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It’s hardly a news flash that enterprise software is moving rapidly to the cloud. Database 10g In fact, Constellation Research estimates that 81 percent of all new enterprise software license sales offer a cloud deployment option.

For IT, this shift has been a blessing, making the deployment, rightsizing, and maintenance of enterprise-wide applications easier than ever. Database news It’s a new world of software management that may feel wonderfully streamlined, but it comes with new kinds of risks that you must manage as you plan upcoming deployments.

The contracts you sign with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers require as much due diligence as the contracts you’ve always signed for licensed software packages. Database key value Why? Because you’re entering into a new kind of relationship. Data recovery pro review In the SaaS model, you, the software buyer, are actually a renter. Data recovery windows 8 You own your data, of course, but not the tools you’re using to manage it.

Among Iron Mountain escrow customers, “loss of support” is the primary reason for the release of source code (30% of total releases), followed by a cease of business operations (22%) and insolvency and bankruptcy (20%).

Think about it, and you’ll soon realize that there are limits on your rights and your control. Data recovery devices It also makes the cost of switching vendors potentially expensive. Moto g data recovery software And it forces you to assume that your software vendor will be around for the long haul and that you’ll never suffer a business continuity breakdown. Data recovery windows 10 That’s a big risk. Database youtube Buyers and Developers Work Toward a “Bill of Rights”

Software vendors have their own set of concerns. H2 database console They want their customers to feel secure enough to take leaps of faith, in terms of application hosting and data management, despite the inherent risks. Database browser That’s why the industry is trying to find its way to a bill of rights of sorts that would outline the rules of collaborative long-term partnerships between SaaS providers and users.

One crucial item in that bill of rights is software and technology escrow. Database help Buyers should be able to choose and access an escrow provider that serves as a custodian for source code, user data, executables and related documentation. Database vendors Escrow should be part of any contract for SaaS services—either as a standard service or an option at additional cost—and if it isn’t, the buyer must seek it out from a trusted third-party escrow provider. Database key What Escrow Can Do

Escrow is an excellent hedge against the risks and challenges that come with the adoption of cloud-based applications. Data recovery live cd That’s because it provides you access to the code you need, should your vendor fail to provide its contracted services for any reason. Data recovery clean room For SaaS service subscribers, escrow is a contingency solution—it enables continuity if a software provider no longer supports what has become a mission-critical app.

Knowing that the code a firm needs to operate will always be available— and your data – no matter what happens to its creator—makes it much easier for that business to satisfy your governance, risk and compliance policies, and to enter the world of SaaS deployments while minimizing its risk profile.