Target 8_ family claims tractor buyer duped them out of $4,500

SUNRISE BEACH – Buying and selling personal property privately, such as furniture, clothes and cars, is commonplace in today’s world with websites such as Craigslist.

Jerry Gumpenberger, 80-year-old resident of Sunrise Beach, Missouri, said she saw the potential repercussions of personal transactions first-hand.

“I couldn’t believe it; people like that would take something from other people when they knew it should be for $5,000,” Jerry Gumpenberger said.

“The tips we give consumers when they are using things like Craigslist, or frankly a radio station that just says ‘so and so has a tractor for sale, it’s $5,000 and it’s a good deal. Data recovery miami Come on by here’s a phone number.’ That radio station is not standing behind that transaction,” Bindbeutel said. H2 database viewer “It’s a transaction between buyer and seller.”

“If you’re on Ebay, follow the directions for Ebay, use a credit card to use Paypal, that is a very secure process,” Bindbeutel said. Database replication “If someone does not deliver the good, you don’t have the good, but you can almost always get your money back from Paypal or from your credit card if you make a claim of fraud against your credit card company.”

“If you’re on the Craigslist type of site it’s a little more wild wild west,” Bindbeutel said. Database record “All they’re doing is saying there’s an item for sale and putting a buyer and seller together. Data recovery certification They’re not standing behind the integrity of the two people in the transaction, so you have to be much, much more careful.”

“You have to confirm you have received that value before you release your good. Database programs If you’re the buyer be sure the item is what it professes to be on the advertisement and it’s in the condition. Raid 1 data recovery Make a good inspection before you consummate any sale.”

“If you think you were shorted, if you think you were defrauded, if you think you were scammed, please call the Attorney General’s office,” Bindbeutel said.

According to court records on the Gumpenberger’s case, police arrested the buyer for theft of property valued at more than $500, and he bonded out.

The family said since they have so much evidence, including a copy of the original $5,000 hold check, pictures of the buyer taking the tractor and the second check with $500 marked paid in full, they thought their case would be solved quickly.

KOMU 8 News attended the most recent hearing, and the judge moved the case to a lower court. Database 2016 The defendant’s attorney said she would not comment on any of the specific claims, but she said this should be a civil matter and not a criminal case.

In the family’s case, Jerry Gumpenberger could spend the money and time on her loved one’s health care needs because her husband was diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago.

“If we had that money now we could pay all our medical bills off since he has cancer and take care of all that and then we could be caught up,” Jerry Gumpenberger said.