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With the floorhead attached to the extension tube it will go very low under furniture. We eked out dust from beneath the sofa, that had been there since the last robot vac test, with ease. For sheer flexibility in where and how you can clean, the NV681UKT is outstanding.

On our red-carpet test, the Shark did a very good job of cleaning our usual talc, baking powder and carpet freshener mix in a single forward/back motion. The surface was nicely groomed, and the carpet cleaned properly right up to the edge of the skirting.

On close inspection we could see some of the heavier baking powder and carpet freshener granules could still be seen. It wasn’t a massive amount and they were removed in a couple of further passes. Sadly, that is not unusual with modern cleaners complying with new EU restricted power regulations and means you will need to go over areas a few times. (…increasing your cleaning time and ergo using more power… go figure.)

The NV681UKT has no shortage of suck and the well-designed floorhead pulls in debris with aplomb. Our oats test was a 99% success with only a couple of fine grains resisting the Sharks cleaning prowess on a single forward stroke. Not quite perfect but pretty good. Nor were they flicked out by the brush so easily scooped up on the backstroke. The result was a very good hard floor cleaning performance with most debris pulled from the grouting grooves.

The combined dusting brush and crevice tool was our spot-cleaning implement of choice. It worked very well for high up cobwebs although the crevice too was just a little too chunky for some smaller gaps. With its chunky handle, metal tubes and long reach, this set up is quite heavy in the hand though.

The upholstery tool we have seen on many Shark cleaners and always give it thumbs up. The curved base makes it easy to use, the suction is effective and the cut-outs at the sides resist sticking to the fabric. We tried the Pet Power Brush turbo-brush tool too… mostly for pets and stairs. Not on the actual pets… Shark Lift-Away NV681UKT – How easy is it to use on stairs?

With the Lift-Away in hand and Pet Power Brush attached, this Shark is a wiz for carpeted stairs. You can easily carry the section in one hand and clean with the other. Or you can place the cleaner down and vacuum step by step. We found we were even leaning on it for a bit of support as we cleaned.

Cleaning results were very good with the turbo brush, with the usual caveat that you need flexible wrists. The tool has no articulation or pivoting action of its own. As such it’s not as good for turning or spiral stairs but is fine for straight flights. You can push the tool hard into the pile without stopping the brush and it can be flipped around to clean step uprights.

The Shark is a little confounded by wooden or hard-flooring covered steps simply because there is no dedicated tool. Both the turbo brush and upholstery tools are hard plastic and might scratch more delicate surfaces. You can use the main floor head attached directly to the handle if you are strong enough to wield it. Shark NV681UKT: How does it cope with pet hair?

Powered brush bars in the main floorhead and Pet Power Brush tick all the boxes when it comes to cleaning up behind moulting animals. As an upright, the Shark does a superb job on hard floors and those headlights help chasing down pet hair tumbleweed.

Switching to the Pet Power Brush and attacking the dog’s bed and sofa, the Shark got another paws-up from our resident pooches. The brush removed hairs from the fabric well without sucking in loose fabric too badly. If you do start to get the fabric pulling, you can use the slide control on the handle to releases some suction pressure.

We gave the machine to our octogenarian tester (another Stevenson) who was suffering from ‘visitor’s dog syndrome’. It’s amazing how you don’t notice the piquant odour and hair-balls when you are a dog ‘owner’. She was very impressed with the pet-hair cleaning abilities of the main floorhead and the smaller air-powered turbo brush. This from a woman with a near OCD level fastidiousness for a clean house is praise indeed for the Shark’s ‘pet’ credentials.