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Tremec Tko 5-speeds – Selecting the most appropriate One So that you have decided the benefits that the TKO five speed provides are worth the expense and effort. R database packages Now, the question is which one is the most readily useful match for your car? Would you like the extra deep first gear in the TKO500, or would the closer gear spacing of the TKO600 be a better match for your combination? Should you choose the 0. Database disk image is malformed 82 overdrive ratio in the TKO600 instead of the 0. Windows 8 data recovery software 64? If you have a Ford, which input shaft do you will need? The first determining factor when choosing a TKO will be your engine’s power output. Database naming standards Keep in mind that transmissions are rated for torque, not horsepower. Data recovery training online The peak horsepower number doesn’t really matter much, it is torque that breaks things! The TKO500 is rated for 500 lb. Database query -ft. Database isolation levels of torque, and the TKO600 is rated at 600 lb. Database version control -ft. Database record definition Even though both TKOs will stand up to considerably more torque than they are rated for, you nevertheless still need to keep the torque capacity rating in mind.

Database glossary The second thing you will need to consider is your rear axle ratio. Data recovery druid The overall rule of thumb, with exceptions, is that most vehicles with a rear gear in the high twos or low threes (2. Data recovery houston tx 73, 3. Database 2010 08, 3. Dayz database map 23, 3. Database website template 36, and so on ) is a good candidate for the TKO500. 7 data recovery registration code The reduced 3. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf 27: 1 first gear in the TKO500 will give you much better off the line acceleration than a typical four speed, and help compensate for the “highway gear” in the rear axle. Database key definition Anything with an axle ratio in the high threes or more (3. Database hierarchy 73, 3. Data recovery on mac 90, 4. Data recovery kali linux 10, 4. I card data recovery 30, 4. Database name 56, etc . Database quiz ) would be better suited to the TKO600. Database url With a rear axle ratio of 3. Os x data recovery free 73: 1 or higher (numerically), your car doesn’t need as much “help” off the line as the numerically lower axle ratios do, and the slightly taller overdrive of the TKO600 with the 0. Fda 510 k database 64 fifth gear will lower your highway RPM more than the 0. Database research 68: 1 that is in the TKO-500. Graph database If you have an axle ratio in the mid-threes, (3. Data recovery android free 42, 3. Database software 50, 3. Database software definition 55 you could go with just one, and the best choice will depend on the third and fourth factors. Database error 7719 at exe The next factor you need to look at is your rear tire size. Data recovery nj If you have a really tall rear tire, the reduction in effective gear ratio that the tire provides needs to be taken into account. Iphone 6 data recovery mac A tire that is 26-27″ tall is considered fairly normal for a muscle car. Database design tool If you should be running 30″ tall Mickey Thompsons, but your tire height is likely to make a 3. H data recovery software 73: 1 rear axle ratio perform more like a 3. 1 care data recovery software 25: 1 axle ratio would with a 26″ tall tire! The fourth aspect to consider is your engine’s temperament, along with your driving habits. Database user interface Do you have a relatively mild engine that is happy when cruising at 2000 RPM, or is your engine more high-strung and doesn’t really start to run cleanly until you hit 2800 RPM? Do you often drive long distances on the interstate at 75 MPH, or do you stick to secondary roads where you rarely go significantly more than 60 MPH? It is very possible to get too much overdrive, and end up with a car that you can’t put into fifth gear if you don’t are running at least 80 MPH because at lower speeds the overdrive drops your engine RPM too much. Data recovery jaipur That is when the TKO600 with the 0. Database platforms 82 overdrive may be the best choice. Data recovery group Many people who take part in road racing prefer the TKO600 with the 0. Database xls 82 overdrive, because it keeps their engine in its powerband on a road course in fifth gear, and the 0. C database library 64: 1 ratio would lower their RPM too much. 510 k database The last question to answer only applies to Ford owners. How to become a database administrator There are four different input shaft patterns readily available for the TKO in a Ford: 10 spline and 26 spline, short or long. Database xml The TKO500 is available with either a 10-spline Ford pattern input shaft or a 26-spline GM pattern input shaft. Database terminology The TKO600 is available with the stronger 26-spline GM pattern. Database theory For the input shaft length, basically you need to know what size and year engine you have, and what depth your bellhousing is. Database 1 to 1 relationship Ford has used several different bellhousing depths over time, and there are more variations than I’ve room to get into here. Database testing Most Tremec distributors can help you determine what input shaft you need if you have the above mentioned information. Database graph When choosing a TKO that is right for your car, you will need to think about your engine’s torque output, your rear axle ratio, your tire size, your engine’s temperament, along with your normal cruising speed. Database naming conventions If you have a Ford, you will need to know the engine size and year, as well as the bellhousing depth. Database entity Once you understand how all these come together, you are ready to choose the transmission that suits your needs the very best. Database developer For more information on TKO specifications, options, and the benefits of an overdrive, take a good look at my other articles in this series. Data recovery plan Keisler Engineering has a really useful tool on their internet site called a Speed Analyzer. Data recovery kansas city You can key in the tire size printed on your sidewall (i. N k database e. Data recovery 2016 235/60-15), choose an engine RPM that you would like to cruise at on the highway, and then you can observe what MPH that combination will yield with your axle ratio. 510 k database fda In the event that you play with different tire sizes, you can view how much difference a tall tire makes, and make certain you are choosing a TKO that will keep your engine happy on the highway. Database programmer Give Keisler Engineering a call at (865) 609-8187 for more information on TKO transmissions and what it takes to install one in your muscle car or street rod. Data recovery osx Woodworking Shop Queens Reviews Woodworking Shop Queens Social News