Remove bankworm virus (virus removal instructions) – chrome, firefox, ie, edge database hardware

The Bankworm virus is a name of a non-existent cyber infection, which is used as an intimidation strategy to make Mac OS X users download Advanced Mac Cleaner tool. Typically, people start encountering fake “ Download Required” pop-up messages after the installation of freeware, [1] but they can also accidentally encounter it when visiting untrustworthy domains. The alert notifies the user of the targeted system about a high-risk Bankworm infection, which supposedly has already infected /os/apps/worm.icv. At the bottom of the pop-up, people see a Remove virus now button, which redirects to Advanced Mac Cleaner download website. Name

The Bankworm virus is an invented cyber infection, which is used as a marketing tool for Advanced Mac Cleaner. Most of the AV vendors classify it as PUP and have already included it into a virus database.

It has been found that this questionable optimization utility spreads bundled with freeware and displays bogus scan results to make people purchase its license. Some people reported this problem as Bankworm MacKeeper virus, so it might be that MacKeeper is also involved in this shady marketing campaign.

Besides, its developers (PCVARK) uses aggressive advertising techniques that are not acceptable. The Bankworm Apple scam is one of them. The company tries to intimidate its users claiming that their PCs are infected with the Bankworm virus, which is supposedly dangerous due to the leakage of sensitive information.

The URL address may differ each time. However, all of them mimics Apple design and impersonates the company to prove credibility. The Bankworm pop-up alert does not feature Apple-related logos, but it can sometimes be accompanied by such and similar pop-up alerts that freeze web browser’s screen:

In a nutshell, do not fall for believing in that Bankworm virus is trying to steal your credentials because there’s no such infection at all. You keep seeing those alerts due to aggressive marketing strategies used by PCVARK team. Therefore, you should scan your Mac with Reimage or another professional anti-virus to remove Bankworm virus pop-ups from your Mac.

Bankworm removal can be initiated manually as well. For this purpose, you should open Mac’s library and eliminate all suspicious entries. However, since the exact program that causes the Bankworm scam has not been identified yet, you may face difficulties in malware elimination. That’s why we recommend using a security tool.

Malware, namely adware and browser hijacker, are typically distributed in a software package. In other words, they are attacked by free programs as “optional components” and marked by default. Such distribution strategy is legitimate and officially dubbed as “bundling.”

But despite being legitimate, it’s classified as unfair as it does not disclose additional components in a proper way. The installation setup automatically permits installation of all browser add-ons, toolbars, extensions, etc. if PC’s owner selects Quick or Recommended installation option. That’s why unwanted programs are such a frequent “guests” in people’s PCs.

To prevent your PC from being contaminated by PUPs, cybersecurity experts from [3] recommend people to opt for the Advance or Custom freeware installation option. This way, you will be able to monitor the installation process and deselect the components that are spreading alongside. A guide on how to remove Bankworm scam on Mac

Bankworm virus pop-up is fake, so don’t fall into panic. Nevertheless, it’s emergence indicates the fact that your Mac is infected with malware, known as adware. Thus, you should take corresponding actions and get rid of it to stop rogue alerts on your web browser.