The complete dictionary of seo terms, glossary, on-page, off-page, etc

Every day we look at lots of SEO Terms, here and there on the internet but could not understand the meanings of most of them. Data recovery for mac If you are a content marketer, SEO professional, website owner or any way related to some Internet service then it becomes utmost important to know the meanings of these terms.

The importance of SEO can be considered in the fact that 72% of marketers consider SEO as a successful mean to achieve their marketing objectives.

For understanding SEO, it is important that you should correctly understand the Terms associated will SEO. Data recovery damaged hard drive Understanding these terms will also help you to optimize your website and communicate with developers effectively.

SEO is broadly classified into 2 main categories which are On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Database builder All SEO Terms are related to these two categories so let’s start with a general discussion about what these categories first. Data recovery cnet On-page SEO

For doing On-page SEO you optimize all pages – “their content and HTML source code”, for your target keywords. Database log horizon This involves lot of things like –

In terms of Search Engines, the On-page SEO tells them that the website is properly optimized and should be given good rankings in Search Engine Results Page (SERP), for the keywords it is targeting. Data recovery raid Off-page SEO

For doing Off-page SEO, you do all the activities in external websites, that help to improve its position in SERP. Database design for mere mortals This involves making links in external websites by writing articles and blogs in other websites, video and photo sharing, popularizing your website Social Medias, etc.

The purpose of Off-page SEO is to let Search Engines to find signals to your site from around the internet and that helps in getting good ranks in SERP. Database hardening SEO Terms Glossary

Google receives over 100 billion searches every month. Data recovery linux distro So if you do SEO correctly then you can get a good amount of traffic share from it. Data recovery key So Let us discuss all the SEO Terms in Alphabetical order.

– A permanent redirect from one URL to another telling Search Engines of a change of URL. Data recovery macbook 301 Redirect passes all Link Juice to the redirected URL and Search Engines will index it and remove the old URL.

It leads to duplication as Search Engines finds the same content in more than one page. Data recovery los angeles Therefore SEO experts mostly have a same opinion of not using this on websites. Database yml 403 Error

– Access to the URL or resource is forbidden. Database in excel Some website prevents users from certain countries to access them, for this they show 403 Error to these users. G info database 404 Error

– Error due to URL not found on a website. Database book For example try opening a random URL in Google, like here I opened “” and got 404 Error.

Our website’s 404 page contains a message, search box, and ‘Articles You May Like’ section. Q prime database This helps in giving better user experience and also reduces the bounce rate.

– Service unavailable due to some temporary problem. Top 10 data recovery tools A URL showing this error signifies that that server is down due to overloading, maintenance or some problem and will be resolved soon.

– A description of the image so that Search Engines can understand what the image is all about. Data recovery laptop It is advisable to keep keywords in the alt text.

Use anchor tag to target a keyword so that the link juice flows to the URL. Data recovery flash drive The more link juice flows to the URL the better Search Engine rank the URL gets.

When doing Off-page SEO, make links in authority sites that are related to your website (authority site is discussed below). Data recovery cost This will bring good rankings to your site. Data recovery galaxy s5 Analytics

– Gathering and analyzing traffic details of a website like which pages are receiving most traffic, the country wise traffic to the website, most linked pages, etc.

– A website that is trusted by Search Engines for a topic or topics is called an authority website. Database key field They receive good rankings in SERP for their topics (usually in top 3 positions). Data recovery nashville This is the reason why they receive large traffic from Search Engines.

– The incoming links, to your website, which are located on external websites. Data recovery minneapolis Backlinks in authority websites are one of the biggest factors for ranking your website high in SERP.

– A blog is an area in a website where contents are placed in an orderly manner and divided into categories, sub-categories, tags and pages. Database 4 net WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform which can be installed in any domain. Iphone 6 data recovery software free Bookmarking

– Saving links either in some bookmarking websites like Diigo and Delicious or in web browser’s bookmarking area. Database usa reviews Bookmark links is a positive factor for the website SEO.

Many SEO experts believe that Google collects the individual bookmarks of user’s Chrome browser and the URL’s that are bookmarked in Chrome browser get preference in Google SERP. Easeus data recovery 94fbr Black Hat SEO

– The tactics that are used to manipulate or target only Search Engines and not the only human audience. Database join These tactics are banned by search engines and if a site is found following them then search engines imposes huge penalties on it.

• Transactional Bots that acts as agents and perform some type of transaction for users. H2 database download Taco Bell bot does tocos ordering and payment for users through chat conversion itself.

