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Based out of ahmedabad, hansa mor is a co-founder of mor N rich icecream comes from an ahir family in junagadh district, where she studied up to 11th standard. Women in ahir families are involved in animal husbandry, but converting it into organised business is rare in the community.

Her marriage with jagdish mor brought her to savarkundla in amreli district, where she made and sold ‘pendas’. The couple started manufacturing and selling ice-candies (kulfi) and ice creams in traditional manner (kothi ice creams).

Soon they started getting dreaming big and shifted to ahmedabad about 18 years ago. With a small manufacturing set up in bapunagar locality, they started manufacturing kulfis from rabdi and selling them, but sales were a challenge as the city is home to home-grown ice cream brands of amul, havmor and vadilal. "Those days were challenging.Experiential learning

often sales were negligible. But we persisted," hansa told DNA.

For past 10 years, they have been selling kulfis under the brand mor N rich. The persistence paid and she now makes about 25,000 kulfis a day. They expanded their manufacturing capacity by setting up a unit in indore as well. They have kulfis in three segments: general, mid-segment and premium, depending on the value addition and pricing. Each segment has dedicated markets based on purchasing power.

Hansa looks after production and procurement, while her husband jagdishbhai looks after legal and managerial aspects. Her brother looks after marketing. "Without the support of my husband, I would not have reached this level.Ahmedabad chapter we have won many for quality as well," she said.

Mor N rich now employs close to 40 persons, of which 25 are in production and 15 in marketing. In ahmedabad, they have outlets in chandkheda, satellite and prernatirth. They have a network of 40 distributors in four states. Till now retailers stored these kulfis in general freezers. Now the company plans to provide retailers with a branded freezer to sell their kulfis. Bhavini mehta,

Founder & CEO, infinity business solutions, founder: publishbook.Me, founding chairperson: women economic forum – ahmedabad chapter business: serves business clients in US and australia through a workforce of about 50 women, who mostly work from home.Ahmedabad chapter

A graduate in management, bhavini worked in equity broking sector where she catered to HNI clients. However, pregnancy and the financial meltdown of 2008 changed things for her. She had already left the job. Soon she started freelancing where she was outsourced managerial work from small businesses in USA and australia. As more orders poured in, she started recruiting people, mostly married women with children, who are educated and qualified but not able to earn because of a host of reasons. She eventually founded infinity business solution, an outsourcing firm catering to the requirements of small businesses abroad.

"For me, it was a dilemma, how to work from home.Ahmedabad chapter so I thought this must be troubling other women like me, who were once professionals. They cater to all my clients abroad," bhavini told DNA. Of 54 odd employees, 50 are women and work on freelancing while other are core employees of the company. Most of her women employees family responsibilities, so they have flexible working hours. Young students also work to earn pocket money to fund their educational needs.

Bhavini is also a founding chairperson of ahmedabad chapter of women economic forum. They invite experts to deal with the issues troubling women entrepreneurs, helps in business promotion and giving visibility to them. As of now, the chapter has 22 members.Experiential learning

She is also a founder of publishbook.Me, which provides publishing services to authors across the world. So far it has published seven titles across 42 countries. Phani trivedi

Founder, wastengage pvt ltd business: treats household and corporate wastes, particularly wet waste to generate compost in a decentralized manner.Trained over 2,000 women and 5,000 residents on how to segregate and treat kitchen waste to generate compost.

Her story: through her company, phani treats wet kitchen waste in a decentralised manner. It reduces wastes at landfill sites and generates compost from the waste. She also treats waste generated on premises of corporates.Economic forum this includes J K lakshmi cement ltd, shri uma industries couple of residential societies and academic institutions as well.

"One of the major challenge is the segregation and disposal of wet waste. Mostly, it is not segregated and mixed with dry waste. We have a system where any household can collect wet waste and treat them and there is no bad odour coming out of it," said phani. So far, she has trained more than 5,000 residents about how to do-it-yourself ( DIY) for kitchen waste composting at home and waste segregation by sensitisation training programs.

She has also designed waste bins that are more user friendly and better in aesthetics.Economic forum the plastic bags used for waste collection are also bio degradable and therefore eco-friendly. She is on way to prepare a mobile app for collecting garden waste. "Garden waste is a major issue as authorities are not ready to pick up the waste and most often it is burnt. I plan to start a service where one can enable pick up of garden waste over a phone call," she said.

However, she said that people still consider treatment of waste as below dignity and that is the reason she has to redesign bins accordingly. Megha bhatt,

Founder: sciknowtech business: teaching science to school students through experiential learning, organizing workshops for science experiments and training the teachers.Kitchen waste began her startup 18 months ago, at the age of 43.

Megha returned to india from the US in 2010. There her son had undergone montessori education. However, in ahmedabad, she found that the education promotes mugging up and conceptual learning without actually experiencing them. She decided to provide experiential learning to school students for which she founded a startup ‘sciknowtech’ in the city about 18 months ago, at the age of 43. Till now she has conducted more than 225 workshops for children. She has models and audio-visual database of all the experiments students learn from standard 3-10. She has a full-fledged academy in the city, where the ground floor is a session room and top-floor rooms have been converted into creative labs.Economic forum at her set up, she also has different modules which students can subscribe as per their convenience.

Öur offerings are getting lots of traction from schools and students. As the students are involved in the experiments, it creates a sound foundation for them for future learning of science are technology. While there are kits available for robotic experiments, they are more sophisticated for students to learn. We offer them the basic understanding of scientific concepts by involving them," megha told DNA. She is one of incubatees at gujarat university student entrepreneurship council. Megha has 25 years experience in academics and 10 years in research.Economic forum she has a masters degree in botany and a doctorate (phd) in environmental science from ISRO, ahmedabad.