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Keeping up with various file extension types can be a headache. However, with MP3 converter software you can do your best to make sure your media is always compatible.

As we moved from physical media into the digital age, the MP3 rose to become the dominant format for the consumption of music. The file type allowed music, which would have once been required to be stored on a CD, to be suddenly compressed into a format which was only a few megabytes in size. The demise of the bulky and unreliable portable CD player followed soon afterwards, as tiny MP3 players took its place in the pockets of avid music fans.

As we’ve advanced in the world of digital technology, various pieces of software have sprung up which allow users to convert many types of media into the MP3 format, and vice versa.Converter free

the ability to convert file types is incredibly useful and has wide ranging applications in both leisure and professional circles.

If you hear a great piece of sound or music in a film or television show, the catchily-named free video to MP3 converter from dvdvideosoft lets you extract audio from your video files and convert it into MP3 and WAV lossless audio. The file can then be saved in high, standard, or economy value. The software can also handle OGG, FLAC, APE, and other high-quality formats.

The free video to MP3 converter has a clear and uncluttered user interface, making the software easy to use for amateurs and professionals alike. You can browse files, drag and drop, click to add new files, and change output labels.Converter free batch conversion can also be facilitated, and title tags and artwork are automatically filled in with a snapshot from the video’s mid-point.

There is also a pre-set editor which enables regularly-used settings to be quickly selected from a drop-down menu. All in all, a great free MP3 converter. 2. Free youtube to MP3 converter

Following in the tradition of imaginatively-named free MP3 converter software comes the free youtube to MP3 converterfrom digital wave LTD. This useful program provides a quick and easy way to download youtube videos and convert them into audio files – with no loss of sound quality.

Using the software is pure simplicity. Just copy the youtube URL into the converter and select the output format.Video files this will most likely be MP3, but the free youtube to MP3 converter also has a range of other output options from which to choose. Once set-up, a click of the download button begins the process. The completed file is then automatically saved to the computer’s default music folder.

You can batch convert youtube videos as well, with the option to download entire channels and playlists in one go. Another very useful free MP3 converter. 3. Free WMA MP3 converter

The free WMA MP3 converterfrom eusing software is an elegant and lightweight application that can convert WMA to MP3, MP3 to WMA, WAV to MP3, WAV to WMA, MP3 to WAV, and WMA to WAV.

Using the default settings, you simply choose the desired conversion process and click to begin.Free youtube those of you who need specific settings can tinker with a range of options including adjustable compression method, sample rate, bitrate, and stereo or mono. The software has batch conversion support, reserved ID3 tags from original files, and adjustable output paths, giving you the flexibility customise your conversions. 4. Free CD to MP3 converter

For those of you who still have a bunch of old fashioned physical cds taking up room in your living rooms or bedrooms, the free CD to MP3 converter which is again from eusing software, is on-hand to bring you into the 21 st century.

The software is easy to use, and can extract audio files from cds and convert them into a range of file extensions including MP3, WAV, OGG, and WMA formats.Converter free it automatically retrieves the title information from the CDDB database, normalises the output files, and supports additional LAME options. As an extra feature, the software allows you to record mp3s using your computer’s microphone – perfect for those would-be popstars among you. 5. Free FLAC to MP3 converter

The free FLAC to MP3 converterfrom convert audio free (seriously, who is naming these things?) is a simple to use and unobtrusive piece of software, which allows you to convert their FLAC files into the MP3 format, allowing you to choose between the wide application and device compatibility of mp3s and the audio quality standard of flacs.Free youtube

Simply select between an MP3 and WAV output setting, and the software does all the hard work for you – enabling the software to be used by anyone. 6. Aiseesoft free FLV converter

Use aiseesoft free FLV converterfrom aiseesoft studio to quickly and easily convert FLV, F4V or SWF video files to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP3, and other popular formats compatible with most modern mobile devices.

Those of you not well-versed in the process can use a range of pre-set options for one-click conversions, while the more experienced among you can tinker with a range of options, including resolution, bitrate, frame rate, encoder, audio channels, and sample rate.

Free youtube

The software also allows FLV, SWF and F4V video files to be converted into 3D videos which can be played on a computer, 3D TV, or other compatible device, complete with a range of 3D modes – anaglyph 3D (red/cyan, green/magenta, amber/blue), side by side 3D, and top and bottom 3D. Final thoughts

There’s a huge range of software available with which to create MP3 files from a range of other formats. Free MP3 converter software can help you make your own music, grab audio from television and film, or simply bring your record collection up to date.

Please head down to the comments and let us know if you have any experiences or tips related to converting mp3s, and check out filehippo’sgreat range of free software available to download today.Converter software