The gan market is estimated to hit $2.7 billion by 2020 database view

Asia pacific dominates the gan substrates market with a share of 70%. Sapphire production is 78%, while GAN production is 84% in the asia pacific countries. These countries are the largest producers of LED. During 2018-2023, the market is expected to have a CAGR of 92%, with a high demand for LED and PSD in countries like tokyo, korea, taiwan, and china. Asian players share half of the market due to the larger production of substrates in these countries. Compared to other countries, countries in the asia pacific region have low manufacturing and labor costs. This factor drives the growth of the power GAN devices during the forecast period.

Sapphire substrates hold 90% share in the GAN substrates market.Estimated billion GAN LED is expected to have a healthy growth rate from 2018-2023, due to the increasing demand from the automobile industry in taiwan and korea.

LED chip companies in taiwan are developing new partnerships and investments. These factors will definitely boost the LED and substrates market. Recently, LED chip company, epistar corporation entered into an agreement for sharing the patents. This increases the demand for leds which accelerates the research and development activities.

Sapphire substrates will witness a positive growth through 2023. The overall gallium nitride (gan) market is estimated to hit $2.7 billion by 2020, and larger diameter substrates will experience a greater demand as they offer high brightness and good quality.Estimated billion

• the healthcare industry drives the market use of GAN technology. There are employed in different kinds of treatments like skin, eye, dental, and cosmetic surgeries.

• the automotive industry employs lasers and leds for many applications. GAN lasers/ leds are used in head lamps and welding systems. Railways, electric vehicles, motor drives, and braking systems make use of the GAN semiconductor.

• nitride devices like light emitters, diodes, transmitters depend on the hetero-epitaxial growth of GAN on foreign substrates like silicon, silicon carbide, and sapphire. Bulky GAN products are being adopted in the market today.

Saint gobain lumilog is the main company for the production of GAN substrates in bulk.Billion 2020 these substrates are used in optoelectronic and electronic devices. The company has its headquarters in france and operates in china, japan, india, and europe. Sumitomo electric industries which has its headquarters in japan has applications in automotive, infocommunication, electronics, and industrial materials. It has 381 subsidiaries that operate in more than 40 countries in the world. Mitsubishi chemical corporation, which is a subsidiary of MCHC, provides products, technology, and materials.

GAN applications are seen in optoelectronic products like leds, lasers. The LED industry is the main user of GAN substrates. Larger diameters for the products are chosen for increasing the output and efficiency of the production plants.Estimated billion 2020

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