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It’s fairly common for businesses to want to provide some high availability for their SQL Server databases, and one option is to have two SQL Server databases on separate machines with a SQL Server database mirrored. Dayz database map Microsoft provides mirroring out of the box in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008, and is a much cheaper alternative than going down the clustering/failover route, but does provide some protection. Database website template In mirroring, there is always one Principal database which serves the requests, and a standby Mirror that is always synchronizing. 7 data recovery registration code If the Principal database goes down, then the Mirror can be forced to become the Principal, and will then serve the requests.

7 databases in 7 weeks pdf Once the original Principal is available again, it will become the new Mirror. Setting up a mirrored database is not straightforward as it should be. Database key definition Although there is a wizard, there are a number of steps that must be performed before a database can be mirrored, and also a number of “gotchas” which prevent it from working. Database hierarchy This I found, to my own pain and frustration, over a number of days. Data recovery on mac Although Microsoft provides a large amount of documentation on the subject, a lot of it may not be relevant, and it’s not easy to work out exactly what needs to be done. Data recovery kali linux I needed a step-by-step guide to setting up a basic mirrored database, and couldn’t find one, so here’s my attempt at providing this to help other people in the future. I’m going to use the ASP Session database as the example, since this is a common requirement, but this guide is good for any database you may have. I card data recovery I’ve used the same steps for other company databases. Database name This is also good for SQL Server 2005, although I performed these steps on a SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition. As soon as a mirrored database server is introduced, the ASP State can no longer use the State Server or the In-Memory Model, but must be configured to use the ASPState SQL Server state database. Database quiz Since this database is mirrored, the user can move from one web server to another during a session, and the session state will be maintained between the servers. Database url Step 1- Installing the ASP Session Database Navigate to the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 folder and type the following command: aspnet_regsql.exe -ssadd -sstype:p -S [myserver] -U [mylogin] -P [mypassword] The parameters are case sensitive. Os x data recovery free This will create the ASPState database on the specified server. Fda 510 k database You could use the parameter -E instead of the -U and -P parameters to use the current credentials. If the -sstype:p parameter is not specified, then by default, the ASP.NET sessions will be put into the TempDB database and not the ASPState database. Database research This confused me for a while. Graph database This is fine for a normal non-mirrored environment because the ASP sessions will be cleared if the server is restarted. Data recovery android free But, this is not fine for the mirrored environment, because we want to mirror the ASP session data itself, not just the Stored Procedures! Also, mirroring is not possible on the TempDB database. Database software The -sstype:p parameter makes ASP.NET install the session tables into the ASPState database, and they’ll be persisted if the server is restarted. Database software definition This is exactly the behaviour we want for a mirrored environment. Database error 7719 at exe Step 2 – Installing the Database on the Mirrored Server In order to get the database onto the mirrored server, we do a full backup of the ASPState (or the database you are mirroring) on the Principal server, followed by a backup of the Transaction Log. • Important: Do a restore of the full backup into a new step, but before doing the restore, go to Options, then ensure you check the No Recovery option! This is vital! • Perform another restore of the Transaction Log, also with the No Recovery option. Data recovery nj (This is important, otherwise you’ll get an error when starting the mirror – See Gotchas section for explanation). You’ll notice that the database on the Mirror server now is marked as “Restoring…” and can’t be accessed. Iphone 6 data recovery mac This is normal and expected! This confused me for quite some time, thinking that it was incorrect. The Mirror is always in a permanent Restoring state to prevent users accessing the database, but will be receiving synchronization data. Database design tool If the database fails over to the Mirror, then it will become an active database and the old Principal will go into the Recovering state. H data recovery software Step 3 – Setting the SQL Server Service Impersonation By default, and in most installations, the SQL Server Service in the Services applet runs as the Local System account. 1 care data recovery software However, for mirroring to work, this needs to be changed to a local user. Database user interface The Local System account does not have access to the network resources, so is unable to communicate with the mirrored server through the endpoint. Data recovery jaipur It’s vital that this step is completed, since I spent many an hour wondering why the mirroring wasn’t working. Sometimes, you may find that the SQL Agent does not start. Database platforms This can be resolved by re-starting the SQL Server Service and then the SQL Agent again. Now, it’s time to actually setup the mirror! Go to the Database Properties on the ASPState database (or your database), and choose the Mirroring tab. • In the next dialog about Service Accounts, leave these blank (you only need to fill them in if the servers are in a domain or in trusted domains) If you need to take a box down for maintenance, then you can perform a manual failover. Data recovery group There are two methods – using the SQL Enterprise Manager, and using T-SQL. Database xls I’ll explain both here, but you can choose depending on your situation. C database library Using the SQL Enterprise Manager On the Principal server, right-click on the database and choose Mirror. 