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SQL for JIRA is a revolutionary add-on for Relational Reporting and Business Intelligence and a convenient way to perform JIRA JQL queries as standard SQL statements.

JQL is a proprietary language created by Atlassian intended to filter JIRA issues only. Data recovery druid However, its syntax looks like very much a sequence of conditions in a SQL WHERE clause.

Data recovery houston tx This brings a lot of confusion to many JIRA users when they want more from JQL because JQL does not allow to get/extract any issue attribute: it returns issue identificators only. Database 2010 It does not support data aggregation either (COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX,…). Dayz database map Then users realize that a 3rd party plugin is really required in order to interact with JQL in a more powerful and productive way.

There are several JIRA users’ requirements in the Atlassian’s public JIRA instance to extend the JQL language capabilities to something closer to SQL with support for SELECT, DISTINCT, LIMIT, etc. Database website template But it looks like Atlassian has no plans to do that.

The SQL syntax is very rich and complex. 7 data recovery registration code Extend JQL syntax to something similar to SQL would be really complex and perhaps even without sense. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf SQL requires a database with tables and columns (data model) and accessing to the JIRA native database looks like very risky and difficult to make compatible with the JIRA users’ permissions and accounts configured on each instance as all the logic is coded in Java and not in the database. Database key definition Things are even worst: JIRA data are spread among several data stores: a regular relational database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, etc..) and a text document-based (the JIRA index) named Lucene. Database hierarchy It is a sort of cache for JIRA data, but it also stores calculated data that is not available in the JIRA database. Data recovery on mac In fact, the JQL language runs against the Lucene index instead of the relational database.

Definitely, it is not easy to extend the JQL language to something similar to SQL. Data recovery kali linux However, SQL for JIRA resolves it in a very neat and stylish way. I card data recovery It embeds the ultra popular H2 Java database to bring the SQL nature to JQL queries. Database name Not only that, it also supports much more than it could be reasonable to expect. Database quiz The plugin makes everything so easy and intuitive that tons of amazing details are not easy see from the first instant. Database url Things that surprise users when they wonder about those details: How is that possible…?. Os x data recovery free Things that you probably did not see in any software before. Fda 510 k database Things that could seem impossible to work. Database research And they are also so subtle that a lot of users could use SQL for JIRA ignoring them for ever due the simplicity and intuitive final product.

Not only the SQL support, its amazing integration with JQL to work together without limits with SQL and JQL queries, its support for industry standards and stunning integrations of the best open source tools for reporting and business intelligence running right inside JIRA packed as plugins, makes SQL for JIRA the most advanced and powerful platform to make custom reports for JIRA. Graph database And do not forget please that SQl for JIRA transforms JIRA into real relational database server… Data recovery android free and with a single click which is really outstanding.

Despite that everything is perfectly integrated to work like a Swiss clock and ready to work out of the box, the overwhelming that such amount of tools, features and standards bring to the JIRA ecosystem might many people to panic about SQL for JIRA. Its reporting capabilities and flexibility are infinite. Database software You will stuck with a vendor’s product limitations for never again!. Database software definition The SQL for JIRA plugins pack the third party genuine products as JIRA plugins with almost no modifications so all your knowledge can be reused for the SQL for JIRA platform and vice versa: all you learn working with SQL for JIRA is also reusable directly with the original products. Database error 7719 at exe SQL for JIRA is an integration job and not a tool bringing new features developed within it. Data recovery nj All the features exist in the 3rd party product and SQL for JIRA has modified such tools when necessary to run on JIRA.

You can connect your JIRA instance to a lot of third party industry tools and perform JQL-based data reports and analysis fully integrated with the JIRA users’ accounts and permissions. Iphone 6 data recovery mac Once the JDBC Driver is installed on your 3rd party tools, users will be able to access to their JIRA data with their JIRA user’s credentials in a totally secure way without overloading JIRA administrators with new user’s account nor permissions management. Database design tool The plugins fully work and reuse your JIRA configuration out-of-the-box. H data recovery software They only require a single click in order to be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace: all the third party products have automatically been configured work with JIRA like a Swiss clock.

As it is database vendor independent, it will continue working even if Atlassian modifies the JIRA native database model or you migrate your database to another vendor.

The SQL for JIRA queries are much simpler to write compared with the JIRA native SQL queries because its database model is a straightforward implementation of the JIRA Core and Software/Agile business models, much more compact and user friendly.