Transaction log archiving

The AllegroGraph transaction log archiver is a built-in feature for managing transaction log files. Uottawa database Transaction logs are created in the directory specified by the TransactionLogDir configuration parameter (or the main database directory if TransactionLogDir is not specified). Top 10 data recovery software free download Unless they are moved or removed by the transaction log archiver, the number and total size of the transaction logs will grow without bound.

The transaction log archiver is controlled by a set of catalog-specific configuration parameters. Database query optimization Configuration parameters are described in Server Configuration and Control. Qmobile data recovery TransactionLogRetain recovery – Transaction logs are deleted if not needed for the recovery process that is run when a database is opened. No 1 data recovery software This will ensure that the newest transaction log with a checkpoint is retained and logs older than that are deleted. Data recovery iphone free This is the default behavior starting in release 4.2.1. archive – This is like action-name recovery except that instead of deleting transaction log files that are not needed, the unneeded files are moved to the directory specified by the TransactionLogArchive parameter. replication – Like archive except that the transaction log archiver does not archive transaction logs until all replication jobs that might need them are finished with them. Database 11g We discuss this below. all – Keep all transaction logs in the main directory where they were created. Data recovery thumb drive (This was the default behavior in releases prior to 4.2.1 The new default behavior is recovery.) TransactionLogArchive This parameter can be given more than once. Data recovery hardware tools It specifies an important replication jobname. Os x data recovery If TransactionLogRetain is set to replication then the transaction log archiver will hold off on archiving transaction logs needed by important replication jobs. R studio data recovery download If a replication jobname is not listed as important then the archiver may archive the log file before it can be used for replication and the replication will fail. Replication jobnames are set with the –jobname argument to agraph-replicate. Data recovery western digital See the Replication and Warm Standby document for more information. Top 5 data recovery software Examples The transaction log archiver is configured by parameters in the or sections of the agraph.cfg file. Data recovery mac (For additional information about agraph.cfg, see the Server Configuration document.) If you don’t care about replication or point-in-time recovery and just wish to keep the minimum number of transaction logs on the disk: If you care about point-in-time restore and replication, then use a configuration like the next example. Database website Here we imagine two replication jobs we care about, one called second-repl and one called third-repl. Data recovery denver A key detail here is that this retention mode assumes that replication will eventually be started, and so it effectively operates as mode all until that happens. Data recovery galaxy s4 You should not use this setting in a catalog containing repositories that aren’t going to be replicated. R studio data recovery free full version If you just went to keep all transaction logs with the database, thus allowing for point-in-time restore or replication, use the next example. Data recovery equipment The amount of space used in the database directory will continue to grow as more transaction logs are added and none are removed. Database primary key