Senior database administrator job

Under general direction, administers Agency’s database and ensures the health, integrity, security, recoverability, and availability of all Agency data repositories 24/7; serves as technical and process lead and directs the work of less experienced database administrators and contractors; recommends and implements standards for administering Agency data repositories; develops processes and tools for use with Agency data repositories; and researches industry technology trends to identify strategic changes in Agency data repository planning.

The following duties ARE NOT intended to serve as a comprehensive list of all duties performed by all employees in this classification, only a representative summary of the primary duties and responsibilities. Database record Incumbent(s) may not be required to perform all duties listed and may be required to perform additional, position-specific duties.

• Serves as a technical resource on Agency database systems and works on problems or projects of advanced complexity where analysis of situations or data requires in-depth evaluation of various factors; installs, patches, and upgrades database management systems and associated tools; administers and upgrades the code repository software; maintains, administers, reviews, and develops systems for monitoring functionality and integrity; monitors database systems and identifies potential data or other system bottlenecks; checks and maintains data integrity using automated and manual methods; makes monitoring results available to other members of the IT staff for use in preventative maintenance; performs advanced database troubleshooting and performance optimization; performs 24/7 operational support of key Agency database systems; evaluates database needs and applies technical principles and concepts to develop business solutions; directs, monitors and maintains database security; and designs and maintains data security models to protect core business databases from corruption, improper use, and unauthorized access.

• Monitors and maintains system storage and retrieval systems; oversees the coordination of the backup of database systems with IT infrastructure staff; ensures implementation of backup solutions; implements and administers data redundancy systems; ensures high availability of Agency databases; assists application owners with recovery model selection for various databases; optimizes scripts and stored procedures to increase database performance; directs the scheduling of maintenance and backup jobs to provide optimal server performance to users; maintains a current understanding of the applications using the Agency database systems; and establishes, develops, and maintains Database Administration standards, procedures and documentation.

• Provides technical and process lead for other database staff and consultants; coordinates work load and priorities of other database administrators (DBAs); trains and mentors less experienced DBAs; provides staffing recommendations to supervisors; serves as primary technical database liaison with business units, and other IT staff; and manages database related projects by coordinating staff, resources and schedules.

• Develops and designs automation scripts for database maintenance and monitoring, schemas, stored procedures, triggers, ETL and SSIS packages, schedules, publications, subscriptions and database architecture; researches, analyzes and evaluates new data delivery methods; develops and maintains complicated ETL packages used in the transformation and loading of data from many different sources and in many different formats; develops and recommends methods of reducing reporting and ETL traffic on our transactional database systems; uses .Net technologies to enhance the functionality of SSIS packages; develops complicated SQL scripts for a variety of uses, including but not limited to: ETL, data loading, data modification, database administration, and database monitoring; troubleshoots and enhances legacy DTS packages, ETL systems, SQL and VB scripts; uses other scripting technologies to assist in database administration, ETL and maintenance; assists in the development and develops database models; initiates, adheres to and helps develop Agency development standards.

• Designs, maintains and alters new and existing database backend systems including database storage design such as physical file location, database architecture, logical and physical drive assignments, hardware selection and configuration, SAN related recommendations, and software version selection; scans for hot fixes, service packs and security patches or problems; makes recommendations on what needs to be applied to our current database systems; monitors and adjusts servers to ensure optimal performance; monitors capacity; and makes hardware purchase recommendations.

• Provides support to the division/department on matters as directed; serves as staff on a variety of committees; maintains awareness of new trends and developments in the fields related to area of assignment; ensures processes, policies and practices are interpreted and applied consistently and effectively; ensures accountability and compliance with all current and applicable state and federal laws, Agency policies and procedures, rules and regulations.

Bachelors Degree in computer science, information technology, business management information systems, or closely related field and six years of information technology experience that includes four years of database administration and development experience; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with other department staff, management, vendors, outside agencies, community groups and the general public.

• Interpreting and administering policies and procedures sufficient to administer, discuss, resolve, and explain them to staff and other constituencies.

• Developing SQL, .NET and other types of scripts, stored procedures, triggers, ETL, DTS and SSIS packages, schedules, publications, and subscriptions.

• Updating, patching and upgrading Agency databases to maintain supportable, high availability systems, database stability, performance, accuracy and redundancy.

The Agency promotes a safe and healthy work environment and provides appropriate safety and equipment training for all personnel as required.

It is the responsibility of all employees to follow the Agency safety rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to their assigned duties and responsibilities, which could include systems, operations, and/or other employees.