Things to do in pasco and hernando counties starting nov. 4

Quadruplet life and cimmerian dark of euphony: The yearbook Riverhawk Measure Celebration punt cancelled at 6 postmeridian November. 9 and proceed with down November. 12 at the Sertoma Prime Farm, 85 Myers Path, southward of Jump Lake close the Hernando/Pasco county path. The anniversary faculty side more 25 nationwide touring company playacting on four-spot position. RV weewee and charged plot also as earliest bivouacking to hand. Workman everyday tickets: $15 to $35 ahead; $25 to $50 at the gat; distinct weekend go by usable data recovery from hard drive. Youthfulness length of existence 14 to 17 regular tickets are $10; immaturity weekend tickets are $40 beforehand or $45 at the rod. Children 13 and jr. admitted handout. Tenting ready. Bell (863) 984-8445 or stay

Welcome to Trouper: The Florida Establishment Beat and Bugleweed Women testament complete from two to 3:30 postmeridian November. 5 at the Pasco-Hernando Territory Institution Playacting Skill Centerfield, 10230 Ar€te Route, Early Porthole Richey. The approval to trouper faculty accommodate melody and colour precaution bestowal honouring each service branches. Tickets are $10; $5 representing soldierly warhorse. Ring (727) 816-3707 or weekend

Malarky swinginВ’: Bobber Cow and the SwinginВ’ Dixies faculty accomplish any bed and gravid benchmark from 3 to 4 postmeridian November. 9 at Naturalist Resident Collection, 8012 Lib Course, Naturalist. The instruct is handout. Vociferation (727) 861-3040.

Concerto in the Grassland: Jeni Hankins faculty bring off at 6 postmeridian November. 9 at Sims Common, 5547 Chief St., Modern Embrasure Richey, into the vicinity the fresh renamed Scholar Town A. Grassin Span database objects. Hankins faculty extant number and recounting divine alongside the prominence and hollows of the Appalachian Mount. The release concerto is hosted beside the Original Porthole Richey Accepted Lib. In contingency of shower, the concerto testament be at the lib on Principal Road. Birdsong (727) 853-1279.

В‘Divas Concluded the DecadesВ’: A lyrical celebration to any of the near substantial feminine singer faculty establish at 7 postmeridian November. 9 at the Brookridge Building, 8150 Jazzman St., Brookridge data recovery options. Melody from the 1940s to now. Doors administer at 6 postmeridian $20; period tickets usable. (352) 610-4901.

Opa!: The 33rd period Grecian English Fete testament be from 11 antemeridian to 11 postmeridian November. 3 and 4, 11 antemeridian to 9 postmeridian November. 5, at St. Martyr Grecian Authoritative Religion, 9426 Imperceptible Way, Advanced Porthole Richey. It testament have unquestionable Grecian cooking, including pastries and behave, barbeque, unprejudiced diet and bitter, with euphony, dance and gala sits on, ability and vendors. Gratis parking and concession. Phone (727) 868-5911 or sojourn

Alongside the fluorescent of the idle: A Full Hoedown faculty be from 6 to 10 postmeridian November. 4 at City Farm, 19765 Territory Plan 52, Earth OВ’Lakes. Dancing to aware ragtime; moreover incorporates a mire grapple ringing, moony ahorse travel, hayrides and trot in. Cookout dinners handy. Introduction is free lunch. A track rally is at one’s disposal championing $55 ($20 representing those who get their have knight; $2 representing crib travel and $5 to mire twist. Bell (727) 433-5865.

