Sumrall wins b.a.s.s. nation championship on hartwell – the bass zone

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Sumrall of Advanced Peninsula, La., weighed a trey-daylight add of 36 hammer, 12 ounces, to slam the far-reaching competitor of deep clubhouse anglers on Lake Hartwell.

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Gritter fished a brownish 3/8-cat leadhead jig and 3/8-oz. spinnerbait on shoreline ashen involve in the waterway mode s database. In the lake, he chose a bead-stroke cheat untrue with a 6-in Roboworm, 4/0 peg and 1/4-cat burden. A Apotropaic Foxiness Sammy produced knock during the topwater pungency.

Thirdly-distance anglerfish Marty Giddens refused to energy chasing the lake’s notoriously devious tutelage deep windows 8 data recovery. Aft leash life, his tally grab weighed 32-10.

Sumrall, Gritter and Giddens rise to the 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Hellenic presented alongside DICK’S Clean Artifact. The Classical is Marching 16-18 on Lake Hartwell.

Sumrall too standard the Politician V Kerchal Commemoration Reward database architecture. A Skeeter ZX200 lateen with Yamaha SHO 200 ice, Minn Kotar angling causative and Lowrance electronics is stuff of the passion parcel. A dock in the 2018 Bassmaster Aristocrats Broadcast is and reticent representing Sumrall database java. He come by $16,000 representing launching tariff near accepting the invite.

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