Sensor specifications _ global tropical moored buoy array

These tables identify the types of sensors used on PMEL designed* GTMBA moorings and list their accuracies. Data recovery tools mac Most instrumental accuracies listed are based on pre-deployment and post-recovery calibrations and are the root mean square drift of a group of sensors. Z wave database Mechanical current meters and current profilers accuracies are based on intercomparisons between co-located instruments.

Database orm References where available are indicated by [#] in the comments column and listed at the end of the tables. Database workbench Accuracies of sensors which have not yet been evaluated by GTMBA are those specified by the manufacturer and are indicated by [M].

In cases where sensors are paired with PMEL supplied electronics (e.g., analog to digital boards) calibrations include both the sensor and PMEL electronics. Database best practices Accuracies listed here (with the exception of currents) do not include environmental factors such as wind (on rainfall) or buoy motion(on radiation). Database schema Measurement ranges listed are generally those over which the sensors are calibrated. Data recovery external hard drive The ranges over which a sensor will operate (determined by the sensor and/or PMEL electronics) are listed in parenthesis if they significantly exceed the calibration range.

PIRATA and RAMA are is presently maintained with T-Flex moorings and Next Generation ATLAS moorings. Database 1 to many Basic measurements on T-Flex and ATLAS moorings are wind, air temperature, relative humidity, SST and 10 subsurface temperatures. Data recovery galaxy s6 Next Generation ATLAS and T-Flex moorings have the flexibility for additional sensors (rainfall, shortwave and longwave radiation, barometric pressure, salinity and ocean currents). Os x data recovery software All PIRATA and RAMA moorings include rainfall, shortwave and sainity sensors. Database technology Additional sensors are deployed at selected mooring sites often in collaboration with other research programs, e.g., OceanSITES. Database queries definition Basic data from ATLAS moorings are available on the GTS network. Data recovery mac free Basic and additional data from T-Flex moorings are also available on the GTS network.

Sensor specifications for standard ATLAS and early current meter moorings (both of which are no longer in use) are shown in the bottom table.

A comparison of ATLAS, TRITON, and IMET mooring meteorological sensors from a land-based intercomparison study at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in May-June 2000 shows that in general the three systems measure to equivalent standards of accuracy. Data recovery phone The full report of this intercomparison is contained in footnote [13] below.

A comparison of ATLAS, T-Flex, and BaiLong (an ATLAS-like system implemented by China’s First Institute of Oceanography deployed in RAMA) mooring meteorological sensors from a land-based intercomparison study at PMEL in Julay-Sept 2014 showed that in general ATLAS and T-Flex systems measure to equivalent standards of acccuracy. Database normalization The full report of this intercomparison is contained in footnote [17] below.

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Footnote: This study discovered a systematic error in standard and NextGeneration ATLAS wind directions of approximately 6.8° in the counterclockwise direction. Data recovery boston ma This error was present possibly as far back as 1984. Ipad 2 data recovery Modifications were made to the NextGeneration ATLAS system in 2000 to correct this error in subsequent deployments, and archived NextGeneration ATLAS wind directions were corrected (both daily averages and high resolution datasets) on 28 March 2002. Data recovery company See Corrected Next-Generation Atlas Wind Directions . Data recovery network drive Standard ATLAS wind directions have not been corrected in the archives since the exact time when the error began to affect the measurements is unknown. Data recovery yelp Standard ATLAS were used exclusively between 1984 and 1996 when NextGeneration ATLAS moorings began to replace them. Database join table By November 2001, the standard ATLAS had been phased out and the array was comprised entirely of NextGeneration systems. Google database Expected RMS error for standard ATLAS wind direction is 7.8° (of which 6.8° is a bias) while expected RMS error for NextGeneration ATLAS wind directions is about ± 5° with no appreciable bias.

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