510 k database Then, you’ll see a Failover button. How to become a database administrator Click this, and you’ll get a message about the failover swapping the roles. Database xml Click Yes, and within about 10 seconds, the roles will be swapped. Database terminology If you do a refresh of the databases on both servers, you’ll see the Principal is now marked as Restoring… Database theory and the old mirror has become the new Principal. Database 1 to 1 relationship Using T-SQL Here is the T-SQL to do the same as above. Database testing You can ignore the SET SAFETY lines if your mirror is using Synchronous mode. Database graph You can check the mode being used in the Mirror Properties (right-click Database, Mirror). Database naming conventions — Run on principal USE master If your Principal goes Boom! and you have an unexpected outage, then you’ll need to do a forced failover. Database entity This means the Mirror server is forced to become the Principal. Database developer There is a slight risk of data loss when this takes place, but if the Principal server is down, then what choice have you got? Obviously, you only want to do this forced failover when the principal is unexpectedly unavailable. Data recovery plan In all other situations, you should do a normal manual failover. Data recovery kansas city Doing a Forced Failover using T-SQL — Run on mirror if principal isn’t available USE For example, in a production environment, you’ll have a monitoring system which checks for the availability of the Principal at regular intervals. N k database If it detects that the database is unavailable, then it could run a VBScript or a USQL command line to execute this T-SQL on the mirror database. Data recovery 2016 If you have a witness server, then this will be done automatically. 510 k database fda Step 5 – Configuring the ASP.N
ET Application to Use the Mirrored Database The final step is to configure your ASP.NET application to use the mirrored ASPState SQL Server database (or your database). Database programmer If you are using .NET 2.0 or higher, use the following steps: By configuring your application to use these settings, when the application makes a request to the database and the Principal server is not available, .NET will automatically send the request to the mirrored server. Data recovery osx This should happen transparently so your website user should not notice any outage. If you’re using .NET 1.1, this Failover Partner is not present, so you’ll need to roll your own code to transfer the client. Database integrity This could be a simple try…catch around the database connection, and in the catch, it retries using the mirrored server. You’ll also need to ensure you have the same validation key / decryption key on each of the web servers. Database backup If not, then the session data will not be able to be read if created on a different server. Hollywood u database This is necessary if mirroring the ASPState database. Data recovery ipad < machineKey validationKey =" D581FCFD1xxxxxxxxxxxxxx16FEEBB4C56Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" decryptionKey =" 55B44F83Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" validation =" SHA1" decryption =" AES" / > Gotchas When attempting to do a FORCED FAILOVER with the SET PARTNER FORCE_SERVICE_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS TSQL, you get the following error: “Cannot alter database because the database is not in the correct state You’ll be able to perform a manual failover fine, but forced failovers will cause the error. Database vs server The mirror will NOT become the principal if it detects that the principal is already running. Database is in transition This may happen if you are testing a forced failover with code or a script and don’t stop the SQL instance on the principal. Data recovery ios If you stop the service on the principal, you can then perform a forced failover. When setting up the mirror, you get the following error message when attempting to start the mirror: “Remote copy of has not been rolled forward to a point in time This will occur if you have not done a transaction log backup on the Principal and restored it (no recovery) on the Mirror. Database data types You MUST do this step, or this error will occur. Data recovery johannesburg Mirroring a 2 nd Database If you want to mirror more than one database on the same servers, this is possible. Iphone 5 data recovery software You need to repeat Step 2 for the next database, and then Step 4 (just click Next, Next, Finish, etc). Database operations The databases will all use the same endpoint port. Database index Stopping the Mirror If you’ve been following the steps in this article, you should have now successfully setup the ASPState database as a mirrored database (or your own database), providing your web users with a decent amount of availability and protection against outage. I hope the article has been of interest and of some help to someone. Database crud Any questions, drop a comment, and I’ll try to answer it, or update the article if areas are not clear. Drupal 8 database Thanks for reading! Notes You can have more than one database mirrored on the same set of servers. Data recovery disk But, of course, the more you have, the worse the performance. Database 3 tier architecture History