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NodeJS is a battle proven backend used across large, medium, and small companies. I honestly wouldn’t even consider it an emerging technology anymore. It does a lot of things really well and for frontend heavy apps it’s kind of dumb not to use it, since it’s able to do things like pre-render frontend templating or share validation logic.

More often than not, I see the node layer communicating with microservices or apis, rather than dealing with the DB itself. But those who do use it to talk to the DB directly are usually using mysql/maria or postgresql. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen mongo in production, nor do I hear it ever getting mentioned in serious conversation.Join them

For your projects you should choose what you’re most familiar with or what you feel like you should use.

It really doesn’t matter even a little tiny bit unless you’re dealing with large teams or high traffic, so questions like this shouldn’t really be given much thought. Feel free to experiment and have fun. Do what you feel like doing.

Thank you mawburn for your advise. Because I don’t like to waste time I try now to build an app with react, redux, express, node, mongodb. I didn’t find good tutorials how to make an app with react, PHP and mysql, so that is why I go with what I just wrote above.

So to answer to your question, to be clear, when someone asked me the same question I will answer to him: this is good but I had some problems there, this is better, because works really fine, etc.React mysql to give an example, when someone(a company) asked me on linkedin why I go now with react and not with angular or vuejs, I answered(something like this I was expecting, too, from one of you, about my question):

I worked in the past with plain javascript, then I tried angularjs, but I didn’t like it. VueJS came like a very easy framework to use and implement.

ReactJS showed up between vuejs and angularjs. I mean vue is in one extreme, angular in the other extreme and react is in the middle. It’s not an easy library to use, because you have to master javascript to understand reactjs very well. But, if you love javascript, and not other things like typescript, etc, you can learn react in a shorter time.Company asked

I can show you what are the big differences between vuejs and reactjs. I will not include angularjs because went down and a lot of companies tend to use now vuejs or reactjs.

In vue you can write normal HTML. React can do that too, all you have to do is ensure that all your class attributes are called classname and style attributes don’t have string values anymore.

I’m sorry that I made a mistake when I said in the beginning that I learn react right now. I mean that I did a lot of tutorials with react and now I want to implement it in real project because I like it. I don’t have time to make tutorials, if that was your advise.

Don’t worry, even will take me a lot of time to test all the 3 options from the title, I will know then, which one option is better and why.Company asked I thought by asking here, people will give me some ideas which what option was better for them.

Talking with friends about this subject, about these 3 options from the title, one friend, that left the company where I work now, told me to join them if I want to learn how to make big projects with react, PHP and mysql, because they do big apps bingo and casino, only with react, PHP and mysql .

Someone else, from a diff company, asked me in private, if I want to join them to work with react, nodejs and mongodb/mysql . I didn’t know that if you want to learn something better you have to change your job .