Thomson reuters helping overburdened government attorneys streamline their workflows, one matter at a time above the law b tree database management system

Government attorneys routinely handle some of the most important legal work being done today, yet the job is all too often a thankless one. Government employees have long faced unique challenges above and beyond those that come as a routine part of the legal profession, and these days those challenges only seem to be increasing. Government attorneys are being asked to juggle larger and more complex workloads while their budgets and resources are being whittled away or, at best, remaining stagnant. In short, you’re expected to do more with less, and increase your efficiency while you’re at it.

Recent statistics about government legal work are eye-opening. An overwhelming majority (79 percent!) of government lawyers report that their overall workload has increased recently. Furthermore, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) anticipate that their workload will continue to go up over the next 2 years.

These workloads are not only vast (and growing) but also complex and varied: The average government attorney works on 33 different legal matters each week. Six hours of that week are typically spent just getting up to speed on unfamiliar or new areas of the law, and approximately 60 percent of each day is eaten up by routine tasks that would benefit greatly from automation. Making matters worse, the institutional knowledge of the government workforce is quickly disappearing, as nearly half of the current local and state government workforce is eligible to retire by 2019, taking their expertise with them.

It’s clear that things need to change. Government attorneys need technology solutions that not only help them keep their head above water, but actually succeed in the face of ever-mounting challenges. Efficient research tools are crucial to streamlining the process and developing workflows that accomplish tasks on time and within budget. Thomson Reuters has filled that gap with Westlaw for Government, allowing government lawyers to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their practice by strategically managing demanding workloads. Now, with a single Westlaw password, everything you need to complete a task is at your fingertips, within the four corners of Westlaw. Westlaw for Government allows you to take a matter from start to finish with confidence, saving hours of valuable time in the process.

Westlaw has long been the first stop for the busy attorney tasked with legal research. The volume of available resources can seem overwhelming, however, when you’re trying to get up to speed fast. Thomson Reuters has removed the guesswork about which databases will be most useful for government matters by packaging everything the busy government lawyer needs together in one convenient platform called Westlaw for Government. Now, with just a single password, everything you need is all in one place. From initial research, to outside experts, to document drafting, you can handle a matter from start to finish within the four corners of Westlaw.

• Westlaw – Traditional legal research will always continue to play an important role in understanding any legal matter. In addition to standbys like case law and treaties, you get tools like Case Evaluator to help you determine your potential exposure in a case and Trial Court Documents to help you find examples of even the most obscure trial-level filings.

• Practical Law – Providing practical know-how in many areas of the law, Practical Law is often the starting point for the busy attorney who needs to get up to speed quickly. More than 230 expert attorney-editors leverage their experience to provide and constantly update the legal know-how that goes beyond primary law and traditional legal research to give you a better starting point.

• Drafting Assistant – This is the best way to create error-free filings. Drafting Assistant analyzes documents, checks cites, creates tables of authority with a single click, and automatically detects discrepancies and potential drafting errors.

• West KM – Leveraging your own internal work product is one of the best ways to avoid reinventing the wheel. West KM uses the power of Westlaw to search your own internal documents and even have them keycited, so they’re reliable for future use and enhancement.

• People Map and Company Investigator – Take fact investigation into your own hands with these tools, which allow you to delve into individuals and organizations, respectively. You get a full 360-degree view of a party, including things like background information, prior criminal records, arrest records, and bankruptcy proceedings, and all information is updated daily.

• WestLegalEdCenter – If you want even more of a deep dive on a given topic, Westlaw offers CLE courses in a range of legal areas. These presentations give you cutting edge, up-to-the-minute information on your topic (and you get CLE credit to boot).

With time and budgets stretched to the max, efficiency is everything. You need to do your work not only quickly, but accurately. Westlaw for Government handles it all, eliminating the risk of errors and loose ends along the way. Time is a precious commodity in government practice. Westlaw for Government is the first step in taking some of it back.