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A somewhat new specialty has been developing among athletic trainers. Some trainers do not feel that they need to be limited to the big three sports of football, basketball and baseball. Because in the west—there are rodeos.

In lubbock, texas, the 76th annual ABC pro rodeo ran at the end of march. According to KCRD reporter kase wilbanks, athletic trainers, physicians, orthopedists, physical therapists and other medical experts were at the lubbock rodeo. Many, he writes, will be stationed around the west to care for the rodeo workers. Helping finance the care is the justin boot sports medicine team which has assisted rodeo athletes since its inception in 1980.Athletic trainers

Mark chisum was an athletic trainer for texas tech’s football and track teams for 20 years.

Then he accepted an invitation to visit the houston rodeo as a trainer about 25 years ago and has been a part of that organization ever since.

"We have a lot of people like myself who are full-time athletic trainers who do rodeo events going from rodeo to rodeo just like the athletes do," chisum said.

Wilbanks writes that the goal of the medical professionals on the rodeo scene is to provide continuous care from one rodeo to another for athletes who travel from one contest to another. They need, he says, both preventative care as well as treatment for injuries.Hospital special A computer database helps to keep up with teams of rodeo athletes.

"When I go to another rodeo and open up the computer, I learn about each athlete and learn what has happened to him and what’s going on," chisum said. "We want to keep them competing. Sometimes they don’t want to tell us about injuries, because they are trying to earn as much money as they can. At the end of september, the top 15 go to the national finals rodeo. They have been going all year long and they have a lot of wear and tear and bumps and bruises on their bodies.”

Some athletes wear helmets, kevlar vests, mouth pieces and other gear. Chisum said his team works to educate athletes on how to take care of themselves.Hospital special “they look at us as a positive resource, which makes you feel good because you’re taking care of guys that want to be taken care of."

The injuries sustained by rodeo riders are among the most challenging faced by the doctors who work to keep the cowboys riding. Jessica barrett, writing in the calgary herald, says rodeo riding is one of the toughest sports there is on the human body.

She quotes cooper davis who broke his jaw, his shoulder and his ankles. Four days after he broke his jaw he was back in the ring competing with two screws in his bottom jaw and three on the top.

Working at the calgary stampede, one of north america’s leading rodeos, is the canadian pro rodeo sport medicine team.Special surgery leading up to rodeo finals, the treatment team may see as many as 40 competitors per day. Contusions are the most common injuries but they are followed by knee, back and neck injuries as well as fractures.

Davis notes that it is the addition of the animals and the unpredictability of rodeo that makes the sport a compelling arena for medical professionals. Davis quotes therapist krista burton as saying, “the amount of trauma that cowboys are exposed to and their ability to compete is really good for us. What we get to see here pushes the envelope of what we see and helps us to think outside the box.”

As reckless as rodeo can seem, she points out that participants in rodeo understand that, to succeed, they have to take care of their bodies and, to help them do that, they forge long-term relationships with the care team to ensure they stay as healthy as possible.Special surgery

That attitude has helped long-time competitors in the rodeo ring survive. The two-time world champion steer wrestler, dean gorsuch, has had reconstructive surgery on his right knee, pectoral surgery and treatment for a pinched nerve and elbow surgery. Read more

It’s official…hospital for special surgery (HSS) in new york city is on the list. HSS has been designated the first national medical center of the united states olympic committee’s (USOC) national medical network. In this capacity, HSS will be an official hospital for elite U.S. Athletes.

“I’m thrilled that hospital for special surgery will now have an even closer relationship with elite athletes and the opportunity to put its full expertise behind all of team USA, ” said scott A.Hospital special surgery rodeo, M.D., in the august 14, 2013 news release. Dr. Rodeo is an orthopedic surgeon and is co-chief of the sports medicine and shoulder service at hospital for special surgery. “working with USA swimming at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 olympic games was an extraordinary privilege.”

“dr. Rodeo is a swimmer himself and he understands what it means to be a high level athlete—coupled with his expertise that’s what made hospital for special surgery a great resource for me when I was faced with an injury, ” said lenny krayzelburg, four-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist from the 2000 and 2004 olympic games. “I chose HSS because it’s the best in america for orthopedics.Athletic trainers when you’re going for gold you want the best hospital to receive the best care so that you can get back to your sport.”

“this designation by the USOC complements HSS’s dedication and commitment to treating elite athletes, ” said louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of hospital for special surgery. “our medical experts are the most highly respected in athletic medicine today. We have long specialized in working with world-class athletes to achieve their goals, and we look forward to continuing this effort through our participation in the USOC’s national medical network.”

“we are extremely pleased to have hospital for special surgery join the national medical network, which was formed to provide convenient and quality services for elite athletes in the united states, ” said alan ashley, USOC chief of sport performance.Hospital special read more

Researchers at new york’s hospital for special surgery (HSS) report the first in-depth study of repair techniques for the repair of knee cartilage. And the results are encouraging. The study was an evaluation of zimmer, inc.’s de novo NT natural tissue graft. Scott rodeo, M.D., orthopedic surgeon and co-chief of the sports medicine and shoulder service at HSS said, “de novo NT compares favorably to our existing techniques, given that it is easy to do and involves a one step procedure. We are cautiously optimistic. It clearly regenerates tissue, but we need further long-term follow-up.”

