Trivia game _ unity community database normalization

Thanks for the ideas. Database usa I create games for people with disabilities so I wanted to create a games with strong visual and audio elements. Database url I have a version that I created with REALbasic but it isn’t very graphically stimulating.

My hope is that the people who care for the people who play the games will create the questions based on what the person/people is/are interested in. Database uml That way the game would provide an appropriate challenge to the individual or small group playing it.

I will follow up on some of the suggestions made above but I’m was still hoping that there would be a relatively easy way to create a program that would add information into a database and then use a second program to randomly draw that information from the database.

Database uses Is there an easy way to accomplish this with Unity?

Currently my programming skills are limited to fairly simple javascripts. Database union I am happy to learn new ways to do things but I’m not sure my time would be best spent learning a new programming language for this particular project.

I played around a bit more but in the end I think I decided to just continue with my REALbasic solution as it did everything I needed it to do. Database update I was mainly hoping to use Unity so that I could improve the visual look of the game.

From what Eric suggested I’m sure its quite possible in Unity. Database utility I was hoping for more of a database solution but reading a simple text file would probably work well for a basic quiz.

A good way to get started on this project would be to use something very simple. Database unit testing For example, you could use arrays of strings to store the questions and answers and just set the string values from within the script. Database user interface Then, have a go at building the rest of the game around this simple data set. Database usa reviews This will involve picking questions at random, checking the answers, keeping score, etc. Hollywood u database When you have got this working to your satisfaction, look at alternative ways of filling the question/answer arrays (hard-coding them in the script is indeed very limiting). Uottawa database The key thing to notice here is that you can use the same array code to drive the game regardless of how the arrays are actually filled with the necessary data. Yorku database The arrays make the data source “replaceable”, so that you can use something simple for initial development and then gradually improve on it.