Raid 0 (2 hd’s) data recovery info – rc groups

I have had the worst 3 days of my computer life! My fairly new Dell XPS 600 with all the bells and whistles (but not under warranty) up and died on Friday! Through some trouble shooting with my Brother in-law, he thinks it is the motherboard. Data recovery android free The bad news is my drives came setup in RAID 0 which seemed like a good idea at the time, is now my curse!

Upon trying to boot up, I see the Bios screen and it stops booting (on the 2nd screen) with a message that just keeps repeating. Database software “SATA timeout on port SATA1” while trying to detect arrays.

I have resorted to borrowing my 3 yr. Database software definition old’s ancient IBM thinkpad that is slow as molasses but can at least get me online if I can wait long enough.

I have ‘lost’ ALL my children’s baby pictures, from birth to all their birthdays, first crawling videos, first walking and talking videos, ALL my digital airplane plans that cost me in the hundreds of dollars to get digitized over the years as well as everything else on the drives.

My question to you is, is there any way I can use my Netgear NAS + with 2 free bays to recover the info on these two HD’s in RAID 0? I did a quick web search for Data Recovery in my area and received quotes of between $1000 and $2000 to recover the information!!! YIKES! There goes my entire hobby funds for 2009/ 2010!! That also doesn’t include the expense of finding out exactly what is wrong with my computer and getting it fixed (or having to buy a new one based on cost to fix).

We’ve tried booting up off the Dell backup CD, Tried booting up off a Knoppix 6.0.1 CD, tried unplugging the HD’s and booting up, tried the HD’s in the other spaces on the motherboard (#5 and #6?) all to no avail.

Anyone with experience with RAID 0 data recovery as well as computer diagnostics so I can find out exactly what is wrong with this ‘box’, feel free to e-mail me at (rifreediver at yahoo dot com) as it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the advise guys. Database error 7719 at exe I am LOST without my computer! My computer is at the local computer repair shop and they are figuring out exactly what is wrong with it since I can barely figure out how to run the darn thing. Data recovery nj IF it’s a controller issue or a motherboard, they will know pretty quickly and get the part to fix it. Iphone 6 data recovery mac IF it is a bad HD which is unlikely at only 4yr. Database design tool old but happens, I have to decide where to send the drives. H data recovery software There are a few places I found online and one person who has recommended a friend here on RCG, but WHO to choose with this valuable information is the tough part. 1 care data recovery software Prices are now ranging from $300 to $2500 to recover the data! Some are saying they can recover ALL the data regardless of condition while others are not sure what if anything they might be able to turn up IF the drive spins.

All I know is the Network Accessible Storage devise I ordered IS going to be installed with RAID1 or 5 1.5TB drives, IS going to automatically back up DAILY, IS going to have a UPS hooked up to it, and hopefully will keep my life from becoming a living hell again!