Tour the national museum of scotland from home with google street view mental floss database building

Google’s street view technology can be used to view some amazing art, whether it’s behind the walls of the palace of versailles in france or the guggenheim museum in new york. As the BBC reports, the national museum of scotland in edinburgh is the latest institution to receive the virtual treatment.

The museum contains items tracing the history of the world and humanity. In the natural world galleries, visitors will find a hulking tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and a panorama of wildlife. In the world cultures galleries, there are centuries’ worth of art and innovation to see. The museum’s permanent galleries and the 20,000 objects on display can all be viewed from home thanks to the new online experience.Mental health

Users can navigate the virtual museum as they would a regular location on street view.

Just click the area you wish to explore and drag your cursor for full 365-degree views. If there’s a particular piece that catches your interest, you may be able to learn more about it from google arts & culture. The site has added 1000 items from the national museum of scotland to its database, complete with high-resolution photos and detailed descriptions.

The street view tour is a convenient option for art lovers outside the UK, but the museum is also worth visiting in person: like its virtual counterpart, admission to the institution is free.

Modern art followers will recognize the name jeff koons.Auction house for decades, he’s crafted installations ranging from an aluminum balloon dog weighing 1 ton to a spalding basketball that remained suspended in distilled water for years. Now, christie’s auction house is preparing to put one of his most deceptively ambitious projects up for bid. Play-doh is expected to fetch $20 million when it goes up may 17 as part of its postwar and contemporary art showcase.

In 1994, koons began work on a series of five giant aluminum sculptures, all created to resemble a coagulated lump of play-doh that the artist’s young son once presented to him. Standing 11 feet tall, play-doh is not hollow: koons cast plaster molds that his art team used to make 24 solid aluminum pieces that lock together, many of them etched to reflect the irregular cracks that real play-doh produces.Museum scotland

The work presented a logistical problem for christie’s. It’s so large that its building’s doors had to be reconfigured and cranes implemented to assemble and move it. With the auction house taking a premium of the expected closing bid, it has undoubtedly been time well spent.

A vending machine doesn’t need to dispense junk food to satisfy a craving. As mashable reports, a new service in sydney, australia offers users neatly packaged items inspired by concepts like "purpose," "friendship," and "spontaneity."

Designed to promote mental health awareness in an unexpected way, intangible goods is a temporary installation for the city of sydney’s art & about sydney program.Museum scotland the unique vending machine is a collaboration between artists elizabeth commandeur and mark starmach and mental health professionals barbara lebas, tim sharp, and charlotte stapf.