To sql or nosql_ part three_ wide column data model – from sql server to wide column no-sql

This blog is part three of eight part series of porting your RDBMS database to a NO-SQL wide column key value pair database. Database hosting For introduction or part zero you can click here.

Well the question arises, why in topic Part One Sample Use Cases, I have provided the stored procedures. Data recovery best The stored procedures here give us the output that has t o be reported.

Data recovery program When we learned software engineering in our colleges or institutes we were told to start with the output. 7 data recovery 94fbr The output drives the input and hence the data model too. Database languages With more e x perience we started created data models that can be future proof . Database ranking What I mean is we started adding fields which are not used curren tly but we think m ight make sense in future. Data recovery youtube NoSQL data model some what tries to restrict us with that thinking. 911 database Anyways, the stored procedures , are generally used to generate the reports are being analyzed here to generate the data model and later on the input.

Also note, NoSQL and other non -RDBMS databases the data is more modeled as De-Normalized data. Data recovery download As the joins are more costly, denormalization helps in improving performance. Data recovery after factory reset But denormalization on the other hand produces redundancy and data duplication and hence consumes lots of space. Database schema design If more importance has to be given to performance and resource availability is not an issue then redundancy and data duplication becomes irrelevant. Database uml In this b log we will discuss more about data modeling . Data recovery ntfs How the data is stored is out of scope of this series. Database error For that you can refer to respective NoSQL data storage technique.

Multiple Column Families: The Mapr-DB wide column key value pair database allows to define multiple column families in a single table. Database functions For Cassandra it is called as Super Column Family or composite columns. Top 10 data recovery I can imagine the key value pair in following way:

Finally ItemDetails table provides us data for ‘Fetch last item status’ use case. Database job titles The ID column family holds all the aggregated values that are required for fetch last item status use case.

Above data model is debatable! The first use case Fetch list of customer payments the query in the stored procedure is fetched between dates. Data recovery linux live cd If we try to do that here there will be huge amount of table scan as the OrderDateTime is not indexed. S pombe database This is true for all use cases where the WHERE clause has different search parameters then the row key. Database usa In HBASE and Mapr-DB only the Row Key is indexed. Data recovery pro license key In Cassandra we have Primary Key as well as secondary indexes but this model fits into Super Column Data model where secondary indexes again are not possible. Data recovery on android With the advent of Composite Columns, Cassandra has resolved the issue of secondary indexes. Icare data recovery 94fbr May be HBase and Mapr-DB should follow them. Image database Well, not to worry, the huge table scans can be resolved by creating secondary index tables that have search parameters part of row keys and the value as the row key of another table. Database web application Its like we are building our own index. Database graphic This we will discuss in next important part of this series Row Key Design.

Multiple Tables: Another way of optimizing is denormalizing the data in multiple flat structure tables with appropriate row key design. In databases a category of data is called a We will discuss more on row key design in next part of this series. Database wordpress I will give only few examples here to shorten the length of this topic. Note 2 data recovery If you want data model for remaining please to add to comments and I will try to put up best resp onse.

We have created three tables for three use cases. Tally erp 9 data recovery So that said, it means that chances are there that we will have to create table for each use case. Database erd Note that the row key structure has changed also note the order in which each field in the row key has been positioned. Database google docs There is a reason for that. Database 5500 We will surely discuss that in more detail in next part.

• Reads: Multiple Column Families is not modeled properly might end up in having multiple reads and joins on the code side or business logic layer side, as compare to Multiple Tables, it tends to be a straight forward read.

• Deserialization: Multiple Column Families end up in unnecessary deserialization of all columns in the column family if you have to fetch one or two columns each from multiple column families, as compared to one or two columns in Multiple Tables. Data recovery kit So while creating a data model it makes sense not to add unnecessary columns. Database meaning Now this on other hand decreases our data model to be future proof.

• Redundancy: Multiple Column Families to some extent resolve redundancy, but all depends on how it is modeled. Gale database On the other hand Multiple Tables increase redundancy and data duplication as same data is written to many tables.

• Consistency: Multiple Column Families are to some extent more consistent to Multiple Tables. Data recovery pc If for some reason the value is not replaced in all tables in Multiple Tables data model on an update command, lets say few tables are ignored by mistake, then it ends up in inconsistent data. Data recovery easeus Same thing with insert, if few tables are ignored by mistake.

There are more complex points also to ponder , we will discuss them in future. Top 10 data recovery software Keep in mind, everything has advantages and disad vantages, its on us to decide, what we feel is more balanced and mo re use ful.