Recovering mysql files and database tables

For the case when we need to recover database tables, we will be interested in a folder containing data of a specific database and the files which are found there. Database queries must be MySQL Database Files

MySQL is compatible with a number of file formats such as .sql, .arm, .cnf, .dbs, .ddl, .frm, .ibd, .ism, .mrg, .myd, .myi, .mysql, .opt, .phl, .sal, .sqr, .tmd, .arz, .ibz, .ibc, .qbquery, .rul. Database journal However, this is not the topic of this article. Data recovery boston Today we are interested in the files where data and tables are stored; by recovering such files, a user will be able to get important information back and avoid losing it in the future.

Data of every database is stored in a folder with its name and depending on the table type, tables are stored in files with the following extensions:

Recovering a MySQL database is not difficult technically, but it depends on a number of conditions. Database connection For users of MySQL Workbench there is a function of Export and Import/Data Restore for databases.

In addition, a backup copy can be created, and a MySQL database can be restored with mysqldump (which we have described in detail in one of our articles).

However, these functions apply more to creatig backups of MySQL data with the help of built-in tools. S memo data recovery Advanced users or those who failed to use the backup functions for MySQL databases will also be interested in how to create backups and restore databases manually, by using the abovementioned structure files and table data:

• Creating a copy of MySQL table database is possible by copying structure files and data files (*.opt, *.frm, *.myd, *.myi for MyIsam; *.opt, *.frm, *.ibd for InnoDB) and savig them into another folder.

• It is possible to recover MySQL database table information by putting the previously copied structure files and data files into the folders of already existing bases (in our case, these are two bases: my_db и my_db2).

If for some reason you deleted a MySQL database, reinstalled Windows or formatted a hard disk, everything can be restored by usig the method described above, by putting the previously copied database files into the folder with the name of the database:

If the user failed to create a copy of database files beforehand, they can be recovered with Hetman Partition Recovery, and then be sent to the necessary folder using the method described above.

MyISAM tables of a MySQL database can be damaged as a result a sudden interruption of a record process or a computer shutdown, hardware and software errors and failures, and also when trying to debug the table used by the server with the help of myisamchk.

As a result of damage, data can disappear from the table or be wrongly represented, but most often damage to the table results in an error like this: «Incorrect key file for table: ‘table_name’. Database structure Try to repair it»

Myisamchk works by way of debugging and creating a copy of .myd file, with further replacement of the damaged file with this file. Data recovery iso That is why before using this command it is beter to create a backup of the table file which you are going to recover.

where, -r -q – is the quick recovery mode. Iphone 6 data recovery software In this case, the index file will be corrected without changing the database file. Cpu z database If the data file contains all necessary things, and the remote links indicate correct positions in the data file, as a result of this command the table will be repaired.

where, -r – is the recovery mode. Data recovery kickass In this case, incorrect and lost entries will be deleted from the data file, and the index file will be recreated (as described above).

Please note. A database can best be described as If table debugging and recovery are going to be done from the command prompt, then the server should be stopped beforehand. Os x database It should be noted that when performing mysqladmin shutdown from a remote server mysqld will still operate for some time after shutting down mysqladmin, until all enquiries are stopped and all keys are saved to disk.

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