In the knee, articular cartilage can be damaged by a traumatic sports accident, a bad fall, or normal wear and tear in active individuals.Special surgery articular cartilage lesions cause pain and can lead to osteoarthritis. “articular cartilage injuries to the knee are fairly common, and they are hard to treat, ” said rodeo. “cartilage has no capacity to heal spontaneously, and cartilage lesions over time can get progressively larger.”

De novo NT is an FDA approved cartilage repair technique. The product is made out of minced cartilage from organ donors under the age of 13. Unlike cartilage in adults, this young tissue has a high proliferative capacity. Cells from the transplanted cartilage migrate into surrounding area tissues, multiply, and form a new cartilage tissue matrix that integrates with the surrounding host tissue.Special surgery this technique eliminates the need for harvesting and requires less suturing because the product uses a fibrin sealant to secure the particulated tissue pieces into the lesion. Fibrin is an insoluble “sticky” protein involved in the clotting of blood.

“the small pieces of juvenile cartilage are less than a millimeter in size, and what happens is the cells can migrate out of these small pieces of cartilage, ” said rodeo. “we are trying to take advantage of the high proliferative capacity of the tissue.” the tissue graft falls into a category of products that does not have to undergo the rigorous clinical trial process through which drugs, for example, are approved.Athletic trainers

The head team physician of the cleveland browns combed the vast array of wearable technologies for his recent research. James voos, M.D., also the jack & mary herrick director of sports medicine at university hospitals, examined all manner of the technology from pedometers and accelerometers to global positioning devices. The goal? Enlighten team physicians and other health care providers with the various types of wearable technology available, their utilization and potential future applications in sports medicine.

According to the february 25, 2016 news release, “the sensor, half-dollar in size and shape, is worn during all aspects of training and physicians receive live feedback on a monitor as the athlete completes his workout.Hospital special it allows the doctors and trainers to customize daily routines safely and effectively while avoiding potential injury and over-exertion.”

"Wearable technology provides a method of monitoring real-time physiologic and movement parameters during training and competitive sports, " said dr. Voos, who is also associate professor of orthpaedics at case western reserve university school of medicine. "These parameters can be used to detect position-specific patterns in movement, design more efficient sports-specific training programs for performance optimization, and screen for potential causes of injury."

According to the news release, “cleveland browns head athletic trainer joe sheehan is a co-author on the paper.Special surgery sheehan has implemented the use of wearable technology during training with his athletes. Sheehan and dr. Voos are using this technology to identify risk factors which will likely aid in preventing injury and assist both the team and individual athletes in maximizing their performance.”

"Wearable technology represents a new frontier in the world of sports, " said sheehan. "We are extremely excited to partner with university hospitals as we look to maximize the benefits of this new technology."

"We are very excited to be one of the first teams to publish scientific data on the use of wearable technology in professional football players.Hospital special surgery the end goal is to provide our athletes with a safe, predictive model for injury prevention, " said dr. Voos. "This revolutionary research has been accepted for presentation at the NFL physicians society annual meeting at the upcoming NFL scouting combine in february in addition to five other UH sports medicine research studies." read more

Calling all athletic trainers! The national athletic trainers’ association (NATA) international committee is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for two new awards that honor athletic trainers and organizations from around the globe. The awards will be presented during the NATA 68th clinical symposia & AT expo in houston in june 2017.Hospital special

“NATA is committed to the continued expansion of athletic training worldwide, ” said NATA president scott sailor, ed.D., A.T.C., in the october 24, 2016 news release. “honoring these individuals and organizations is instrumental in the growth of our profession.”

As indicated in the news release, “the international partner award recognizes a professional organization or individual(s) currently working in an international setting and demonstrating a significant contribution to the advancement of athletic training, athletic therapy, sports medicine or injury care and prevention. The international service award recognizes a certified or licensed athletic trainer(s) who has displayed exceptional commitment to the education and development of athletic training in an international setting.Athletic trainers NATA members who have served the profession at least 20 years are eligible.”

Completed applications for both awards are due by january 1, 2017 ( https://www.Nata.Org/membership/honors-and-awards/international-committee-awards). Recipients will be selected based on the evidence of work in one or more of the following:

“these awards provide NATA with an opportunity to recognize and celebrate professionals and organizations that are advancing the practice of sports medicine and improving the lives of patients internationally, ” said NATA international committee chair mark gibson, M.S., ATC, PT. “through this effort, as well as many others currently underway, we hope to expose more individuals to the impact athletic trainers have on work, life and sport.”

hospital special

Sailor told OTW, “the national athletic trainers’ association is committed to recognizing individuals and organizations across the world whose work is making a difference in the way we address injury prevention and treatment, educate our key stakeholders and spearhead research and policy to advance the profession. These awards provide a universal gateway of learning and recognition.”

“we look forward to showcasing the extraordinary work of an organization or individual who has helped to expand opportunities, exposure and education of the athletic training profession internationally. Read more