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To fix slowness, you must do some investigation. Data recovery houston And more than one cause is possible, so please use the full list below. 7m database soccer basketball If you are unable to find a cause on your own, please provide the detailed results of your investigation with this list in a support forum or bug report.

This document may seem technical, but it’s not complicated taken a step at a time.

Create database link All types of performance issues covered, memory, IO, and CPU, because often users see multiple symptoms.

• Some steps are *tests* which should be considered temporary, not a suggestion to forever disable a feature you need. Database form So please do not to skip steps like disabling of antivirus – all steps are essential to a full diagnosis.

• precisely state when and where you see slowness or increased memory (startup, shutdown, or “normal operation”), and sequence of steps to reproduce your problem

• Start Thunderbird in Safe Mode (instructions). Data recovery process If Thunderbird safe mode helps then visit Tools | Add-ons | Extensions and determine which add-on might be causing the problem by disabling/enabling individual add-ons and…

• Is Thunderbird better with OS started in safe mode? Instructions: win10, win8, win7, winXP, MacOS. Database training If performance is improved, then suspect software such as antivirus or firewall not working properly with Thunderbird. Data recovery hardware Test with firewall or antivirus software disabled or removed. Best database software Ad-Aware example If performance is better, find which step helps :

• with AV/firewall software turned on, uninstall Thunderbird, DELETE the Thunderbird PROGRAM directory (not data directory), download, reinstall, and retest Thunderbird. Database gui If using beta or Earlybird get it from channels page.

• temporarily disable antivirus software (including on MacOS), and if problem is gone see AV performance issues for settings and information which may help.

• If you have newsgroup accounts, then in Account Settings|Server Settings disable “Check for new messages at startup”. Data recovery technician If problem is gone you may be seeing many newsgroups with many unread messages, bug 185634, bug 541001, or [2].

• MS-Windows Integrated Search in Thunderbird settings, test disable at Tools|Options|Advanced|General|System Integration|Allow Windows Search [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

• MS-Windows Search try disabling, especially with Windows 10, or if you moved Thunderbird profile or account from the default location [9], [10], [11]. Database engine tuning advisor If that helps, you can disable Windows indexing for your Thunderbird data.

• On Windows, did you move the Thunderbird profile or any Thunderbird account from the default location ” %APPDATA%” to a different Windows directory? If yes, then MS-Windows Search will attempt to index all Thunderbird disk activity. Data recovery rates Disable Windows indexing for your Thunderbird data.

• If Thunderbird memory usage is more than expected by hundreds of megabytes (MB), then perhaps one or more folders (internally a database) are not being closed, or some other bug. Database developer salary Please :

• Does problem resolve by disabling global indexing? Tools|Options|Advanced|General|Enable Global Search and Indexer (linux: Edit|Preferences|Advanced|… Database backup and recovery Mac: cmd , advanced tab) and restart Thunderbird. Yale b database If the problem goes away:

• Does Thunderbird have extremely high IO, seem to be stuck on indexing per Tools|Activity Manager, or is global-messages-db.sqlite (file used for global search) in your profile folder too big? A rule of thumb is it should not be more than 10-20% of the combined the size of all messages (in directories Mail and ImapMail).

• Rename global-messages-db.sqlite and restart Thunderbird. Sybase database global-messages-db.sqlite will rebuild but your system load will be high until all your messages are reindexed.

• Is there an indexing or Search Messages (Ctrl+K) problem, or is global-messages-db.sqlite corrupt? Shut down Thunderbird, in your profile keep the sqlite file but rename it for later diagnosis, and restart Thunderbird. Database design Note, rebuilding the global index may take a long time and use CPU resources, but it should not redownload your mail

• Are any folders 2-4GB in size? Large folders take lots of memory and time to load. Database 3 normal forms Check using foldersize add-on. Database for dummies Also Help | Troubleshooting lists large folders.

• Does disabling interval checks for new mail help? (Account Settings | Server Settings | uncheck “Check for new messages every N minutes”). A database is a collection of If it does help, then …

• Is a low value (1-3 minutes) specified for checking for new mail or draft autosave? does changing it to 4-10 minutes help – go to, respectively, Account Settings | Server Settings | Check for new messages every N minutes … Library database and Options | Composition | General | Auto Save every N minutes.

• Are any non-Inbox IMAP folders configured to check for new messages (via “always check this folder” in properties)? Or have hidden preference mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new set to true? These increase load on both Thunderbird and the mail server. Database node bug 729504

• Is panacea.dat cache file in your profile too big? (>10MB for most people is probably too big. Data recovery after format Rule of thumb for panacea size with thunderbird stopped: #folders*0.3k. Database 2015 See bug 65086, bug 1084276)

• If error message indicates a script problem (ex. Data recovery nyc “Unresponsive Script”), please set javascript.options.mem.log to true and provide a couple log entries of the form CC(T+1186.6) collected: 131 (131 waiting for GC), suspected: 98, duration: 274 ms.

• Is your Thunderbird profile or any part of Thunderbird on a non-local hard drive, i.e. Database weekly a “special” drive or mount point? If yes, does it preform better when it is moved to the local disk?

• If you have RSS news reader account, in Account Settings|Server Settings disable “Check for new messages at startup”. Data recovery utah If problem is gone you may be seeing something like bug 551144 (fixed in version 13).

• Do you have the minimum hardware requirements, and enough memory? Note, even having the minimum or recommended sized system may not be sufficient for your workload.

• Do you empty trash and junk on a regular basis? You should not be using them for long term storage. Data recovery deleted files Does performance improve if you empty them? (see File menu)

• Do any Inbox or filtered folders have several thousand messages? If so, especially for Inbox, consider moving some messages to another folder. Database health check Perhaps use Archive.

