Sr. informix dba job at pegasus solutions in scottsdale, az, powered by jobscore data recovery micro sd card

Duties: Responsible for analyzing, developing, and administering Pegasus’ complex RDBMS database system based on the Informix database architecture. Drupal 7 database api Responsible for database architecture, physical and logical database design, backup and recovery, and performance tuning of Informix databases. Drupal 7 database query Monitor and develop database performance profiles, including monitoring and ensuring security and integrity of multi-platform database systems and environments. Super 8 database Perform key database administration functions including database instance creation, data migration, database replication, as well as initialization, configuration and administration of Informix systems and SQL provisioning and capacity planning to address database warehousing capabilities for large-scale reservations data management. Java 8 database Perform technology assessment audits, data structure tuning, database/table reorganization and utilities and scripts execution and monitoring. Section 8 database Employ scripting knowledge in Perl, csh, ksh, sh to develop solutions in disaster recovery, scripting and all other real-time, high availability and performance monitoring procedures.

Drupal 8 database Support database backup failure, review SQL queries for performance issues, and analyze space reports and response query alerts. 990 database Plan Informix data warehousing server capacity upgrades while also troubleshooting all database system failures and performance issues. 911 database Collaborate with cross-functional to design and develop new database-driven software and enhance existing software applications. Icd 9 database Ensure and deliver on high availability and uptime of our products and processes, and study, research, and recommend new database solutions for improvements in database infrastructure effectiveness and overall performance.

Requirements: Master’s degree, or equivalent, in Computer Science, Software Systems, Electronics Engineering or related field, plus three (3) years of DBA or related information technology experience: with RDBMS Database Administration in Informix 11.x, 10.x or 7 environments; monitoring and tuning of databases; maintaining database security and integrity of large-scale data management systems; with data migration, database replication, disaster recovery and critical data recovery; developing and monitoring DBA utilities and scripts; utilizing scripting language in Perl, csh, ksh and sh; and working with SQL queries, HPL and Solaris.