• Informational Bots that automatically provides you some type of information. H2 database url Twitter has the largest number of information bots like this bot that Tweets about earthquakes as they happen.

• Scrapers are the one that copies web pages and duplication them in their own website. Data recovery boot disk If you find your website content being copied by different websites then it can be the act of some scraper bot.

– The navigational links just above the content in every page and shows your current location on the website. 990 database For example, if you are in the “about-us” page then it will show – Home >> About

On a product page, take for example “Mini Skirt”, which is under the category “Women’s Clothing”, it will show – Home >> Women’s Clothing >> Mini Skirt Bounce Rate

– The percentage of single-page sessions (the % of people leaving website from the entrance page itself). Data recovery hard drive cost Bounce rate is an extremely important ranking factor and Search Engines look at them on every site. Data recovery knoxville The website having higher ones is considered as lower quality.

High bounce rates sites do not get good rank in SERP. 7 data recovery keygen It simply means that users are not receiving proper information on your website and they do not like your content.

– If two or more pages of your website have their content almost same then you will face duplicate content issues. H2 database client Moreover search engines will penalize your website.

To solve this issue you can place “Canonical Tag” on all these pages (leaving one) and pointing them to the left page. Dayz database The left page is also called as Original Page.

– It is the information presented in a page that is of some interest to the user. I phone data recovery The common example is the articles and blogs you put in a website. Database 3d CMS

– CMS stands for Content Management System, they help in publishing user’s content easily to his website. Yorku database CMS takes care of everything including page and blog creation, image addition, URL and menu structure, while the user can concentrate only on content creations.

– Fulfillment of a task like a user registration in the website, submitting a contact form, sale, leads generation, etc are examples of a conversion. O o data recovery CPC

– Full form “Cost Per Click” also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), an Internet advertisement method where an advertiser pays to the publisher for each click on his ads.

– Stands for “Cost Per Thousand Impressions”, is another Internet advertisement method where advertisers are charged based on the price of 1000 impression of his ads.

– A black hat SEO technique in which the content shown to Search Engine Bots is different to that shown to human visitors. Data recovery illustrator This is meant to give a rank boost to the website for certain keywords.

Loading speed of a website is a ranking factor for search engines and therefore it is always good to update your JavaScript code with faster jQuery.

– A word or phrase that users search in Search Engines. Database management software If you search “SEO Tutorials” in Google search then it will be the keyword. Database normalization example Keyword Research

– Filling web page with keywords with no added value, in an attempt to manipulate search ranking. Database virtualization Avoid keyword stuffing as your website will be penalized by search engines. Data recovery machine Keyword Density

For Keyword “windows 10” the Long Tail ones are “windows 10 download”, “windows 10 update”, “windows 10 anniversary update”, “windows 10 product key” and so on.

Place proper Meta tags in all your web pages so that search engines can understand what your page is all about. Data recovery cell phone This helps in assigning proper rankings to your page in SERP. Data recovery wizard free Meta Description

– Now no longer used by search engines so don’t place them in your web pages. Pokemon x database They were part of Meta Tags that tells search engines what keywords the page is targeting.

– Generating income from your website by showing advertisements in it. Data recovery chicago Adsense is the easiest and the best platform to monetize your website.

Suppose you search “current domain prices” on Google. R studio data recovery full version Then the unpaid results which it shows are the Organic Search Results. Database wiki If you click on any of these links to go to the website, then it will be the organic traffic the website received.

– Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented Page Rank algorithm in 1996 itself, a sort of ranking system where websites were given ranks from 0 to 10 (0 for lowest and 10 for highest), based on their popularity, authority and traffic.

Page Title also shows up in SERP. Data recovery freeware It is a very important ranking factor and you should always keep the web page main keyword in it. Database clustering Panda Algorithm

– Google ranking algorithm first launched in February 2011. Icare data recovery Its work is to lower the rank of “low-quality” websites (website with lot of advertisements or with low quality content) and bring “high-quality” websites to the top of SERP. Data recovery jacksonville fl Panda algorithm is updated from time to time. 510 k database search Penguin Algorithm

– Introduced by Google in April 2012, its aim is to penalize websites that violates Google Webmaster Guidelines or uses some sort of Black hat SEO techniques.

– The search string entered by the user in Search Engines for the purpose of searching it in the World Wide Web (commonly called as Internet).

With it, you can also prevent search engines not to index certain pages and directory files. Database engineer It can also be used to prevent certain search engines from indexing the website. Data recovery california Like, you can allow Google to index your website but