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As I am developing web will be deployed on internet , I stored data table in session variable, I want to inquire which is best way of storing session variable, in database or in memory. Data recovery bad hard drive Data recovery micro sd card As I am developing web will be deployed on internet , I stored data table in session variable, I want to inquire which is best way of storing session variable, in database or in memory. Database field definition Data recovery minneapolis As the session usage increases wastage of memory will happen too often if number of users are more.So its best to save values in cookies.That’s what most of websites now a days follow.Even this forum uses cookies to save user session ( Not the session variable). Data recovery windows 7 Data recovery near me As I am developing web will be deployed on internet , I stored data table in session variable, I want to inquire which is best way of storing session variable, in database or in memory. Nexus 4 data recovery Data recovery nj You may seriously want to reconsider this as the Session can be a bit of a slippery slope and should generally be avoided for any types of persistent storage ( this is especially true of systems with a large number of users). Database version 706 Data recovery nyc Some users believe the Session can be great for performance and generally users will experience this extremely fast speed when accessing values from it. Cindia data recovery Data recovery nashville This is because your actual data is going to be stored in memory for each user within your application so when it is accessed, there isn’t really any request that is going to be made to pull it. Database tutorial Data recovery network drive This creates a huge bottleneck in terms of resources for your application and can really come back to bite you if you have a large number of users or data : ( Number of Users ) * ( Size of Session ) < ( Server Memory / Resources ) If this value is exceeded, you could encounter an OutOfMemoryException and your application / web server would likely be restarted ( clearing out the Session). R database packages Data recovery news This is just one of the many reasons that the Session isn't terribly "reliable" if you need any sort of data persistence. Database disk image is malformed Data recovery ntfs Any number of things could cause the Session values to be wiped, which may or may not be in the middle of someone attempting to fetch them. Windows 8 data recovery software Data recovery no root If you really need to store values or pass them around your applications, there are quite a few options out there that won't hamper your actual server down : • Using Forms - If you just need to pass values from a single page to another, you could always POST the values by defining the target page that you want to pass the values to within the "action" attribute of your

within your ASPX • Using the ViewState – This is another option although it is a bit similar to the Session, but it will only persist the values while on a single Page. Database naming standards Data recovery options This can be useful if you are going to continually post back and forth to the same page • Using the QueryString – If you need to make a single request to pass values from one page to another, you could consider populating several variables within the QueryString parameters of a Reponse.Redirect() request and passing them along. Data recovery training online Data recovery on mac • Using Cookies – If you need to persist your values or data throughout multiple pages and don’t want to use the Session, you can store your values within cookies in the browser. Database query Data recovery on ssd Cookies are far more hearty than the Session and as long as • Using a Database – Finally, the most persistent form of data, which may generally be overkill for many situations, would be to store your values within a database. Database isolation levels Data recovery online This should really only be used if you need to store the data long-term As you can see, there are quite a few alternatives to the Session, and I would recommend looking into each of these as they will allow you to built a much more tolerant and scalable solution. Database version control Data recovery osx The syntax to get/update Session variable is same as that of ViewState. Database record definition Data recovery orlando So, ideally you shouldn’t face the problem in using one mechanism if you know how to use other mechanism. Database glossary Data recovery open source Generally if the data that will be used with in the page, then Session will not be used and as you specified ViewState is one of the alternatives. Data recovery druid Data recovery on iphone It depends on the website load. Data recovery houston tx Data recovery on android If there are more number of users, then more server resources will be consumed and even getting the data from IIS may be slow in such case. Database 2010 O o data recovery But if the users are less, then retrieving from IIS will be faster. Dayz database map List of data recovery software Remember, the On the other hand, getting the session from SQL will need another call to SQL to fetch the records. Database website template Cost of data recovery Under the hood, the data will be stored in serialized format and to get it into object, the deserialization will be performed by server. 7 data recovery registration code Types of data recovery So this is a bit of overhead – but SQL storage is most reliable as the data will not be lost even if the application pool is recycled or IIS is restarted etc.