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T-Advisor, as wealth management solution for individuals and professionals, has not only tools for own investments, but also proposals to follow or even copy. Database schema That’s why our system has its own model portfolios. Data recovery external hard drive They are nine: five related to risk profile (from aggressive to very conservative) and five related to countries (Germany, UK, Spain in Europe and Mexico and Nasdaq 100 in the Americas).

How do they work? We select between four and six ETFs for the risk-profiled portfolios and up to ten stocks for the country portfolios. Database 1 to many The main point for us is capital preservation. Data recovery galaxy s6 That’s why our results, when they are negative, are better than the markets. Os x data recovery software To obtain those results, we rebalance the portfolios every two months. Database technology These rebalances let us improve the results, as we exclude the positions more affected by market negative waves and substitute them for better stocks or ETFs. Database queries definition Diversification is also part of the strategy. Data recovery mac free We select the securities with the best score and relevant figures to obtain the best results.

The figures were collected on January, 2nd, and we compare the results of 2015 and 2016. Data recovery phone There is a general improvement (except the balanced strategy, although it is positive anyway). Database normalization We have to remember that the year was quite unstable in the markets, as there have been several surprises that affected negatively. Data recovery quote Despite this instability, none of our strategies closed with negative returns.

Except the UK portfolio, our strategies outperformed their benchmarks, but even the British one obtained a quite good return. Database key types The best performer was the German strategy again and the worst was the Spanish, but in this last case, the benchmark Ibex finished with a negative result.

Learn more about our portfolios and the assets included in our platform. Database instance Aren’t you tempted to clone them? We have a tool to let our users do it. Data recovery raid 0 Let’s try it and compare the results with your investments!

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Did you have fun this year? Well, it was not very bad, because there was some rollercoaster in the stock exchanges: Brexit, the unexpected victory of Donald Trump for the US presidency, the recent rate hike by the Fed, the Italian referendum or the ECB announcement about the cut of the money fuel have been some of the “funny” events for the markets.

We are now at the end of the year with the sight on 2017. Database programming languages What can we expect? Certainly, there are some people who do not believe in financial predictions, because they are usually wrong, as Barry Ritholtz jokes in this post. Super 8 database Others make also fun about it with the outrageous predictions, as Saxo Bank has positioned in the last years.

Others keep on doing some forecast about probable, but not sure, evolutions of the markets. 5 databases For instance, Black Rock perceives three main trends:

The main risks for Black Rock are related to politics: the Brexit negotiation, the Trump agenda in US or the next elections in France and Germany are some critical points.

The forecasts by Goldman Sachs coincide partially with Black Rock, because the main ideas are: higher growth but higher risks and slightly higher returns.

The list could be longer, but there are some common points: investors perceive that politics will play a big role next year and will influence the market evolution and people will have to move to more risky assets. H data recovery registration code Monetary policy and currency evolution will also main themes, as they will condition trade and bonds.

Yes, predictions are usually wrong, but we cannot avoid reading them, because, somehow, experts are anticipating probable trends. Database link Investor: Be ready for risky times.

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We currently live in a time in which videos has become the main tool to communicate. Database update In our case, we are always on the wave and that is why we have produced a collection of video tutorials to teach how to manage your portfolios in T-Advisor. Data recovery news This collection is organised in our platform in three different items:

We are aware that our tools have some complexity, if you are new in finances, but we also know that our platform is one of the most powerful and complete in the market. Data recovery austin And we offer it for individuals just for 0 euros. Data recovery micro sd card These videos and their organisation in three different items depending the personal interests help everyone to enjoy finances.

If you want to take advantage of using T-Advisor, just click on the following links to show these short tutorials and learn more about your platform to manage professionally your financial investments:

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People out from investments usually think that this business is easy and high returns are the common rule. Data recovery services near me If you say: “I invest”, then they look at you as a rich person, when you probably try to avoid a lost of purchasing power caused by inflation. Database worksheet That is usually the most conservative strategy, but the idea behind that behaviour is capital preservation.

Capital preservation is defined as a conservative strategy that tries to avoid the loss of value of your investments. Database constraints Some investors are just quiet if their money does not decrease, but this little ambition has an enemy: inflation. Database vault If the financial goal reduces only to that narrow meaning of capital preservation, they will surely lose purchasing power in the long term. Qmobile data recovery software That’s why this strategy is recommended for safe short-term investments, as bonds or certificates.

However, capital preservation means something else, because it is behind every investment strategy. Tally erp 9 data recovery software Whether it is more aggressive or more conservative, it does not mean that the goal behind the scene will not be the same: to keep at least the same as we invest and keeping the same purchasing power. 7 databases in 7 weeks Possibly, someone argues that the more aggressive portfolios are designed to obtain the highest return accepting volatility, but no investor is so fool to accept losing their money without a B-plan.

