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There were thousands of cybersecurity breaches during 2016, some large, many small, some well publicized, others still undiscovered. Database job titles The vast majority of these attacks shared a primary objective: economic gain for the attackers.

Even so, the year will be most remembered for a group of breaches that had a political, not economic, agenda: the cybertheft and publication of emails and other documents from the Democratic National Committee and from members of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign team. Data recovery linux live cd But in the wake of the attacks, cyberthreats have achieved a higher profile among the American public than has ever before existed.

This increased awareness and concern could prove to be the silver lining of the election-year incursions. S pombe database Not only did the attacks raise troubling questions about the vulnerability of our political system to malevolent outsiders, they brought home to many people – and organizations – the critical importance of implementing comprehensive cyber protections and practices.

Most large organizations, of course, already had plenty of incentives to erect strong cybersecurity controls, even before the DNC’s hacking hit the front page. Database usa Major retailers, insurance companies, entertainment conglomerates, and federal agencies have been among the many organizations suffering damaging breaches in recent years. Data recovery pro license key The Identity Theft Resource Center has compiled a list of 980 breaches that occurred during 2016, exposing more than 35 million records.

At the same time, the volume, diversity and sophistication of cyberattacks continued to increase. Data recovery on android One relatively new form of cyberthreat – ransomware – went mainstream in a big way during the year. Icare data recovery 94fbr After gaining access to an organization’s computers, ransomware attackers encrypt files or lock down systems and demand payments from the victims to regain control over their data and systems.

In just the first three months of 2016, cybercriminals extorted more than $200 million in ransomware payments, according to the FBI. Image database That put this form of cyberattack on pace to become a $1 billion crime during the year, the agency predicted.

Another regrettable milestone reached in the past 12 months was the first significant attack leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Database web application After gaining illicit access to approximately 100,000 poorly secured consumer devices, attackers launched a massive distributed denial of service assault against Dyn, a Domain Name Service provider. Database graphic The attack knocked many websites off line for hours, including those of Twitter, Amazon and Netflix, among others.

Fortunately, the past year also saw the arrival of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity technologies and solutions. In databases a category of data is called a These solutions include everything from advanced data encryption services to virtualized security controls to “self-learning” threat analytics solutions that leverage machine learning techniques. Database wordpress These and other cybersecurity protections, implemented on-site and in the cloud, should make it increasingly difficult for cyberthieves, hackers and even nation states to penetrate well-guarded networks, systems and data.

Still, even the most sophisticated security controls can prove inadequate if individual employees or consumers continue to click on suspect hyperlinks, open unknown attachments or transmit sensitive information over unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

That brings us back to the potential for the DNC’s hacking to have at least some positive effect. Note 2 data recovery Given those high-profile breaches, and their multiple investigations, it seems certain we’re entering 2017 with an American population much more aware of cyber-based dangers than was the case a year ago.

Dwight Davis has reported on and analyzed computer and communications industry trends, technologies and strategies for more than 35 years. Tally erp 9 data recovery All opinions expressed are his own. Database erd AT&T has sponsored this blog post.