(Not Responding) examples (and cause, if known) – (Plusnet Protect/McAfee), McAfee, WSS, Windows Search Indexing and [17], McAfee, McAfee, McAfee (2013), Windows 8, use XP3 compatibility mode (Endicott), use XP3 compatibility mode (missychrissy), use XP3 compatibility mode (WaddyT/2013), Windows 8, use XP3 compatibility mode (kgcode)

• McAfee antivirus is causing major performance and problems with TB24 (and was with TB17 and TB16). R studio data recovery software Symptom: slow delete and read, “Unresponsive Script”, “(Not Responding)”. Data recovery iphone Solution

• bug 632791 Gloda (Global Search) indexes one message per minute with high CPU. Ease use data recovery Excessively sized global-messages-db.sqlite caused by buggered, excessively sized offline store. Free database software [because offline folder storage has many duplicate messages. Raid 0 data recovery software but it should not]

• bug 778907 Highlighting/selecting 18000+ of emails inside a folder keeps giving the javascript is unresponsive script (“bulkoperations”, i.e. Mail database not a general performance issue)

• bug 501689 – Investigate making storage asynchronous // bug 462277 – (calcache) [meta][GSoC 2014] Turn on offline cache by default for new calendars

• bug 872869 nsMsgDatabase::ListAllKeys() very slow with high CPU downloading messages into large folder (xref: bug 764306) (regression in TB16)

• bug 846123 – Thunderbird 100% CPU for minutes when copying a large number of messages (IMAP Online Copy, Copy between Offline-Use=Off folders) (landed in TB37)

• bug 1019969 – (resolved WFM, cause and fix unknown) Thunderbird 18-30b1 gets “Unresponsive script” 45 seconds after launch/startup. Hdata recovery master OK in 31.0

• bug 926181 – Thunderbird 24 OSX freezes on startup with profile on network drive (AFP) – fixed via bug 918612 – Mac: Firefox 24 doesn’t start, or very slow startup

• bug 538378 – Mass delete of messages resulted in massive memory usage // bug 296453 – Racing CPU, slow performance moving/deleting/dragging large number of messages

• bug 539389 Very slow file manipulation deleting or moving messages (profile stored on synchronized network folder). In database Tb3 requests write for each line of mail data. Drupal 7 database query Should use buffering.

• bug 545126HTML Mail View very slow (45++ sec) for pop and local folders (*not* fixed in v3.0.x) / bug 536873 slow load HTML messages with View Message Body as Original HTML – sits at “Loading Message …” or presents blank screen

• bug 543737 gloda needs to avoid indexing ridiculously large message bodies (especially from offline store corruption) (indexing stops at 20k per message part)(*not* fixed in v3.0.x)

• bug 539389 Very slow file manipulation deleting or moving messages (profile stored on synchronized network folder). Data recovery usa Tb3 requests write for each line of mail data. Data recovery business Should use buffering.

• bug 540214 imap STATUS not closing db – mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new and “check this folder for new messages” causes high memory and error message Unable to open the summary file for xxxxx. Database visualization Perhaps there was an error on disk, or the full path is too long.

• bug 525646 Mass delete of messages resulted in massive memory usage (not sustained usage, and was v3-only behavior I think, i.e. Data recovery qatar not from v2)

• bug 518918 Thunderbird 3pre high memory and consuming 100% CPU making mail nearly unusable, need to handle UID’s > 0x7FFFFFFF (fixed in 3.0.0)

“How much memory is needed run Thunderbird?” is a frequently asked question. Data recovery no root System Requirements defines minimum Thunderbird machine requirements for a “mythical” user. Database keywords But, these are just minimums, and do not describe how much memory you might need in your “real” environment. Normalization in database A better answer of what is enough memory might be …:

b) It depends on what you are measuring or doing in Thunderbird at a specific time, because some operations require more memory than others. Database 3nf Like when you are doing mundane things like reading new messages versus when you are searching for messages.

c) Current versions require roughly at least 80 MB to 100 MB more memory than version 2. Database server So (for example) if your version 2 used 50MB, then v3 might use 130 MB to 150 MB.

• MS Windows – Working Set/Mem Usage of thunderbird.exe (start taskmgr from ctrl+alt+delete, click Processes tab), and both Total and Available physical memory from the Performance tab.

• increasing significantly over a period of day or more, and never drops back below 300MB, i.e. Data recovery wd passport it increases cumulatively over time then you may have a problem. Relational database management system For example, if you click on a folder and memory increases by 10MB and stays at that level or higher forever, and next time you click the same folder and memory increases another 10MB and stays at that level or higher forever …, then you have a problem.

Note: memory usage is affected by the number and types of extensions (add-ons) installed, number of folders and accounts, number of messages in folders, and bugs.

• Eset NOD32 bug 541197 Repeated attempts to create huge temporary file during message synchronization due to Eset NOD32 causes slow gloda indexing

Most people have heard the term ‘Memory leaks’. Database generator The classic memory leak is a program not releasing some temporarily used memory. Database 3nf example If you are interested in helping address memory leaks …

• Anyone can help find js leaks with Thunderbird started in safe mode. Data recovery hard drive software Install the Leak Monitor detector add-on, perform a specific function with the leak detector enabled, and then file a bug with information about what function you performed, and the results of the detector.

• The technically inclined are encouraged to reference Performance:Leak Tools. Iphone 4 data recovery Detailed leak analysis using the tools and methods described there will help improve Thunderbird, and your help in filing bugs the results of your findings will be appreciated.