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I am using Windows 7 home premium 64bit and my problem is that my computer does not get past the windows is starting screen (where the logo of windows 7 appears) and if i start up system repair it gets up to the blue background screen but then nothing pops up, rarely the system start up repair loading bar does show up but that never finishes (it keeps saying Attempting repairs…. Raid 0 data recovery software … Mail database Repairing disk errors. Hdata recovery master This might take over an hour to complete) , i kept waiting for about 12 hours and it still didnt finish. In database Now what im wondering is that if i use this method of yours will it get me to the area in screen shot in step 6. Drupal 7 database query without removing my personal data? I would like to remove some files/pictures off my computer before reinstalling windows and i know how to use CMD to do that but i cannot get to that screen normally, so getting to the area in step 6 would really help me.

Thanks a ton guys for taking the time to read this. Data recovery usa (By the way, just incase your wondering why i posted this on this thread, it was because i think that this might be the right tutorial to getting to CMD without losing my personal data).

Too long didn’t read/ understand: Will this tutorial of yours delete personal data (simply going to that screen in the step 6 screen shot, not reinstalling windows)?

If you already have an external or other spare drive a number of distros like Linux Mint, Puppy, Knoppix Live, and some others work the same way as far as booting live from disk or usb flash drive in order to access and recover files. Data recovery business I can coach you through the creatiion as well as data recovery when using the other OS easy enough.

Some time back I made up a guide here for how to create a live data recovery stick using ubuntu as the distro selected. Database visualization We could pick things there about this on the old thread if needed. Data recovery qatar Using the “Other OS” For a USB Rescue Device? Ubuntu is a small light weight distro similar to Puppy Linux and why that was selected. Data recovery no root Here I’ve been making up recovery sticks with some others at times.

The first thing however may be looking over some of the other guides for troubleshooting startup problems however. Database keywords With a 7 dvd booting live the command prompts options for repair as well as the Startup repair started live could be all you need however. Normalization in database Startup Repair

I have to wonder if the method used for solving the Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery would be more of a help while running the Startup Repair -Run 3 Separate Times would be the usual recommend in seeing the repair tool complete the task.