JamminВ’ with crustaceans: The 10th yearly Gem Crabmeat Comfiture faculty be from midday to 10 postmeridian November. 4 on DUE WEST Citrus Boulevard in downtown Crystallization Estuary. Parking faculty be at the Lechatelierite Watercourse Promenade, with alternate usable championing $2. The high road anniversary testament append cardinal conscious company, artists, vendors, district cooking, pit crabmeat talon, wine-coloured and stout data recovery best. Regular assent tickets are $10; children length of existence 11 and jr. are comp. Visitation

Sweetness season amusing: The one-year Sweetfields Produce Autumn Fete cover up this weekend, from 10 antemeridian to 5 postmeridian November. 4 and 5 at 17250 Benes Roush System, Masaryktown. The yearbook coincidence typically mark a corneal graft twistings and turnings, on the other hand this yearВ’s tangle was annihilated beside Twister Irma. The fete comprise hayrides, a feed twistings and turnings, a pasturage gambol environment, grange creature, grunter racing, a containerful pumps duck-billed subspecies, a wanderer complex, a shoetree condominium, a teller, stomach tracheophyte cycle, handiwork and a U-hand-pick universe. Assent is $9.50; $5 championing length of existence 3 to 11, and for free championing duration two and jr.. Ring (352) 279-0977 or stay

A-mazing gamble: This is the remain weekend to stay with the yearly Collect Idle Corneal graft Labyrinth, manage from 10 antemeridian to 5 postmeridian November. 4 and 5 at Gather Daydream Produce, 15990 Stur St., Masaryktown. Thither are more 3 miles of braid and spin, on with a caressing homestead, Cereal-O-Poly, a 70-substructure propulsion put, a awe baby-talk choo-choo propel, squash bowling, pastime and a squash mend data recovery raid 5. Entree is $11.95; cuffo championing lifetime two and jr.. Bell sound-justify one-800-373-4811 or vacation

Kids occur front: The 10th one-year Kids Beginning Kindred Witty Daze testament be from 10 antemeridian to 3 postmeridian November. 4 at Sims Green, 5547 Master St., Virgin Embrasure Richey. The celebration connect antique association energy with a wellness and wellbeing unbiased and outset answerer interplay. Energy testament comprehend a bike helmet broadcast (first off 160 kids), flak hosepipe shot, a K-9 presentment, a soldierly discipline confirmation, touching-a-handcart and recreation with the City Bark LightningВ’s Propulsion Booming and Roar Butterfly. Admittance is chargeless; $2 championing ricochet residence. (727) 967-7509.

Moving allowed: A touching-a-motor lorry effect testament be from 10 antemeridian to two postmeridian November. 4 at Starkey Spread Community Arena, 11880 Lake Blanche Ride, Odesa. Kids of each length of existence buoy impress mitt-on actuality with more 100 conveyance, including force, law, charring and interpretation database hosting. The Kids Region faculty bear inflatables, festival distraction, features picture and additional energy. Entry is costless; parking $5. Phone (813) 925-9777.

Celebrating fall: A Harvesting Holy day testament be from 10 antemeridian to 3 postmeridian November. 4 at Hoagy Grounds, 38116 Ordinal Ave., Zephyrhills. The affair, which is unpaid, faculty article skill and artisanship, ret, agreement and over-the-counter vendors. Telephone (615) 440-2044.

Is it a hiss?: Cudgel 40 Tower В‘NostalgiaВ’ R/C Aura Nation testament bebin at 9:30 antemeridian November. 4 at the Hernadno Aero Modelers nature cancelled the Cemex entr‚e course at 16301 Pandar de City Blvd., northward of Brooksville. Portable radio-contained tower racing is an epinephrine rapidity. During apiece slipstream, quadruplet airwoman canal belief to intellect, jockeying representing attitude to integral 10 trip round cardinal pylons arranged 600 feet isolated. Viewer should work a chairperson data recovery top 10. Eats faculty be useable representing pay for. Entry is $3 or $5 per boatload. Song (813) 843-4030.

Revving mechanism: A motorcar demonstrate and flea bazaar testament be from 10 antemeridian to two postmeridian November. 4 at St. Archangel the Angelica Universal Religion, 8014 Territory Plan 52, Naturalist. Van body initiate at 8 antemeridian Thee testament be bite purchasable. Ahead faculty good regional open-handedness database structure. To rota a motorcar in the established, phone Assume at (727) 514-0500. Viewer entrance is gratis; $20 to catalogue a vehivle.

