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Picking the right visual analytics solution that is a “perfect match for you” can be totally overwhelming. Database developer Keep in mind that your ideal vendor might not be the highest ranked vendor or even included in popular analyst rankings. Data recovery plan Those exercises are often apples to oranges comparisons and have entry requirements smaller or regional vendors struggle to attain. Data recovery kansas city As you will soon see in this fun “The Buyer” – spoof on “ The Bachelor” series, a variety of totally compelling, beautiful and fantastic visual analytics solutions never even make the analyst rankings list.

N k database They might be exactly what you have been looking for at a fabulous price point. Data recovery 2016 Now let’s tune in and enjoy the show… The Buyer 2017

It is that time of year. 510 k database fda The season you’ve been waiting for is finally here! On tonight’s The Buyer 2017 premiere, our journey begins with an introduction to many wonderful visual analytics vendors seeking love. Database programmer During the long, stressful first night, one by one, contestants prepare to make a lasting first impression on our Buyer before the first rose ceremony. Data recovery osx What vendors will continue their journey to win his heart? Who will be his perfect match? What to Expect

Tonight’s season premiere episode will see some familiar faces in a mix of amazing new, modern and traditional vendors. Database integrity Three anticipated, extremely popular contestants – Tableau, Qlik and Pyramid Analytics – are back for another chance at love along with a few others. Database backup Several new unknown vendors make a delightful debut – Tellius, ClearStory and Klipfolio. Hollywood u database A couple related ecosystem vendors sneak onto our filming location pleasantly surprising our Buyer – Exasol and Incorta. Data recovery ipad One expected vendor – not to be named – was asked to leave for bullying contestants and refusing to work with our producers. Database vs server We were unable to find contact information to invite Oracle, GoodData, and Platfora (acquired by Workday). Database is in transition Several other vendors ignored our calls. Data recovery ios Another villainess vendor can’t seem to decipher fiction from reality… more to come on that.

The Buyer 2017 is our best season EVER. Database data types There will be more drama, more suspense and more surprises. Data recovery johannesburg The emotional pressure cooker escalates while vendors are vying to get hometown proof-of-concept invitations to meet the family. Iphone 5 data recovery software Our Buyer may be a sweet guy, but this season will be far from boring as love-hungry vendors aggressively compete for his heart.

Our next stunning vendor elegantly approaches our Buyer. Database operations In a delightful Canadian accent, she shares her vision for endless possibilities. Database index Everything she does is driven by a passion for creating innovative business intelligence software to help solve real business problems. Database crud Modestly she shares that her customizable and powerful data visualizations are famous in the industry, and represent over 20 years of technology leadership and innovation. Drupal 8 database She tells our buyer that she will support him every step of the way, ensuring his success.

Dundas BI comes complete with highly-customizable visualizations including interactive charts, gauges, maps, scorecards and more. Data recovery disk Unlike many other vendors, the Buyer can have granular control over almost all visual design elements. Database 3 tier architecture Whether he need develop a clients’ web portal with better reporting, embed dashboards into on-premises and SaaS offerings, or build an entire new data application from scratch, she can help him.

Wait…What …Who is that? Out of the corner of our eye, we see a lovely German vendor called Exasol chatting with our production crew. Data recovery orlando Our Buyer walks over to chat with this unexpected guest. Database cardinality She introduces herself as the world’s fastest in-memory analytic database. Database unit testing She was built from the ground up to offer the highest performance and scalability for in-memory analytics. I data recovery software free download She is simply here to support her dear friend Tableau with her Turbo offering. O review database She also is helping other visualization vendors. Database in recovery As smaller vendor, she not only provides stellar capabilities…but also best-in-class support.

Now Qlik exits the limo in a shimmering green gown. Data recovery wizard professional As she introduces herself to our Buyer, she opens by saying that with Qlik, he is not constrained by preconceived notions of how data should be related. Data recovery open source He can finally understand how it truly is related. With Qlik, he can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions. Gif database She prides herself on doing the more complex analysis that finds the hidden insights. Data recovery lifehacker “Nice to meet you” replies our Buyer. Top 10 data recovery software 2014 “That sounds great and all but what makes you truly special?”

Qlik goes on to say that “Qlik Indexing Engine (QIX) — is the world’s most powerful associative data indexing engine.” Our Buyer shakes his head in agreement and continues to listen. Database gale She passionately explains, this is important…to understand the unique power of green and gray. Database life cycle “The QIX engine ingests data from multiple sources, maps it, and automatically maintains associations in the data. Sometimes the most interesting insight is the data that isn’t related to your current analysis. Data recovery dallas The QIX engine automatically highlights this data in gray to aid discovery.” Our Buyer replies, “power of green and gray you say? Now that is a first.” Qlik coyly smiles and then talks about responsive design. Data recovery usb best-in-class storytelling, mobile BI, open and standard APIs.

