Should the 49ers sign dez bryant database engine tuning advisor

Young people are not tied to the experiences of an older generation. They are absorbed in their own experiences out on the streets. They personally experience what it means to be profiled, persecuted, and the abuse of authority by people who are supposed to serve and protect. Parkland is real.

The flag may represent something to some people, but it may mean another thing to other people. It is also a tradition to have the announcer say- Please rise. They do not say- You must rise. To me, the flag also represents the freedom of free speech and the exercise of the right to protest. Kaep, by kneeling, is not burning the flag. Players kneel at the 50 yard line after the games. The NFL does not show that, just like they could decide not to show a kneeling player. The blowback against the protest, is another form of suppressing dissent, which is UnAmerican.

I believe Steve Kerr, when he says that people hijack the flag to oppress opponents. He calls it Fake Patriotism. Declaring that one is more patriotic than another person just because one stands for the flag is specious. I consider myself more patriotic because I do not give aid and support to an avowed enemy that has nuclear missiles pointed at the United States. A real patriot honors a Gold Star mother. A real Patriot does not make a grieving Gold Star wife cry. A real patriot honors POWs, and do not fault them for being captured and tortured.

I abhor people who actively accepted stolen emails from Russian spies sent by Putin to sway an election. I decry a campaign that then willingly used those stolen emails to subvert an opponent. He even openly asked for Russian aid in finding more emails. Every day, there is more active obstruction of justice. No one is above the law.

I am trapped in a philosophic box? How? I am part of an arrogant educated mass? Sounds catchy, nice parroting, but the arrogance goes the other way. Maybe you are championing the disinformation a small minority employs, to justify willful ignorance, targeting poor uneducated whites to vote against their own self interests.

Someone is throwing out a bunch of conspiracies. Here is another one. A failed megalomaniac had the Russian Mob bail him out from a collapsing casino, so they owned him. He is doing their bidding, and the attempted destruction of the FBI and Justice Department is shaking the faith in our institutions. Putin is cackling with glee. There is tangible proof that the Russians interfered in the election, thus invalidating the results. The failed candidate/president did not gain a majority of the popular vote, and cannot claim legitimacy because he cheated to win. Mueller is going to unleash his evidence, and history will repeat itself. This is worse than Watergate and Iran-Contra combined. Selling missiles to Ukraine to stop an investigation may get him jail time. This may be more thinking outside the box, but the entrapment will be self inflicted, once Mueller unleashes the Storm. Cohen is going to crack like an egg.

I don’t understand why people are saying it would stop the development of younger WRs or stop their growth or won’t get a chance to play. As far as I know they have 11 WR on the roster. They will all not make it. Pierre is a WR2-WR3 on most teams but he’s WR1 on 49ers. Goodson if healthy can be a good WR3 not a WR2. The WR they drafted not sure what he will play but they say he can’t catch passes over the middle. I like Trent but he’s only in his second season and WR4. So to answer the question yes they should sign Dez and they need to because what Dez is now is better then what they have on the roster. he would be WR1 and everybody else gets pushed down the depth chart.

I’m not saying he’s the best WR in the NFL anymore, he’s far from that but his skills is what’s needed on the 49ers. if they can get him on a cheap contract, probably with incentives and he wants to play for the 49ers and he plays his best its a win-win for both sides. If he does not do well then cut him when the season starts, simple as that. I would take a proven WR over any development WR. you can put them on the PS or just sign later or find another one.

All they seem to have is small WR. Kittle hopefully becomes great TE but looks to be injury prone and only is in his second year. They should sign Fleener or should of got Graham and let Kittle develop behind them then take over in 1 to 2 years and that’s what they should do with the WR and sign DEZ. The WR/TE/pass rush is the weakest groups on the team. RB is not to far behind.