adding more each year! Most thefts can be prevented by properly securing the bicycle with an adequate lock to an approved, fixed object. Data recovery johannesburg Always lock your bike and lock it to a bike rack. Iphone 5 data recovery software U locks are recommended in combination with a cable or chain to allow you to secure the wheels. A visual guide for bike locking methods is available as a PDF.

UCSC Faculty and staff who commute to campus by bike may want access to shower facilities after climbing the steep hills around the campus. Database operations Bike commuters are eligible to participate in the free Bike Commuter Shower Program; which provides access to the shower facilities at the East House and a towel. Database index To receive the Bike Shower Pass, faculty and staff need to apply on-line (Bike Shower Program enrollment is located in the middle section of the second screen of the parking permit/programs application); showing a valid UCSC Student ID Card gives students the same access. Database crud For more information send us an email inquiry. Drupal 8 database Emergency Ride Home Program

TAPS supports transportation alternatives and offers an Emergency Ride Home program for those UCSC staff and faculty who chose to use an alternative to driving alone at least one day a week. Data recovery disk Participants are provided a voucher that allows them access to a free cab ride home only for emergency purposes if they used a transportation alternative: bus, bicycle, carpool or vanpool, or walking. Database 3 tier architecture Interested UCSC Staff and Faculty can send an email inquiry to find out about eligibility for the ERH program, or stop by the TAPS Sales Office. Data recovery orlando 0% Interest Bike Loan

Commuting by bicycle requires having a good quality bicycle and necessary gear. Database cardinality To help faculty and staff purchase a new bike, TAPS offers a 0% Interest Bicycle Loan Program through the membership of Transportation Services, managed by Ecology Action. Database unit testing UCSC employees may qualify for the opportunity to borrow up to $750, interest free, to purchase a bicycle (including electric–assisted bicycles) and/or bicycle related accessories.

Cathy Crowe is the TAPS contact for the 0% Interest Bicycle Loan Program. I data recovery software free download Email Cathy or go directly to the Ecology Action Bike Loan Program page.

Bike Routes to UCSC• Choosing a Safe RouteWhen traveling to the campus through the City of Santa Cruz, take time to plan your route to avoid heavily congested areas – especially Mission Street, which serves as a primary route for heavy trucks. O review database The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission produces a very detailed map of bike routes that is available through TAPS by calling 831/459-2190. Database in recovery A map with suggested bike routes throughout Santa Cruz County (and to UCSC) is available online, as is a PDF showing safe routes to the Westside Bike Shuttle.

Bike Skills Classes and Rides at UCSC• UCSC offers a number of classes and bike rides though out the year, most of which are low cost or free of charge. Data recovery wizard professional If you are a novice and new to cycling or if you are just new to riding your bike in Santa Cruz and navigating the UCSC steep hills, our bike classes will help you feel confident and competent. Data recovery open source Our classes are taught by a League Cycling Instructor certified through the

League of American Bicyclists and cover topics like essential bike safety equipment and bike checks, avoiding common causes of car-bike collisions, and best routes to take in Santa Cruz.

Our bike rides are also lead by a League Cycle Instructor and cover skills in proper lane positioning, emergency bike handling, and navigating the narrow and steep hills of UCSC. Gif database Additional topics include skills for riding in the rain, and “secret” lesser-known Santa Cruz City routes and all rides are geared to have fun!

If your bike is stolen the UCSC Police Department recommends reporting the theft as soon as possible. Data recovery lifehacker If your bike was stolen on University Property, report it to the UCSC Police Department immediately by calling (831) 459-2231. Top 10 data recovery software 2014 Officers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Database gale If your bike was stolen in Santa Cruz City, report it to the Santa Cruz Police Department by calling (831) 471-1131.

Register your bike for free. Database life cycle If your bike is stolen, and it was not registered, the chances of recovering your bike are drastically reduced. Data recovery dallas Thieves are less likely to steal bikes that are registered because they know the serial numbers have been entered into a national computer database.

Lock your bike. Data recovery usb Using a high quality U lock is the best style of lock to keep your bike safe. Database 4th normal form Be sure to lock your bike frame to the rack, and if possible, include locking your wheels to the frame. V database in oracle Do not lock your bike to itself. Data recovery tampa A visual guide for bike locking methods is available as a PDF.