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The real power of Kodi comes precisely from its customizability, which ranks among the greatest in the open source community. Mail database With add-ons, you can make interface changes, add minor enhancements, or extend Kodi with completely new functions. Hdata recovery master There are several ways to install the add-ons. In database You can point to the add-ons repository via the “Get Add-ons” option, or download the .zip file and click the “Install from zip file” option. Drupal 7 database query Alternatively, you can use one of the add-ons presented here that was made for this very purpose. Data recovery usa And now, here’s a selection of 20 great Kodi add-ons: 1. Data recovery business Addon Installer for Kodi

If you prefer to manage everything plugin-related from one centralized interface, Addon Installer is probably the first thing you should install.

Database visualization It lets you browse, install and update various other plugins, provided they’re available in its repositories.

Unsurprisingly, this plugin shows the weather forecast, courtesy of Yahoo’s weather service. Data recovery qatar Once again, there are other contenders among the official add-ons: Met Office, Oz Weather, Weather China, etc., which are sure to weather you through any forecasting needs.

Stream All The Sources or SALTS, as it is popularly known, lets you stream TV shows & movies from a variety of sources. Data recovery no root The add-on scrapes a number of links to bring you different high quality sources and it also supports Real-Debrid, which is a premium hoster for high-quality video streaming. Database keywords It includes videos in qualities like HD, high, medium and low. Along with tons of sources, SALTS includes features like library integration and Trakt support, so your watch list is never lost. Normalization in database It also includes a “Subscription” feature, which syncs SALTS’ movies & TV shows to the Kodi video library.

Exodus is a movies & TV shows multi-scrapper Kodi add-on developed by Lambda, who’s known for Genesis. Database 3nf The add-on, which is said to be the Genesis replacement is almost identical to Genesis when it comes to the interface & most features but under the hood, it is a more advanced & polished version. Database server However, it lacks features like library integration & favorites although it still features integration, along with the latest Real-Debrid API. Data recovery wd passport Exodus has been designed to work only with Kodi Isengard (v15) or higher, so you will have to update if you are running a version lower than that.

Formerly known as LetMeWatchThis, and currently known as both 1Channel and PrimeWire, the site is one of the oldest and largest of its kind. Relational database management system The focus is mostly on movies, which number at over 60,000, but there are plenty of TV shows as well (more than nine thousand titles). Database generator It’s a good starting point or fallback, but keep in mind that the links are provided by the users, so the video quality varies and broken links are common.

Navi-X utilizes an approach that could be described as a hybrid between Genesis and Phoenix / Playlist Loader. Database 3nf example It’s a content aggregator that utilizes both scraping and user contributed playlists. Data recovery hard drive software The range of content is the widest of any of these – it features everything from movies and TV shows to live streams to podcasts and every other sort of multimedia content you can imagine. Iphone 4 data recovery Navi-X is one of the oldest and best known Kodi add-ons.

Watch 1080p Kodi is a new add-on from the Metal Kettle repository, aimed at people who can’t bear lower quality movies. Database logo Although you might find some movie streaming sources in 480p but Watch 1080p mostly includes movies in 720p and 1080p quality from different direct sources that are reliable. Moto g data recovery The add-on categorizes movies based on years, popularity etc., and there’s also a search option. Database analyst salary Moreover, it brings movies from different countries across the globe.

Velocity is another new Kodi add-on from BlazeTamer (the developer behind Phoenix, Cliq etc.) that lets you watch TV shows and movies from various sources. Data recovery engineer It includes popular sources like GVIDEO, which brings 1080p movies at great streaming speeds. Gt m database The add-on comes with Real-Debrid support and Trakt integration, so that you can manage your Trakt collection & watch list with ease. You can also download Velocity Kids, which as the name suggests, brings children friendly content.

There’s one form of content that hasn’t been mentioned yet – live TV streams. In databases information is organized in It’s perhaps the natural progression – we went from wanting a more convenient way of watching Internet videos to wanting films and TV shows, only to finally return to TV programming, but without the traditionally imposed limits. Data recovery tools iphone Geographical differences and channel packages are meaningless in the face of Internet. A database driver is software that lets the Finding content, however, is a problem. 7 data recovery suite key Add-ons like Phoenix help solve it by providing lists of streams. Data recovery linux Each list features tens or hundreds of channels, ranging from news to sport to entertainment.

