Social contextual advertising market is estimated to reach approximately $229.48 billion by 2023 database programmer

Social media has provided individuals and businesses with an opportunity to network and connect with each other. In addition, with an advent of digitization, various social networking platform has been deployed by the companies to serve the needs of individual groups. Companies such as goneighbour and nextdoor are addressing the needs of complete neighborhood by keeping them informed and connected. Whereas certain social networking platforms such as wechat is dominating the complete chinese market and in medium to long term, it is expected to catch up with the total number of whatsapp users. The immense opportunity in the existing market and to address the unmet needs, more number of players are expected to enter the market.Contextual advertising market

As per industryarc analyst vinod madhu, the social contextual advertising market will witness a strong growth because of the growing internet users and penetration of social networks in rural areas.

Countries such as united states, and other european countries is expected to witness a state of uncertainty for short period of time because of concerns over recent data leak through the biggest social networking platform – facebook data. The period of turmoil is expected for only short period of time and united states will emerge as the global leader in social contextual advertising market. In 2017, united states total revenue for social contextual advertising market was $22 billion is expected to reach approximately $103 billion by 2023.Social contextual advertising

Europe will be the second biggest market after north america. The total penetration of social network in western europe is approximately 65% of the total internet users and approximately 49% of the total population. By 2023, asia-pacific will outperform the european market because of growing population, decreasing internet tariff, mobile cost and most important digitization policies adopted by various governments. China will dominate the asia-pacific market followed by india.

The total number of data breaches 9000+ million isn’t just limited to one company, there are several other companies which has become part of this act. Companies such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, uber and yahoo can be accounted for major user data leaks or third party leaks because of improper security measures.Contextual advertising approximately 3 billion users profile were leaked when yahoo security wall was breached, linkedin accounted for approximately 100 million user profiles, twitter accounted for 30 million and JP morgan chase for 76 million user account.

With the recent facebook data breach, companies and governments across various countries are recognized that a holistic strategy for security is incomplete without securing the user information from predators. Going forward, stakeholder in social contextual advertising market will give an utmost importance for the cyber security adoption and the level of priority it deserves. It is expected that in very short term government across various countries will reform their attitude towards cyber security and will make a mandate for the stakeholder in the ecosystem to adopt the most efficient security solution to protect data from any further vulnerabilities.Advertising market thus with social contextual advertising market, its allied market i.E. Cyber security will witness a huge impact from short to long term.

The launch of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) by the european union, which is set to take effect on may 25 th, 2018. This can and is already changing the way in which businesses operating in EU and holding any data related to EU residents, with regards to protection and handling of this data. Considering the fact that every company will have some exposure to this data, as europe is a key market for operations and revenues, the GDPR law will have a profound impact on data privacy regulations globally and on contextual advertising also.Contextual advertising market the law includes hefty fines of up to 4% of annual sales or 20 million euros for the offending companies. The GDPR act can hence indirectly regulate and streamline the contextual advertising, targeted advertisement businesses in the near future.

• increasing processing power and bandwidth coupled with introduction of new formats like live broadcasting, virtual reality videos will make this advertising environment increasingly attractive and competitive. The main driver of future developments is technology. 5G connections will be up to 100 times faster than today’s mobile telecommunications technologies. These developments will allow complex video ads to be displayed.Advertising market

• the stories feature of instagram and snapchat provides a story that is only available for a limited time before it deletes itself. This feature allows for so-called influencer marketing, whereby brands are endorsed by social media users with large amounts of followers. This would drive the market in terms targeting localized advertisements.

• banner advertising is one of the most common forms of digital advertising. It allows a huge range of different formats from small text based ads to complex animated banners, but also comes in various shapes, sizes and formats and are displayed on a website accessed via desktop pcs, on a mobile-enabled website or in an app.Contextual advertising typical formats are skyscrapers, wallpapers, interstitials or pop-ups, which usually link to a landing-page of the advertiser. Banner advertising offers several different approaches nowadays. Advertisers can choose between private marketplaces where advertisers can select and buy ads from premium publishers or totally automated buying processes. Banner advertisements attract a huge number of audience and provides huge click conversion rates. The banner advertising segment would attract huge many advertisers during the forecast period given the aforementioned factors.

• in addition to static banners rich media banners are enabled with sounds, animations and videos.Contextual advertising videos to be played instead of a static banner outside of a certain video player are considered as rich media. The deciding criterion is not the moving image itself, but if it is in pager or in-stream.

Notable players in the social contextual advertising market comprise of facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube and others. Facebook is the leading player in social contextual advertising market comprising 65% of the market share. The market has witnessed various acquisitions and partnerships such as facebook acquiring whatsapp. Strategies such as collaborations, mergers and joint ventures are also assertively being adopted by the companies to meet new horizons in product development and to achieve greater market exposure.Social contextual advertising

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