This B-plan to preserve the capital is rebalancing. 3 database models When an investor receives alerts from their system, he has to decide when to change his strategy. Database programmer salary Regular investors are not traders, but they prefer to invest in the long-term. Database developer salary That’s why these investors have to avoid panic in certain periods when markets are bearish or react negatively due to any external reason (e.g. Data recovery agent Brexit or similar). Data recovery usb flash drive Investors have to look at the long term and analyse with their tools the real effect over their strategy and if they have to rebalance their portfolios. Data recovery windows What for? First of all, to preserve their capital; secondly, to serve their strategy (more conservative or more aggressive).

In other words, as the main goal for companies is surviving in the markets, the main goal for an investor is preserving his capital. Database definition Returns will come, higher or lower, but these will be the second step. Data recovery definition Alerts, optimising modules and bootstrapping systems (as T-Advisor has) are the tools to be successful for it.

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T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company CA Immobilien listed in the Vienna Stock Exchange, as an opportunity for investment.

CA Immobilien is an Austrian real estate company with branch offices in Germany and some of Central and Eastern European countries. Data recovery software windows Its core business involves leasing, managing and developing office buildings. Founded in 1987, CA Immobilien controls property assets of around € 3.7 bn.It is involved with a number of large and notable buildings, including Tower 185, the Skyline Plaza complex in Frankfurt and the Europacity complex in Berlin

Rental income in 2015 reached €154.8 million, a 6.6% more than in 2014. Cost of data recovery The net result increased 273.5% between 2014 and 2015, up to €316 million, as a result of the cumulative revaluation. Database first entity framework The share price doubled in the last 5 years.

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What stocks and funds were the best in November? T-Advisor publishes its ranking taking into account the score. Raid 0 data recovery T-Advisor patented score provides an asset rating (bullish, neutral or bearish) based on key performance indicators and technical analysis.

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T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company 3i Group, listed in London Stock Exchange as an opportunity for investment.

3i Group is an investment and venture capital company based in London focused on mid-market Private Equity, Infrastructure and Debt Management. Database modeling It was created in 1987, when the owners (the British banks) sold off their stakes to create a new company the old Investors in Industry (whose initials provided the name 3i).

Total return of the fiscal year closed at March, 31st, 2016, registered an improvement of 25%, up to GBP 824 million, compared with the same period finished in March 2015. A database record is an entry that contains Assets under management also increased a 3.9% in the fiscal year 2015-2016, up to GBP 13,999 million, compared with the former fiscal year. Java database The share price multiplied almost three times in the last five years.

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Mexico is an example of a developing country that evolved into an industrial nation amongst the 15 largest in the world in a short period. Iphone 5 data recovery software free This is the same country that suffered the bond crisis in the 1980s and that signed the NAFTA with a great positive effect for its economic development. Database partitioning This development has also effects in their financial markets, that boomed with a modernisation after the liberalisation of the sector and the investment of foreign entities.

The line was very positive in the global trend, as it registered a bullish bias the main part of the year. Database gif However, there was a break… after the second Tuesday in November. Database project ideas Donald Trump won the election and the promises of tightening the relationship with the southern neighbour shocked the Latam markets and, specially, the Mexican one. Iphone 5 data recovery without backup The line is clear in the T-Advisor trend evolution chart:

The IPC, the Mexican benchmark, scaled a 30% in the last five years, but this positive trend changed dramatically at the beginning of the month. Bplan data recovery If we look at the chart, the drop is clear and the change in all technical analysis references is relevant.

The question is: what is going to happen after this shock? Trump has relaxed somehow his strong comments about the relationship with Mexico, but nobody knows his real intentions when he takes office in January. Data recovery boston ma Will he order the building of the wall in the Mexican border? Will he abandon the NAFTA? Will he control the Mexican immigration? All these decisions would have strong negative effects in the economy of Mexico and they would also shock the financial markets. Ipad 2 data recovery Our bootstrapping tool reveals that there are 25% possibilities of a negative return of the IPC in the next two years. Data recovery company However, there are 40% probability of positive returns between 2% and 45%.

This analysis is based on the historical evolution and considers that past performances do not guarantee future returns. Data recovery network drive In any case, these results can also be altered by sudden political decisions. Data recovery yelp Many analysts consider that 2017 will be a volatile year linked to political instability. Database join table We will soon discover how it will affect to Mexico.

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T-Advisor, through its tool Market Opportunities, has detected the company Healthcare Services Group, listed in Nasdaq, as an opportunity for investment.

Healthcare Services Group is a company specialised in housekeeping, laundry, dining and nutrition services mainly in the seniors living and hospital markets. Database quizlet Founded in 1976, its current market capitalisation is US$ 2,769.92 million. Database synonym Revenues increased an 11% in 2015 compared with 2014, up to US$ 1,436.8 million. Database management jobs Net income jumped a 165.5% in 2015 compared with 2014, up to US$ 89.05 million, as a result of the improvement of the revenues and the control of the costs. Iphone 6 data recovery free The share price doubled in the last five years.

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