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Undoubtedly, there are tens of thousands of people to know a lot about CodeIgniter. Database error But, let’s keep this tutorial simple and elementary, so everyone can apprehend it and start working with the framework without having to take any professional course.

CodeIgniter is a PHP web application framework that enables programmers to build web applications faster. Database functions It is shipped with many helpful code libraries and helpers to simplify complex code operations such as email, form validation, image manipulation, file uploading, sessions, multi-lingual apps and creating APIs for your application.

Top 10 data recovery Based on a modular design, CodeIgniter can implement specific libraries adding to the speed of the framework.

First it is a very light and well performing framework. Database job titles It is really good for beginners because of the small learning curve: one can easily interpret and build its application using CodeIgniter. Data recovery linux live cd Secondly it is also apt for building large and complex web applications:

• Based on ‘use when needed’ meaning most libraries are loaded only when they are actually used. S pombe database This helps in the management of resource availability.

We need to first create a Model, a Controller, and a View along with the database to hold the information. Database usa To create the database, we will need the following:

• a table that contains 3 columns – id (set as primary and auto incremented), title, and body. Data recovery pro license key While you can add more columns as per your need, for now, this is enough.

Once you’re done with creating the database and setting up CodeIgniter, head towards creating a Model class, which will query it for information. Data recovery on android For this, look for the “ application/models” folder of your CodeIgniter installation and create a new php file with the name news1_model.php. Icare data recovery 94fbr You can choose any name for your file .

Next, add a php opening tag at the top of the new file. Image database Create the Model class by extending the default CI one. Database web application Make sure you begin the class names with capital letters:

Classes are like the home for functions. Database graphic So for every class, we create a function(s). In databases a category of data is called a Here we are creating a function to query the database. Database wordpress CodeIgniter makes it easy to work with the database using the Active Record pattern. Note 2 data recovery Simply, load the database class in the constructor function.

With this code, all the methods within this class will be able to make use of the database functions. Tally erp 9 data recovery Now, to make your method read the information from your database table, paste the code:

This piece of code will simply check that an ID is allotted to it before accessing from the table. Database erd If no ID is there, the function will return FALSE.

Now, we’ll work on to handle the request from any client that demands this information. Database google docs For this, go to the “ application/controllers” folder and create a new php file called news1.php. Database 5500 Remember, this filename must correspond to the Classname you are about to give. Data recovery kit Again, create an opening php tag and the Controller class with extension:

All the complex retrievals occur in the Model class. Database meaning So, here we will load it and send it to the ID argument of the information we want to display. Gale database For this, let’s create a function called show() to handle this:

The first line loads the news1_model, while the second one uses it to store the query result in the $news variable. Data recovery pc The next two line correspond to storing the title and body of the retrieved news in the $data array. Data recovery easeus The last line loads the View we want to display them as and passes the information along.

Click the application/views folder and create a new php file, news1_article.php. Top 10 data recovery software Keep the name same as the one you loaded in the Controller. Database oracle In this file, paste the following code:

Here, the $title and the $body variables are being passed from the Controller to the View using the $data array. Data recovery services reviews If you want to add any form of markup to change the display of the page, you can use the H1 tag for the title and a paragraph for the body.

When the browser makes this request, CodeIgniter will look for a Controller named news1, call a method within it named show(), and pass it the parameter 1. Database 12c new features Further, this method will load the news1_model to query the database and returns the information. Database lyrics The Controller will then pass this piece of news1 to the View for display.

With this, you are done with building your first basic but dynamic application. Database 360 We hope this guide will help you understand CodeIgniter and its working ways.

About the author – Kerin Miller is an experienced CodeIgniter developer and a part time blogger. Database architect salary She works for a custom CodeIgniter development company – Stellen Infotech. Database administrator job description When Kerin is not working, she likes to share insightful posts, covering web and mobile application development industry.

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