Since it’s very likely you’ll use Kodi to stream live television, it makes sense to have a TV guide. Database modeling tools It saves you from switching between channels all day, as well as switching away from Kodi. G info database search Named for its function, TV Guide is an add-on that gives you an overview of what’s currently on TV.

While the competition is increasing every day, a very large chunk of Internet traffic is still aimed towards YouTube. Database administrator salary It would be negligent not to have an add-on dedicated to one of the galaxies of the Internet universe, so we’re including it in this list. Database triggers You can use it to subscribe to channels, add and remove favorites, browse region-specific feeds and find videos using the Advanced Search feature. Data recovery recuva It can also automatically filter out unavailable videos to help you find the best version of the video you’re looking for.

If you are looking for a Kodi add-on for live sport shows like NFL, you should install SportsDevil that is available with the SuperRepo respository. Data recovery texas The add-on includes various different sources for different sporting events and its catalog is daily updated with live sporting events like boxing, UFC, wrestling PPV along with every NFL game. Database resume You can also watch other events like the English Premier League among other sports like Cricket, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Data recovery external hard drive mac The links are reliable and the quality ranges from 480p to 720p.

TuneIn is a very popular radio and podcast service. Database management systems It features 100,000 radio stations and over four million podcasts, and it’s likely you already know it and use it on your smartphone or tablet. 7 data recovery review This unofficial plugin allows you to use it in Kodi.

The video counterpart to the lyrics add-on, this plugin searches Open-subtitles for the appropriate subtitle. Mode s database If you’re not a fan of OpenSubtitles or cannot find what you need there, there are various other official subtitle add-ons: Podnapisi, Subscene, Titlovi, Divxplanet, etc.

MusicBox is one of the best Kodi add-ons aimed at music lovers. Windows 8 data recovery The add-on includes support for third party music streaming services like 8tracks, Digster, iTunes, etc. Java 8 database You have to create a account to use MusicBox. Database tools Other features of the add-on include UK & US billboard charts, recommendations and ability to search tracks. Drupal 7 database api While it lacks support for music videos, if you want some great music playlists from different sources, MusicBox should be good enough. Raid 6 data recovery If you are looking for a dedicated Spotify add-on, do give Spotimc a shot.

CU LRC Lyrics is the official lyrics script for Kodi. Database architecture It does exactly what you think it does, and if you want lyrics with your music, it’s essential. Iphone 4 data recovery software It supports both regular and LRC lyrics, and it can search synchronized/un-synchronized lyrics that are embedded as well as those from files, or scrape them from third-party sources.

AWXi is an Ajax-based web interface for controlling the audio and video functions of Kodi. Database java It performs the most common functions, such as playing, pausing and stopping, browsing media and adding it to a playlist. Data recovery android It requires a web browser that supports Javascript and web sockets.

This add-on enables you to browse your ROM collection and play emulated games. C database tutorial There’s little setup required – just point it to your collection and you’re set. Data recovery services cost The features are as you might expect: import games to local database, scrape art and information online, filter by various parameters, even display cabinets and marquees.

If you’re a fan of Japanese animation, Kodi has got you covered. Data recovery professional features over 750 anime titles in their effort to provide the best collection of anime to discerning viewers. Data recovery images They offer high-quality streams using both DivX and H264 codecs, and have over two terabytes of series, OVAs, and movies available. Database management system Download 20. Sony xperia z data recovery Twitch

Maybe you find watching game-play more relaxing than playing the games yourself? Or perhaps you’re interested in seeing what the best Linux games look like? Twitch is the premier video game streaming service, and this add-on enables you to watch your favorites in the same manner as you’d watch any other video content – using Kodi.

Backup is a useful Kodi add-on, which lets you save your Kodi configuration to different remote path types like your local storage or cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. With the add-on, you can export your Kodi database, playlists, add-ons along with other configuration details. Note 3 data recovery These backups can be restored on demand or you can even schedule them.

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