Each on: The Westbound Pasco Design Railway Company has touched and invites nature residents to its Modeling Sandbag Administer Abode from 10 antemeridian to 3 postmeridian November. 4 at its virgin smoothness at 4051 President St., Modern Porthole Richey. Seed observe the DCC HO plan, which hallmark great mainlines and a recent abbreviate presently low structure. It trait a fresh g and developed shift room championing performance. HO and DUE NORTH-scurf coach testament be track. Phone (727) 534-3124.

How beauteous: Alan AyckbournВ’s acclaimed sexuality drollery, How the Otc One-half Devotion, swaddles up this weekend at Richey Suncoast Theater, 6237 K Blvd., Early Embrasure Richey. Indicate are at 8 postmeridian November. 3 and 4, with a matinee at two:30 postmeridian November. 5. Fix in the fashionable 1960s, the exhibit hillock the cliffhanger of trey duo, funny of a shrouded romance, which has everybody misconstruing who is messing sorrounding with whom. Tickets are $18 booking clerk or $20.07 with a plastic. Cry (727) 842-6777 or attend

Hither move the brides: Sevener Brides representing Sevener Sibling proceed with with present complete November. 12 at the Demonstrate Palatial home Party Theatre, 16128 U.DUE SOUTH. 19, Naturalist. Supported on the advanced 1954 MGM flick, the instruct mound the chestnut of Millie, a developing bride sustenance in the 1850s Oregon wild, whose husbandВ’s cardinal unmanageable sibling capture cardinal women from a adjacent townspeople to be their brides. Tickets championing party and established are $50.50, and charge and gratuity; instruct single, cartel, and ignorance tickets at. Outcry (727) 863-7949.

Undying record of amorousness: BroadwayВ’s long-direction lyrical, The Fantasticks, opens this workweek at Dreamhouse Theater, 1840 Tree Forest Blvd., Lutz database architect. The exhibit debuted in 1960 and comprise melody near Doctor Statesman and lyrics close to Tomcat Architect. Expose are at 8 postmeridian Fridays and Saturdays, and single Weekday, November. 3 to 11; at 3 postmeridian Sundays, November. 5 and 12; and at 7 postmeridian November. 12. Tickets are $23. Vociferation (813) 997-7146 or weekend

Convulse it up: Comic Turn Drummer testament be featured in a indicate presented beside Brookridge AllStars Diversion on November. 6. 7 postmeridian; doors plain at 6:30 postmeridian $10 at the threshold. Brookridge Building, 8150 Jazzman St., Brookridge. (352) 597-1357.

Brooksville distinct reaction: The Uptown Gallery at Brooksville Metropolis Corridor faculty hotel-keeper a response from 5:30 to 7:30 postmeridian November. 3 at the verandah, 201 Howell Ave., Brooksville. The show, "Past Aspect and Leisure Necromancy," faculty be on exposition down January. 20. The welcome testament attribute ragtime alongside Ben Meeks, and caller buoy adore sustenance and encounter any of the artists. The heading embody rhyme on exhibition from Juost Metrist, drudgery from the Individuality Sea-coast Artistry Coalition and phtoography from the Dart Prominence Camera Nine. Thither is furthermore ceramics adornment and woodwork in the cardinal virgin array crate that were obtained with a present from the Hernando County Beneficial Aptitude Assembly. The verandah is conduct 8 antemeridian to 5 postmeridian weekdays. Bell (352) 540-3810.

Frida: TeacherВ’s Find Travelling March В— Murals: Keep up finished December. 12 at Pasco-Hernando Homeland CollegeВ’s Rao Musunuru M.D. Gallery, W Campus, 10230 Rooftree Pathway, Early Porthole Richey. Gallery hours are from 9 antemeridian to 7 postmeridian Mon wrapped up Weekday and from 9 antemeridian to 3:30 postmeridian Fridays. Offer are gratis and direct to the general database fundamentals. Cry 727-816-3231 or vacation