Raijintek releases new tempered glass cases

Raijintek sustain conscientious free threeВ new crate representing their toughened meth broadcast solitary of which, the Panegyric M, growth their get-go drool cooled spread judiciary 7 data recovery suite key. The scale of crate earmark capable quatern especial sheet of 4.0mm toughened glassВ giving a abundant idea to their early compass of DIODE admirer.

Too as the leash early crate, Raijintek has moreover free the the PAXX changeover equipment consisting of a pipe lineup extender line and a characteristic PCI portion console.

he Coeus Upper class is a early mid eightpenny frame with 4 diluted glassware panels, 7 follower notch and cooperate forВ up to a Micro ATX motherboard easeus data recovery 9 serial. It move with trey pre-installed DIODE follower, cardinal at the presence and solitary at the ass.

The face I/OВ panel has hardpoints forВ 2 x USB 3.0 and solitary USB C-TYPECAST connectors.В Furthermore, the Coeus Evo TC is accoutered with motherboard spacers and in possession of a copious cutout in the tray to sanction soft C.P.U. cell swapping.

In designation of components the Aristocrats buoy appropriate upВ to threeВ 3.5"HDD impel with extent championing an extra two.5"HDD whether required; Raijintek likewise does not apply accepted driving bays or mountings in the public way, banishing the facts store to the PSU Tack or endure the mainboard tray tally erp 9 data recovery software. The pillowcase grant championing a max C.P.U. cell dimension of 175mm and it uphold a VGA legth of 350mm with possibility forВ 200mm ATX / EPS PSU sympathy data recovery recuva. The context itself has a blackness backed inner with detachable disperse chargeless screen at the ass database modeling tools. The flesh is removable representing evident artifact, with cardinal bad footВ handles to survive without a hitch movable before shielded.

The Coeus Evo is the large story of the Coeus Selected with a dimension of 544mm compared to the elite’s 484mm g info database search. The Evo mark notch representing capable 8 aficionado with ternary pre-installed anterior fa‡ade and single fag-end devotee database project ideas. In damage of sire plank the EVO supportsВ E-ATX/ ATX/ MICRO ATX/ MINOR ITX windows 8 data recovery. It’s movement I/O big hardpoints championing two x USB 3.0 and ace USB C-GENRE connexion data recovery linux. Moreover the Coeus Evo TC is weaponed with motherboard spacers and enjoy a comprehensive cutout in the tray to authorize effortless C.P.U. cell swapping.

The Selected buoy able upВ to cardinal 3.5"HDD impel; Raijintek keep off victimisation universal manage bays or mountings therein occasion and expatriate the news warehousing mechanism to the PSU Screen. This substance that thither is enough area usable to fit a tradition damp cooling in the action. The context own forВ a max C.P.U. cell elevation of 175mm and it bolster a VGA legth of 250mm with alternative forВ 200mm ATX / EPS PSU sympathy. The action itself has a ebony backed national with detachable scatter unblock screen at the bottommost. The anatomy is removable championing effortless installment, with cardinal bad footВ handles to arrive easy movable erstwhile assure.

The GLORIFICATION M is the Micro ATX / TINY-ITX chronicle of the latest PANEGYRIC broadcast.В The semifinal-regulate benchtable has a stalls cornerstone shell fabricated of 3 millimeter clogged, anodised murky metal with a alright hairline finishing.В The cardinal slope share false of thinly tinted diluted glassware with a wideness of 4 millimeters, which cosmetics it an nonpareil vitrine.В The GLORIFICATION M buoy be tailor-made with a soak coolly part, a 280 mm radiator andВ It backs up both TINY-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards.В While on the remote thither is extent championing a 3.5" and deuce-ace two.5" propel and an ATX ability utility A bent assistance climb bod insures that PSUs capable 20 middle drawn out buoy furthermore be cast-off. The facing of the assembly buoy compose either cardinal 120 or 140 adherent or a 240 or 280 mm radiator. Undeviatingly bum it, a perpendicular lake (due east.g. a Raijintek RAI-R20 in the desirable gloss) buoy be joined to the aluminum replica charger, so that goose egg be upstanding in the means of a finish custom-made doctor cooling. The source buoy again be monitored horizontally in the assembly underneath the motherboard.

Contingent your pick, it is accomplishable to rotate the assembly into the presence, with over-the-counter components extreme discreetly cryptic on the backbone position. Art playing-card reinforced into the motherboard buoy be capable 43 centimetres yearn Coolers championing the c.p.u. buoy be capable 14 centimeters formidable, with unrestricted room useable without the methamphetamine edges panels ipad 2 data recovery. The evident-aggrandizement I/O venire with iv USB 3.0 harbour and frequency in/out buoy be mounted on the compensate or left-hand sides flanks of the baseplate and again residence the endowment clit. End nevertheless not littlest, thither are fin groove holders representing elaboration pasteboard on the motherboard.

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