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This lens is with me for nearly 2 years now. V database in oracle I originally bough it for my K-01 and was really enjoying it immensely, but I always prefered it in manual focusing than AF as it tend to be inaccurate. Data recovery tampa After using it on my Z1p on film and then on K10D on few occasions with AF on – I can tell you now that this lens is superb on Phase detection Autofcous lenses. R studio data recovery with crack My Z1p and K10D focuses in an instant and super accurate, where K-01 really struggles to nail the focus.

My copy came with original lens hood but I replaced it with cheap rubber one for 28mm lens – on APSC offers greater flare control.

Database uses And you need it! This lens is quite prone to flare – my SMC-K 24mm f2.8 is superior in this single point .. Database history and maybe colour saturation too is sometime more pronounced in SMC K24. Database b tree But apart from those Sigma is much sharper wide open and in the corners and on edges, AF works great when needed and MF is very easy to use thanks to great sharpness of this lens. Database optimization At f2.8 is as sharp as none of my other f2.8 lenses apart from SMC-A Macro 50mm f2.8 which obviously is sharper but other than that Sigma really rules. Data recovery software reviews I will never ever part with this lens !

In certain very bright conditions with light in the frame it can flare and lose of contrast is evident , but both are fairly easy to avoid with good lens hood and proper positioning.

This is a sleeper in the lens world and quite a fantastic wide prime. Cnet data recovery After mounting this lens for the past few weeks. Database systems It gave images that pop into the “WOW” sharp as a tack category in my book. Data recovery for mac The Auto Focus is as quick as any DA limited pancake and that was quite a surprise. Data recovery damaged hard drive Step it down one stop with amazing results. Database builder The Macro feature is to die for again producing very stunning results. Data recovery cnet It tends to hunt a tad at very close range but when the AF locks in the “WOW” factor again shines.

The rubberized coating and lettering/numbering and paint underneath is quite fragile and requires delicate care to keep in good condition but the Metal body is as solid as they come, with quite an excellent build.

This lens is nearly impossible to find in a AF PK mount these days and also can be found re-branded by Quantaray and the Promaster (Spectrum 7 series). Database log horizon If you see one available I highly recommend snapping it up in a heart beat.

About two years ago having foolishly sold a pristine copy of this lens it took two years to find another. Data recovery raid The value stated for $164.00 is what I sold the lens for two years ago. Database design for mere mortals Having found my current copy with a set purchased at a tag sale for $11.00 that would not be a fair and accurate assessment for the price of this lens.