Rocket d3 technical specifications _ rocket software

Rocket FlashConnect consists of two components, the Web server component and the D3 component. Database administrator While both components can reside on the same physical system, usually, for security reasons the Web server and the D3 component are located on physically different systems.

Rocket FlashConnect components can be mixed and matched across Web servers and D3 platforms. Database acid One or more Web servers running the Rocket FlashConnect Web component can work with one or more D3 database servers.

Database 10g Each server can be running on a different hardware or O/S platform.

• Whenever the Web server is started, a Rocket FlashConnect program must also be started. Database news This program must be able to create and access a named pipe in the /tmp directory.

• Multilevel security supports user and account passwords and file access restrictions including update name, date stamping and encryption. Database key value Supports SSL and SSH communications. Data recovery pro review Host Authentication offers enhanced user security by validating the user within the O/S.

• Allows multiple connections from a client to share a single license. Data recovery windows 8 Supported clients include both the .NET and Java (Windows only) MVSP clients and wIntegrate’s Telnet and SSH connections.

• Through shared program object code usage and virtual memory management, D3 requires as little as one-fifth the memory per user of other database products.

• Import and Export features facilitate complete movement of data between environments. Data recovery devices Files can be maintained where they are most often used, and portability between versions of D3 makes data and programs transportable between development and production systems.

• Examples of SQL features supported include: Create/Drop Table, Select, Insert, Update/Delete Searched, Simple Expressions, Alter Table, Full Select, Create/Drop Index, Select for Update, Update/Delete Positioned, Unions and Transaction Processing statements.

• All statements completely support the Rocket D3 DBMS MultiValue data structure. Moto g data recovery software This includes, but is not limited to, single-value, multi-values and multi-subvalues, correlatives, translates, standard dictionary definition, etc.

• Utilities are provided to assist in the creation of a semantic layer that describes the D3 database in normalized relational definitions that SQL/ODBC-based clients expect. Data recovery windows 10 The existing D3 database structure does not require any physical alterations.

• Rocket D3 DBMS ODBC supports Star Schema index structures, database triggers, constraints, and execution of AQL statements and stored procedures.

• All database access via SQL also honors the OSFI (Open System File interface) that enables the re-vectoring of file I/O to remote D3 AIX, D3 Linux, D3 Windows or other heterogeneous file systems.

• The D3 SQL-CREATE-TABLE utility is used to create a data map of a ‘normalized’ view of the D3 file, which is utilized to produce the SQL results.