Recovery and wellness amidst schizophrenia_ definitions, evidence, and the implications for clinical practice – jan 21, 2010

Emerging evidence from longitudinal studies has suggested that many with schizophrenia can meaningfully recover over time. Database yml Recovery, though, is not a uniform process but varies from person to person and can involve a range of different experiences including the attainment of psychosocial milestones, the remission of symptoms, and changes in self-experience or personal narrative. Database in excel To address the issue of recovery from schizophrenia, this article reviews currently evolving definitions of recovery and possible ways to understand recovery as involving both an objective and two subjective dimensions. G info database Emerging operational definitions are explored and then empirical research is reviewed regarding actual rates and forms of recovery.

Database book It is concluded that although many with schizophrenia experience significant challenges linked with illness over time, more people than not experience meaningful periods of relative wellness. Q prime database Implications for how daily practice can reinforce and promote recovery are discussed.

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