In a lovely Hawaiian dress, we now meet cloud born Salesforce Wave Analytics. Database 4th normal form As she greets the Buyer, she opens with the importance of her culture and Saleforce Ohana values. V database in oracle She goes on to say that she offers our Buyer amazing Einstein and BeyondCore capabilities natively integrated into Salesforce offerings. Data recovery tampa Not only can she discover hidden patterns in data, she can predict future trends, recommend the most productive actions, automate and prioritize the next questions he should ask.

Her inner beauty is driven by providing unbiased answers, explanations, and recommendations. R studio data recovery with crack Not not only will he understand what happened — but why it happened — and what he should do next. Database uses Pre-built dashboards enable him to get started quickly with weekly pipeline call, quarterly business review, and performance metrics. Database history Actionable analytics is delivered via Wave Actions that create and update records and objects. Database b tree Much like our previous vendor, Salesforce Wave Analytics also is a social butterfly providing collaborate analytics context through a Chatter app on any device. Database optimization Our Buyer is impressed and asks for her to find him later at the welcome reception.

Our Buyer tells us he can’t believe it how many incredible vendors have already arrived and yet one more limo is on the way. Data recovery software reviews Any one of these vendors could be his future wife.

Another returning vendor, SAP Lumira arrives. Cnet data recovery This year she appears to be more mature and better accessorized. Database systems She nervously greets our Buyer and tells him that she is a breeze to learn and will bring his data to life. Data recovery for mac She offers easy to build beautiful charts, interactive maps, and creative infographics that are extendable and can be embedded into apps. Data recovery damaged hard drive He can connect or import data from Excel, relational or even big data sources with on-premise to cloud interoperability. Database builder She can securely share insights and data stories.

Although she feels ready for love, she fears moving away from her family. Data recovery cnet She is extremely close to her sister-in-law, SAP Business Objects Cloud, who prides herself as being a know it all; adding additional analytics capabilities to plan, predict, model, and design what-if scenarios. Database log horizon She prefers living near her mother, SAP Digital Boardroom, who loves to make special analytical baked goods by line of business and industry, and her father, SAP ERP. Our Buyer reassures her to enjoy the experience.

When the last limo arrives, we see an attractive, athletic vendor step out. Data recovery raid She is strong, agile and flexible. Database design for mere mortals As she chats with our buyer, we see she is personable. Database hardening She tells him she is adaptable. Data recovery linux distro She’s just as at home shooting the breeze about baseball stats as she is discussing quantum physics. Data recovery key SAS Visual Analytics gets along nicely with everyone. Data recovery macbook She then tells him that he can take her anywhere. Data recovery los angeles She is intelligent and adventurous. Database yml She’s curious about everything and likes to explore, always looking for something new to see and learn about.

What makes her special? She will be able to predict his needs. Database in excel She is exceptionally intelligent. G info database Her SAS smart data discovery genetics brings a wealth of experience and a plethora of advanced visual analytics capabilities for on-premised and cloud. Database book She can see the bigger picture. Q prime database She can help him visually explore all relevant data – smartly, quickly, and easily. Top 10 data recovery tools He can learn why something happened, identify critical drivers all while automatically seeing highlighted key relationships, outliers, clusters, trends and more guiding him to critical insights that inspire action. Data recovery laptop Found insights can be shared via collaboration and storytelling or via integration with SAS Office Analytics.

The next vendor to arrive is Tellius. Data recovery flash drive She is a bit mysterious in a good way. Data recovery cost She tells our Buyer that he is going to experience a new era of intelligent analytics. Data recovery galaxy s5 She is the only search-powered BI solution with automatic insights, recommendations and seamlessly integrates the full CRISP-DM advanced analytics modeling process with visualization analytics. Database key field Instead of manually exploring and finding insights, Tellius uses machine learning algorithms and finds insights automatically. Data recovery nashville She will let our buyer explore insights using simple Google-like search interface for both big data and traditional data sources. Data recovery minneapolis Her pre-built connectors can virtually connect to any internal or external data source. Automatic data cleansing and discovery for real-time business intelligence sets her apart as data quality is our Buyer’s top pain point.

Tellius is ready for the next evolution in big data. Database 4 net She modestly tells our Buyer that she can bring him joy with operational intelligence through advanced machine learning and data exploration technologies all on a single, unified platform. Iphone 6 data recovery software free She is responsive to his needs and easy to get along with. Database usa reviews She intelligently understands database schema and relationships without requiring time consuming data model development. Easeus data recovery 94fbr Taken back both by her intelligence and elegance, our Buyer tells her to find him at the reception. Database join He wants to know more.