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This is a Scheme of Work comprising of 10 specific lessons which will take students through the basics of Adobe Photoshop.Each lesson is set out as an individual Power-Point presentation with lesson objectives, success criteria mapped to AQA’s latest Media Studies GCSE/A-level Specification, starter/main/plenary and extension tasks and even teachers notes to help deliver them effectively.All teachers need to do is read through the power-point before delivery and they are good to go. Data recovery external hard drive mac This really is teach-by-numbers planning.The scheme includes all required imagery for the lessons along with extra guides and tutorials, mark scheme and a symbol feedback system designed to save you time and work load when giving performance advice to students.With extension activities and extra time given to complete tasks, this scheme can be easily extended to cover anywhere from 12 up to 24, 1 hour lessons.This scheme is perfect for all students no matter the age, ability or experience.All you need is Adobe Photoshop and a computer suite.Notes: This scheme has been designed using Adobe Photoshop CS5 but is still relevant to all versions of Photoshop.An example lesson from this scheme can be downloaded for free if you want to see what you will be buying.Please message me if you need any clarification, help or guidance and I will be more than happy to help.

A spreadsheet worksheet that can be easily marked (it self-marks for half of it). Database management systems Students can mostly work through it independently – it introduces them to the concept of using charts and graphs in Excel. 7 data recovery review We use it as a lesson prior to the Excel ECDL exam. Mode s database There are four tabs at the bottom:Starter: This follows on from my IF/COUNT/ROUND worksheet (available on TES) to see how much students remember.

Windows 8 data recovery It self-marks.Task 1: This checks that students can format a chart and understand the link between the data and what is visually represented.Task 2: This gives students the opportunity to use modelling to put different values into a table to get the correct graph displayed. Java 8 database It self-marks. Database tools Task 3: This asks students to represent data in specific ways and gives them examples of what the charts should look like so they can self or peer assess. Drupal 7 database api The data is given to them in a table and they are told what should be output. Raid 6 data recovery If they can manage this successfully then they should be able to tackle the ECDL exam charts without any problems!This should take most students 45-60 minutes to complete. Database architecture It has been tested on a number of mixed-ability classes.