Shanghai composite index gains 0.7 percent on positive growth data and sentiment

The Shanghai Composite Index gained 21.84 points today on very light volume of 122.37 million shares to close at 3,123.14, for a gain today of 0.7 percent. O o data recovery Today’s increase on the Shanghai exchange follows a 12-point decline on Thursday.

Although the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen for six out of the last eight trading days, momentum investors and chartists will take heart to see that the Shanghai Composite Index is in positive territory for most commonly used trailing time periods over the past year: It’s up 0.33 percent for the past five days, up 0.42 percent for the trailing one month, up 1.04 percent for the past 1.04 percent, up 0.63 percent year to date, and up 7.08 percent for the trailing one year period.

Rounding up other Asia markets today, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index fell 0.71 percent and the Indian S&P BSE Sensex dropped 1 percent. Data recovery illustrator But the Nikkei 225 gained 0.34 percent and the Singapore Straits Times Index was up 0.1 percent even today. Database management software The Shenzhen Composite Index gained 1.52 percent, and the tech heavy ChiNext gained 1.99 percent on Friday, and the Taiwanese Taiex Index rose 0.14 percent. Database normalization example The CSI300 closed the week 1.1 percent higher.

Property developers and utility companies took some losses on news that U.S. Database virtualization Fed Chair Janet Yellen indicated more interest rate hikes are in the offing this year, boding a stronger dollar and more challenges for the Renminbi. Data recovery machine SSEC Winners and Losers

Changhchun Yidong Clutch Co. Data recovery cell phone cranked it into high gear with a 10.03 percent gain, leading the Shanghai Exchange going into the weekend, followed by real estate/construction firm Tibet Tianlu, which ascended 9.95 percent. Data recovery wizard free CEC Corecast Corp, a maker of integrated circuit cards, chipped in with a gain of 9.06 percent. Pokemon x database Liuzhou Liangmianzhen Co., which makes personal and home care products and sanitary articles, mopped up with a 7.69 percent gain. Data recovery chicago Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co. R studio data recovery full version revved up 6.79 percent, and Guangxi Guidong Electric Power Co. Database wiki surged by 6.6 percent.

Moving over to the biggest losers for the day, developer and builder Changhchunjingkai (Group) saw its shares demolished by 9.98 percent. Data recovery freeware The next biggest loser was Cangzhou Dahua, a fertilizer maker, dropping 4.91 percent. Database clustering Speaking of dropping, Shanghai New Huang Pu, a real estate company, also dropped 4.45 percent, and Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co. Icare data recovery shares ran into market resistance, falling 4 percent even. Data recovery jacksonville fl Chinese Economy

Positive economic data powered gains in China stock markets today: The Chinese economy posted economic growth of 6.8 percent in the final quarter of the year, compared to the year earlier mark. 510 k database search The prior three quarters saw 6.7 percent growth. Database engineer While that was the slowest economic growth figure for China in 26 years, it could have been a lot worse.

However, it took a lot of government spending, stimulus and cajoling to get to the 6.7 percent annualized growth figure. Data recovery california And as we have warned multiple times in these pages, official Chinese growth figures must be taken with a large grain of salt: Two days ago, Governor Chen Quifa, head of the Liaoning Province in the industrial north of China, admitted his administration was lying about the province’s economic data from 2011 to 2014. Moto x data recovery In some cases, income data was inflated by over 100 percent. Database administrator And revenue for one county in the province was inflated by 140 percent.

While President Xi has been trying to root out official corruption, a single party state provides no check on power, as we have in the U.S. Database acid and in Europe, where competing parties take over government agencies periodically, to check and correct each other’s data.

However, the current head of the National Bureau of Statistics is insisting that national official estimates of economic growth are authentic and reliable.

In other economics news, China’s wealthy are optimistic about the economy over the next two years. Database 10g More than 90 percent of Mainland China millionaires report they are positive on the Chinese economy over the next two years, according to the Hurun Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey. Database news That’s an increase from 80 percent who reported such optimism last year.

Database key value The percentage reporting they were “extremely confident” in the Chinese economy increased from 27 to 28 percent.

The dollar slipped against the yuan today, despite a 125 basis point lower daily reference point set by the People’s Bank of China. Data recovery pro review Onshore and offshore traders bid the yuan higher against the dollar. Data recovery windows 8 The daily peg today was 6.8693 yuan against the dollar. Data recovery devices Onshore traders are permitted to trade within 2 percent of the official reference point.

Meanwhile, the People’s Bank of China injected 1.13 trillion yuan of liquidity into the economy via open market operations – a positive short-term indicator for equities. Moto g data recovery software China’s Economic Outlook

There seems to have been a lot of idle money sitting on the sidelines this week, given relatively modest volumes. Data recovery windows 10 We should see activity pick up as markets gain familiarity with the incoming Trump administration. Database youtube We are cautiously optimistic about the coming weeks and months in the Chinese economy, with the consumer showing resilience and economic growth spreading into the provinces, rather than being concentrated in a few bubbly coastal cities with frothy real estate markets.