Ted magazine – january 2017

cants won support) demonstrated that existing technologies could improve the performance, transparency, and reliability of the grid and that it could also “accept and empower other tech- nologies [and power gen- eration sources] on a dis- tributed basis.” That’s an important advance from the grid’s traditional one- way dispatch function to becoming a more interac- tive platform. Data recovery tools mac For another industry veteran, Chuck Hookham at Arbor Consultants, it also brings closer the time to decide on replacing large sections of the grid —rather than just the oc- casional Band-Aid—or more earnestly integrate distributed generation sources, solar and wind primarily. Z wave database This latter ap- proach benefits resilience and reduces investment needs, but it can also require significant new transmission. Database orm Downsizing or streamlining gov- ernment could be a major contribu- tion in this context, most helpfully by consolidating the eight agencies now involved in building power lines (which two to three others monitor) into a one-stop agency. Database workbench Dispelling the current permitting nightmares is also on industry’s wishlist. Database best practices Hookham is less sanguine that the United States will finally adopt a more rational, life cycle cost approach to planning and implementing infrastructure, which often stretches beyond Washington’s four-year budget cycles. Database schema “Different participants in the in- dustry are focused on different por- tions of the value chain, from genera- tion through transmission into distri- bution as well as behind-the-meter technologies: energy efficiency, de- mand response, and other customer- based technologies—so depending on the strategy, the participants are going to be hopeful that there are opportu- nities to receive funding to empower that strategy,” said Herman. Data recovery external hard drive That preparation was critical to the Electric Power Board (ECB) of Chatta- nooga, Tenn., being able to accelerate its plan to install automated switches on its 8,000-mile network. Database 1 to many The DOE’s $111 million matching grant came along just as the EPB was about to embark on the project, expected to take 12 to 15 years, enabling it to be finished in three years. Data recovery galaxy s6 “The timing was just perfect,” said Jim Glass, smart grid development manager. Os x data recovery software “Firms do blue-sky thinking about investments they would like to make to serve customers better, were there no limit of money, and then to refine those targets into a realistic plan.” Other examples include Florida Power & Light Company’s grant, which helped it boost installed smart meters to 4. Database technology 6 million, and with 36,000 other intelligent devices the compa- ny’s operation costs have been slashed by $46 million in 2015 (up from $30 million saved in 2014), with 200,000 fewer field visits since 2012. Database queries definition Perhaps most impressive was the $169 million Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration, the DOE’s largest, most comprehensive demon- stration project involving 11 utilities across five states, incorporating more than 55 unique technologies that managed mostly automated control responsibilities among smart grid domain members and their smart devices. Data recovery mac free For companies hoping to catch some of the infrastructure trickle- down, “Be proactive and stay close to major customers’ priority invest- ment planning, especially as they near being ‘shovel ready,’” advised Herman. Data recovery phone ; Stier is a New York-based reporter, editor, and communications professional with more than 25 years of experience. Database normalization He can be reached at ken.j.stier@gmail.com.