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Idk i think whatever they are doing with the name is bigger then just masking it as a display namr they are actually going in & moving everything to a base id to free up your actual psn you use now according to the SDK update from awhile back.

my only question is why would you even need a cosole update to chage your ID? Managing IDs are not dependant on a console, you can do it all without ever owning a console

A database of this sort requires that Sony has some mechanism of uniquely identifying you [0]. No 1 data recovery software In a table of PSN users, this would be a primary key. Data recovery iphone free Other tables that need to have some sort of reference to a given user will have as a part of their record a copy of this primary key; holding another tables primary key as a way of referencing back to it is known as holding a foreign key.

Now say Sony has a table containing some basic user information. Database 11g It has primary keys such as “ValhallaOutcast”, “NatalyasRevenge”, and “YaztromoX”, along with some other information such as our passwords, real names, etc. Data recovery thumb drive It might look something like this (note that the primary key field is in bold):

(Again, versions are just made up for sake of example. Data recovery hardware tools In the real table, there would probably be a dozen or more fields to describe a single game)

So how do we know what games each person owns? That would require a third table, which maps the primary key from the PSN Users table to the Primary Key of the Game table, like so:

Sony could have thousands of tables like this; tables to keep every chat message that goes through PSN, tables listing each and every trophy that has been earned, etc.

This is also where the problems come in. Os x data recovery Say you are able to access Sony’s database directly, and you change your name in the PSN Users table:

And now you have a problem.

R studio data recovery download Because all of the other tables still reference and map your data you by your old name, you’ve just lost all of your chats, trophies, and games. Data recovery western digital Now it is conceivably possible to find and update each and every foreign key relation to match your new username, however this introduces a lot of problems. Top 5 data recovery software What to do about billing tables, and in particular old bills from before you changed your name? What about mapping old mentions to you inside chat message tables to your new ID? What about applications that may have cached your user ID? Updating everything everywhere when the unique key that identifies you actually becomes very challenging; even in cases where you can do it, it often becomes computationally expensive. Data recovery mac And as nearly anyone who has every actually done this on a massive commercial database can tell you, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks and have data loss when you try to change primary keys that have existed for a long time with a lot of data associated with them.

Now this is solvable, however it’s generally easier to design-in in the first place rather than try to retrofit afterward. Database website The solution is to assign each and every table entry a unique ID that is not tired to information that can change. Data recovery denver Using the above example tables, we can “fix” the problems with using the PSN ID as a primary/foreign key relation by introducing a unique, fixed number for each user, and then using that as the unique identifier instead of the username:

That fixes the problem — in fact, ideally you’d do this with every table that has uniquely identifiable information that may be referenced as a foreign key in other tables (so in the above example, you’d probably want to add a unique ID number to the Games table as well; then the User:Game mapping table would be nothing but ID mappings). Data recovery galaxy s4 With the above structure, you can now change identifying information such as your PSN ID in one place; the computer can retrieve it when it needs it for display, but otherwise use your unique numeric ID when it needs to reference you specifically.

The big problem with the above for a massive, established database is, of course, the need to add a new column to the Users table (which let’s face it easily contains tens of millions of rows in this case), generate unique IDs for everyone, and then update all foreign keys in the entire database to use the new unique ID primary key instead of the PSN ID. R studio data recovery free full version All applications would also have to be changed to use this ID internally, but use the PSN ID attached to it for display (you would want someone to get a chat message from ‘784327954778’, would you?). Data recovery equipment Queries would have to be updated to perform a JOIN between any table with a foreign key into the Users table in order to continue to return the PSN ID where expected. Database primary key This is a massive change, and you can’t do it overnight in a database that probably has terabytes of data in it, with tens of millions of individual records that are all cross-referenced using these IDs. Database link oracle It requires a ton of development, testing, and coordination between Sony, app and game developers.

[0] – FWIW, I have no idea what any of Sony’s PSN backend data storage looks like. 7 data recovery key But I have seen many commercial databases that have made this same mistake of trying to tie identifying information for a user as the primary key, only to be bit on the behind later because of it. Database manager salary It happen frequently with websites that use your e-mail address as your unique key, forgetting that people can and do in fact change their e-mail adresses fro time to time!