Proquest document view – shape and orientation optimization for 3d printing

With the rapid development of additive manufacturing technique, 3D printers are gaining a growing interest in various fields. Database version 706 Industrial 3D printers can perform high-accurate printing task, but either the machines or online services are quite expensive. Cindia data recovery Meanwhile effort is making to develop affordable desktop 3D printers to be used at home, education, research and parts of industrial area. Database tutorial However, the drawbacks of desktop 3D printers are obvious: low accuracy, long printing time, limited functions, limited material types.

R database packages A lot of work has been developed to improve 3D printing in accuracy, speed and optimization for different printing purpose. Database disk image is malformed We optimize the printing results considering the shape and orientation of the objects to be printed. Windows 8 data recovery software For the shape optimization, the printing results (including quality, efficiency and functionality, etc.) usually rely on multiply factors which are independent to each other. Database naming standards As a result, we propose machine learning based approaches to analyze the relationship between multi-factors to optimize the printing results. Data recovery training online For the orientation optimization, we propose a novel shape analysis algorithm and show an application on computer-aided surgery. Database query Two machine learning models are developed for shape optimization and a shape analysis algorithm is applied to orientation optimization.

The first shape optimization approach is to improve the appearance of the printed models. Database isolation levels In additive manufacturing, robust branching support structures are often required to prevent material collapse at overhangs. Database version control For these single-material 3D printers, residual material remains at the contact points after the supports have been removed, resulting in unsightly surface artifacts. Database record definition Moreover, fine surface details on the fabricated model can easily be damaged while removing supports. Database glossary In this thesis, a perceptual model is proposed to optimize the printing direction that avoid placing supports in perceptually significant regions. Data recovery druid This perceptual model is formulated as a combination of multiply factors including area of support, visual saliency, preferred viewpoint and smoothness preservation. Data recovery houston tx A large-scale user study is first performed for training, and a closed-form solution for the perceptual model is learned from the training data. Database 2010 We demonstrate the performance of this perceptual model on both natural and man-made objects.

The second shape optimization approach is to design various deformation behavior of 3D printed models using single-material 3D printers. Dayz database map By the interactive design tool, deformation behaviors are designed, where the variation of bending elasticity at different regions of a model is realized by a change in shell thickness. Database website template At first, an experimental setup is built to acquire the bending behaviors of tubes with different diameters and thickness printed with an elastic material. 7 data recovery registration code The relationship between shell thickness and bending elasticity is learned by an echo state network. 7 databases in 7 weeks pdf With this network, non-uniformly hollowed models are generated to achieve desired bending behaviors. Database key definition We demonstrate this approach on models fabricated by different single material using different 3D printers, the physical deformation of models generated by our approach matches the designed targets.

The orientation optimization approach is to compute stable contact interfaces for automatically designing customized jigs used in bone surgery. Database hierarchy From seed regions around the planned cutting plane, we find a surface region as the touching interface to generate the surgical jig, with which the motion between bone and jig is restricted under clamping forces. Data recovery on mac As a result, surgeons can easily place a customized jig at the right position and orientation on the bone, and the planned resection path integrated on the jig can be precisely realized during the bone resection.